Transformers:A Hero's Revenge

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    So I've had these ideas in my head for a long time that involved my entire team of fan made characters.

    So I've finally started to write them to get them out of my head,here is what I've got so far.

    Let me know what ya think so far,keep it constructive.

    "Cybertron, my home......our at least it was....until the Decepticons forced us off planet. Now all that is left is a husk of it's former glory. Optimus Prime says that we will one day return home and restore it to it's former glory, I think he's full of slag sometimes, but the others say he has done great things. So far, I haven't seen him done one great about bring my brother back from the depths of The Allspark....then I will start to sing his praises........whatever.......this is Overhaul, Autobot Heavy Infantry, signing off............"

    Overhaul closes the keypad panel and rises from his desk, his quarters are in shambles, a pig sty as the humans would say. His optics burn and his servos ache, he hasn't had a proper stasis nap or time in the CR chamber in the last few cycles. His second in command, Rollback, keeps telling him that he needs to take it easy, but Overhaul just keeps pushing himself and in extension, his team, to the brink of shutdown.

    None of them has seen their home in several million years and it probably will several million more before the Autobots drive the Decepticons off planet and then a couple more to fully restore Cybertron's atmosphere to liveable. The only thing they can do is drop in, fight, and then shutdown for stasis back at base.

    "I'm worried about Overhaul," says Optimus to Prowl. "He's turning inwards, lashing out at his team, for Primus sake, I had to stop Grimlock from tearing him limb from limb." Prowl nods his head as he listens to Prime, but he never takes his optics off his readout panel that is deployed from his forearm. "Prime, these new readouts that Jetfire just sent over is astounding! If these mean what I think they mean, then we could have Cybertron back liveable in a few years." Optimus sighs, "But that still does not change that fact that not all of the Decepticon army has pulled out from Cybertron, and until we can force them out....well there is nothing else we could do."

    Optimus paces the floor in front of Teletran-1, he recalls some of his hardest battles with Megatron, they've taken both of them to the brink of death and back, they've also spanned the galaxy from one side and back again, and all for what? For their homeworld to be nearly destroyed in a battle with Thunderwing, the Autobots were able to return home for a brief time, though not by choice, during that time, they almost lost what mattered most to each Autobot....well to all the Autobots save for one, Overhaul. Though Overhaul did not want the others to know that during that time, he prayed to Primus to help Prime pull through, even though him and Prime did not see optic to optic, he did not wish any harm befall any of the Autobots.

    When Optimus fell, Overhaul saw him practically take on the entire Decepticon army by himself. Prime ordered a space bridge to be opened back to Cybertron and then ordered the Autobots through, though he would have to stay behind to make sure all of the Autobots were clear, Prowl and Ironhide both tried telling him that it would be suicide but he told them that he would see them....all of us on the other side, which he did....but it almost cost him his life.....but that's what he does......that is why he is Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots.

    Lights began to flash and alarms began to buzz, Optimus and Overhaul both were shaken from their thoughts. "Grimlock, Overhaul....bring both of your teams to the Command Center." Optimus' voice rang out of their commlinks. When Overhaul arrived, Grimlock and the Dinobots were nowhere to be found, though his team was right behind him. He saw Ironhide muttering to himself as he attended a security monitor, after all he was the Chief Security Officer. Prowl was busy reviewing a list of readouts and Optimus was right beside him....that was until he felt Overhaul and his crew enter the Command Center. "Overhaul, we require your team's skills,since the Dinobots have opted not to answer our call, your team will be going in alone." Optimus said.

    "Where we headed?" asked Rollback, Overhaul's second in command and Medical Officer. Optimus press a button on Teletran-1 and it projected a hologram of a planetoid, "There, we don't know it's name, all we know is that it is a small planetoid that is projecting an Autobot distress beacon." Overhaul scoffed, "It could very well be a trap Optimus, I'm not endangering the very sparks of my men for something that could be a Decepticon trick, find someone else." Optimus stepped between him and the door, "You're right. It could be a trap, but I'm not willing to risk the lives of other Autobots, are you Overhaul? What if this was your brother?" That hit a nerve sensor in Overhaul, he whirled around and slammed his index finger into the broad crimson chest plate of Optimus, "Don't you bring up Mirage! Don't ever speak about him! You can go to hell!" Overhaul transformed, revved his motor, Optimus stepped aside and Overhaul sped out of the room and out of The Ark. "Why that turbo revving punk! I outta....." but Optimus cut him short, "Easy Ironhide, just let him cool down. You take Rollback, Eclipse, Gearshit, and Diesel to the planetoid, and I will go after Overhaul." Ironhide nodded with approval, "Will do Prime, okay Autobots...ya heard the boss bot....transform and roll out!" They all transformed and sped away to the hangar to board a shuttle.

    Prowl powered down Teletran, "Do you think we should tell him Prime?" Optimus hung his head and responded, "No Prowl....besides where would I even begin, not to mention he would then go after Clench and where would that get him...dead,that's to just leave things alone." Prime started out the door but paused, "You're in charge while I'm gone, I've got to stop him and get him calmed down....I think I went too far this time." With that,he transformed into his powerful tractor trailer alternate mode and drover off after Overhaul.

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