Transformers: All or Nothing (working title)

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    This idea started as Marvel Battling Unicron without Autobot help. It evolved into a small mixture of Autobot and Decepticons, (who find themselves the last functioning Cybertronians) must put away old grudges and work together to fight Unicron. They are placed in current Marvel Comics storyline, so expect to see at least one Marvel Team joing the fray (anyone input on which team and/or character(s)?)


    The tiny shuttle comes screaming into our solar system, signs of battle scars make it a wonder that it is able to fly at all.

    “Is this the correct System Bumblebee?” comes the voice from the Command chair.

    “Yes Commander. We have successfully made it to the Sol System. Setting course for the third planet from the System’s Star, the locals call it ‘Earth.’”

    “Me Grimlock think this big waste of time. We, last of Cybertron, should be battling Unicron and Unicron’s Heralds. Me Grimlock not think we should be wasting time looking for tiny ornament of Prime.” Comes another voice, a low growl coming from underneath his face plate.

    “Inform the others in the back to strap in,” Bumblebee requests, “This landing is going to suck.”

    The shuttle hits Earth’s atmosphere. Heat and friction cause a fury of light and fire which dances around the shuttle. The shuttle shakes tremendously under the influence as it rips through the air.

    “We’ll be through the worst of it in a moment.”

    After a small amount of time, the shuttle is allowed to fly smoothly as the friction and heat subside.

    “Take us down to an uninhabited location Bumblebee… We do not need the local life forms interfering in our search.”

    “Me Grimlock not think it is like Megatron to care about alien fleshlings.”

    “Perhaps,” Megatron starts, turning to stare at Grimlock, his red optics burning with spite, “I have chosen that in our time of crisis, discretion is preferred to conquest.” Megatron turns back to Bumblebee, seemingly much calmer, “When we have landed, have Soundwave plug into local computer data networks, we will require local alt modes to move unnoticed by the populace.”

    Megatron stomps off the bridge, giving Grimlock the chance to approach Bumblebee.

    “Me Grimlock angry. We Autobots once enemy to Megatron, now we Autobots take orders from Megatron. Why it no bother you Bumblebee?”

    “Because Grimlock,” Bumblebee states, his attention on his controls, “The factions are gone, there are no more Autobots or Deceptions, and on Optimus Prime’s death bed, he put Megatron in charge of the few of us still functioning, and who said it didn't bother me?”
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    Sounds like the beginning to a very good story.....looking forward to more

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