Transformers: A New War

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    CHAPTER 1​

    Optimus Prime looked over a screen. The screen had a picture of Earth. Prime liked earth, and he liked humans. They did not deserve to be tortured by the Decepticons. After defeating The Fallen, Prime returned the Autobots to Cybertron. He had thought about several things on the return trip, were the Decepticons Really gone? He thought hard.

    He never even saw the Decepticon strike force following them. Upon arriving on Cybertron, Optimus declared Peace for the remaining Autobots and their new Decepticon allies Wheelie and Jetfire. The Decepticon strike force of Mixmaster, Skorponok, Grindor, Blackout, Sideways, Barricade and their leader Starscream, landed on the far side of the Planet.

    Making their way to the Autobot base, the Decepticons attacked. Fighting valiantly, the Autobots numbers were crunched. The Battle was fought using Generic Decepticon tactics. The Autobots could read these tactics and soon the Decepticons were drove off. But the Autobots did not come out unscathed either.

    They had defeated two Decepticons, Sideways and Skorponok. Using these bodies, they constructed the Autocons Mixer, Grind and Sparks. The Autocons were infused with a spark. Optimus Prime had built Spark housings out of parts from the Decepticons. After infusing the housings with sparks, they were placed into the bodies of the Autocons. No one was severely hurt, only minor stuff. Ratchet fixed the group up rather quickly

    Thinking back on what happened after arriving back on Cybertron was difficult on Prime. But soon his thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Jetfire, followed by Mixer. “Prime, it has been months since we were last at Earth. I have a hunch those Decepticons went back” Jetfire said. Mixer wasn’t too bright, but he knew when something was going wrong.

    “I hope not. This is a time of great trial, not knowing were the Decepticons are will hurt us.” Prime responded. “Well then, we’ll just have to send a Scout” Jetfire said. There was a reason that Jetfire was Prime’s second in command. “Let’s send Sparks” Mixer objected. Sparks looked best and was the most mobile Decepticon Build. He was also the smartest.

    Prime walked into Sparks’ room in Iacon. Sparks was listening to Earth music. Prime walked over to Sparks. Sparks turned the music down. “You are going to Earth. We need a scout” Prime said. Sparks did nothing but get up, salute, and leave for earth. Prime wanted to make sure everything was okay on Earth.

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