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    Ok, so this isn't a fan-fic so much as a pitch. I'm no writer but I have all sorts of ideas floating around in my head. I think it would be cool to get a parallel movie-verse animated series. I'd still have Sam and Mikaela in it, but very much as supporting characters who are our initial point-of-view but not our main protagonists.

    In this universe the Allspark was literally Cybertron's core. Almost an entity, but completely balanced and thus at peace in itself. It surrounds itself in metallic elements, creating Cybertron. However it starts 'leaking' little parts of itself. These do not contain every single facet of the Allspark and are therefore unbalanced. These misbalances manifest themselves as personality and will. They too surround themselves with metallic elements, taking a physical form that represents their nature.

    The sparks are imbued with enough energon to last them a lifetime (hundreds or even thousands of years) but can be extinguished early if hit directly by a weapon or if removed from their housing for more than a few minutes.

    The Cybertronians learn to transform parts of their bodies and then their whole selves into tools, and then weapons. (I think I'd probably go with the Defiance comics’ idea of some being scientists, trying to explain the world around them, and some protectors, who defend Cybertron from other invading races).

    Within this explanation, a protoform is a newly released spark that has encased itself but not adopted an alt mode yet (they can copy one from another transformer by scanning, though this is done by the spark itself and not built-in equipment).

    Eventually they discover the Allspark and realise its power. Its energy fluctuates and for a long period has not released many sparks. Megatron (military leader) wants to force sparks into being to build up an army to defend the planet from invaders (it is apparent they also want the power of the Allspark). Optimus, knowing that all sparks are still part of the whole and such tampering could well corrupt or destroy any or all of the Cybertronians. This is how the faction split occurs. The Decepticons extract the the Allspark from Cybertron's core and put it into a cube, but Ironhide (as part of the military) knows this is a step too far and cooperates with the Autobots to remove it from the Decepticons' grasp. It is launched into space a la TF1....

    That's just the backstory. There's no reason why some of this couldn't be told in flashback, focussing on one Autobot or main Decepticon at a time. The series though, would star with the Autobots coming to Earth in their meteor forms.

    The characters then:


    Optimus Prime

    All pretty much as their live action versions, though less specific models of vehicle. These are the initial arrivals. Can't see a problem having Jazz and Sideswipe as one's grey, the other’s silver.

    Later recruits.;l these would have an episode dedicated to their arrival:

    Arcee –rescued by the Autobots from the Doctor’s lair after having her spark split into three. Her feminine appearance is caused by her distressed sparks copying features from female riders when scanning her alt mode vehicles. Ratchet temporally finds a way to unite her into one body in the finale episodes.

    Skids and Mudflap – created by the Doctor who splits a single protoform into two, they are deemed too stupid to be a threat and are used as worker drones until Wheelie helps them escape and join the Autobots. They have the ice cream van mode for some time.

    Jolt – an electronically charged spark resulting from the hidden Allspark releasing a surge of energy that gets absorbed into power cables. Causes chaos across the world but is eventually freed by Megatron who assumes he must be a Decepticon but he chooses to side with the Autobots once he had a body and can think.

    Jetfire – A Decepticon who landed on Earth around 40 years before, after his navigation systems failed, and put himself into stasis, giving out a low level tracking signal in the hope that he would be found. During his stasis he connected with the Allspark and after having time to do nothing but think, he decided to become an Autobot on waking.


    Megatron – retains his Cybertronian mode and keeps a low profile, choosing to gather intelligence to track the Allspark.

    Starscream - very like G1/Animated incarnation in personality and behaviour.

    Blackout - like his live-action incarnation. Maybe Grindor too.

    Brawl & Bonecrusher – given that they only have land-based modes which are barely disguises and thus make it difficult for them to retreat from a fight with the Autobots (unless they near-kill the Autobots, but then they’d probably continue with whatever mission they’re on!) they may have to be limited to one episode where they are specifically infiltrating the military.

    Soundwave – attaches to satellites but can also come to Earth occasionally.

    Ravage - Soundwave's emissary.

    Barricade - fights Bumblebee a lot, but retreats most of the time! Also transports Frenzy.

    Frenzy – unlike others, can rescan numerous times without weakening his energon levels. Disguises himself as various technological objects, and can regenerate body parts. This seems to be a quirk of his particular spark.

    The Doctor – Continues his experiments on Earth. Trying to find a way to combine many Decpticons into a giant robot which will efficiently wipe out Autobots. Having failed so far, he has kidnapped an injured Arcee and a newly created protoform to experiment on by seeing how to divide a spark in order to work out how to then combine sparks.

    Scorponok – created from part of Blackout and part of Blackout’s spark as through Doctor’s experiments. Effectively a semi-autonomous drone connected to the Decepticon. If Grindor is used then he would have his own scorpion drone.

    Wheelie – an Autobot by nature but spies on them as he is scared into working for the Decepticons. He does, however, have his heroic moments, such as telling the Autobots about Arcee, and saving the twins from inevitable death by letting them know about the Autobots and that they can choose sides (he sees they are brave enough to do this).

    Constructicons – Demolishor (white and red version of the excavator), Overload, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Long Haul, Rampage (red version - maybe Skipjack-two to form the left leg? One with jackhammer mode, one with centaur mode), Hightower (no robot mode??), Scavenger (ze little one - forms left hand). All combine into Devastator, The Doctor's experiments finally succeed. Like Brawl and Bonecrusher, being reasonably slow, land-based robots, they may be limited to appearing at the finale episodes, first fighting individually, and then combining. It would be at this point that Arcee combines temporarily and the Twins get separate alt modes.

    So there we go. I'm sure there are a few holes there that need to be filled, but it would be good to hear what you guys think. I know a series like this will never come into being but I think it's a shame that there's so much in the movieverse that has wasted potential, so at least in my head there's a world where they get a good run!

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