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Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by neospark1, Jun 21, 2012.

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    When I hear there would be redisigns of current charactere I could not help but smile a bit and think "I have summoned you here for a purpose."

    Now do I think that Unicron is going to show up and take the destroyed bodies of the dead Transformers from Dark of the Moon? No (although it would be cool to see the Autobots dump the dead bodies in space and then a few years later see Unicron reformat Megatron as Galvatron ... Starscream as Scourge and so on).

    The movies also make me wonder ... is Ironhide going to stay dead? Could Prime use the Matrix to bring back his oldest friend in a different form? Would a threat so large have Prime reanimate Jazz? If not Unicron... could a poosible other threat either from Earth or space reanimate certain "dead" Decepticons back to life in new forms?

    I think for new designs to work past the more " heroic" look from Dark of the Moon, there will have to be a story behind the new bot looks.

    But again, to see the Autobots use left over space bridge tech to dump out all the dead Decepticon bodies into far space and have you know who bring them back to life and reformat them. I mean wouldn't Galvatron ... err Megatron and his new Armada REALLY hate the Autobots and humans? I know I would have a Red Lantern rage to use my new found power to cause some hurt.

    Just thinking outloud.

    Oh and the Stunticons and Menasor need to show up in TF 4? Right? I mean Michael Bay does love some nice cars … yes? :) 
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    My idea is being it would cost so much mony to make Unicron Are dead cons come in to contact with the Blood of Unicron and it changes them into Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scouge ect. and then they come back to earth find the bodies of all thier dead troops and Dark Energon them (no not like the way they do in Prime) then go to the tallest billding in NYC hack in to evry communaction device TV, Radio, Internet, Pones, ect. and call the atoubots out with evry humman in NYC as hostiges. :ev: 

    And ya menasor should be in TF4
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    good idea, but I think they should end up on a different planet, with a familiar face such as blitzwing and bludgeon amongst other familiar decepticons. anyone other than unicron. I'd rather have the resurrected cons have updated looks. starscream>skywarp, soundwave>soundblaster, etc. I feel that megatron needs to stay dead. he was beheaded and took an axe to the spark, it's over, megatron. on to the main villains, blitzwing could rally the decepticons while saying megatron was something along the lines of a false prophet. bludgeon, however, being the warlord he is, could rally the leaders of all of the countries and start an all out war, so the autobots have more to worry about than just the decepticons. of course the autobots should get some new faces as well, such as prowl, blaster, kup, hot rod, etc...

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