Transformers and Joes for sale old and new

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    I have the following GI Joes and Transformers for sale. Prices do not include shipping, unless noted. Prices are obo. I accept paypal, cashiers checks and money orders. Feel free to ask any questions. I can send more pics to those interested.

    Universe- MIB Hound 10.00, Loose Hound 6.00, MIB Optimus Prime/Megatron 2 pack 12.00, MIB Pepsi Optimus Prime 25.00,
    Loose Classics Optimus Prime (Voyager class) 20.00

    G1 Seekers
    Starscream 12.00
    Thundercracker 10.00
    Seeker Bodies 3.00 each except Starscream (glued nose) 2.00
    Seeker Parts Wings 2.00 Others 1.00
    Take all bodies and parts for 35.00 shipped
    Pics of Seekers below

    GI Joe
    25th: MOC- Helmet CC, Battle Armor CC, Destro, Serpentor, Ninja Ku, Artic Trooper SE, SDCC Black Suit CC, SDCC Combat Heroes SE.
    Loose- Destro, Ripper, Torch, Copperhead,
    Comic Packs MOC- Firefly/Storm Shadow, Copperhead/Shipwreck, IG/Black Head Destro, IG/Gold Head Destro
    All of the above for 100.00 shipped

    Vintage Vehicles
    Complete Mudfighter 15.00
    Complete Mamba 20.00
    Complete Starfighter 12.00
    Piranha w/box missing a few missiles and antennae 12.00

    21st Century 1/18 Jeep w/tow launcher MIB 18.00

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    pm sent

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