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    I'm still doing TF/B10 so I just take a little break to do a movie sidestory about Prime as a sparkess being.

    After a death that shock the world. whosever he's spark doing across the Universe. "Where I'm?", said Optimus that he unknowing about this place than a old bread bot come, and said, "Wecolme my son Optimus to Junkion the place of The Victor Sigma was held untit Shockwave stole it." Optimus look at the unknowing bot and said to him, "Who are you, and why I'm your son?" Than he said, "I'm Alpha Trion, I'm the one of The Seven Primes, and You are not last Prime let there another one that is the same thing as you, but with a opponet gender as you." "Who is it who she is my sister?" said Optimus as he confuse than Alpha Troin said, "No cousin she is the daughter of my brother,Vector." "So how did I'm get to her?" said Optimus than Trion said, "First you mush get the Victor Sigma form the hands of The Decepticons at Titalwave." "It will be great things about more o get the oldest Cybertronian Weopions, The Vector Sigma." than light turns into the Autobot City called Metroplex so he see 2 Cybertronian racing cars passed on him.Optimus going to te village to Fortness Maximus where he see Ultra Magnus than he said, "Ultra Magnus can you here me?" "Who going there? Are you a ghost? Show yourshelf." said a scary Magnus than Prime said, "I'm Optimus Prime,the leader of The Autobots, and son of Alpha Trion." "Optimus Prime? I can't see you are dead what happing?" said Magnus to be seeing. "I'm was killed by a more powerful Megatron during a fight in a Earth Woodlings." said Prime to see Ultra Magnus' scar top of he left eye than he said, "What happing to you,Magnus." "I was in a battle with Shockwave than he scar me with he's blade." said Magnus to know about that day than Kup arrval, and he said, "What you talking to a spark?" "The Spark of a Prime,Kup!" said Optimus as spook Kup than Blurr said, "Hey what with you Kup?" "There The Spark of Optimus Prime! Tell Wildrider! Tell Drift! Optimus' spark had spoke to me!" said Kup as his run away form him. At Decepticon's Base of Titalwave,Shockwave is working with Taranalus to making the lastest Decepticon Spywear from The Doctor as he rurning to Cybertron than Shockwave said, "The Doctor you give us the day that you gone to far with this day that you will be out of medic work." So he did dismember Doctor than he said, "You ready from Project: Waspinator,Taranalus?" "Ready as you are Shockwave." said Taranalus as start building on Waspinator used The Doctor's and Frenzy's parts than Skywarp and Thundercracker come to see Skywarp said, "Shockwave,The Fallen is on TV with ever Earthlings to see this human." "Skywarp you knowing what where happling to The Fallen?" said Shockwave as looking at Skywarp than he said, "Death?" "Yes Skywarp death.The Fallen will die by Revived Optimus Prime with parts from a old Decpticon to killed he." said Shockwave with madness going wild on him. "My sir The Autobots they coming!" said Cyclonus that he seeing The Autobots' coming the Spark of Optimus Prime across to inside Titalwave to get Vector Sigma. "A spark to get Vector Sigma there only be one to get its, and it's." said Taranulas than somebyb said, "Me Blackarachnia not you Taranulas." "She mush be my cousin." said Optimus than he's spark never see the fight.Later on Megatron and Starscream saw a hurt Shockwave and Taranulas than Megatron said, "You two are coming with me!"

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