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    Ill be posting in parts. Im done with part 1. Tell me what you think!

    Transformers: NEST
    Sypnosis: NEST goes on a world-wide mission to destroy what remains of the decepticons on Planet Earth.

    Optimus Prime (narrating): With many of the decepticons leaders extinguished, one might assume that this war was over. Unfortunely, that is not yet the case. Decepticon forces are still coming forth all over planet Earth. Thankfully, new comrades have joined us in battle. The NEST team is stronger then ever.Our mission has never been so simple, kill the rest of the decepticons. We must destroy them at all costs...

    Computers and Screens dominate the mission room. Quite a few people are in there monitoring all sorts of things.

    NEST Mission guy: Dino, the target is very close to your location. Remember, your in a suburban neighborhood with lots of civilians. Be stealthy. Try your best to move the target into a more open area

    Dino: Human, please. I know what im doing.

    Dino activates his invisible cloak.

    Dino sneaks down an alley while invisible. He is quiet. Dino then comes across an empty street.
    A white Lamborghini Aventator is parked on this street. Its Hyperdrive, the decepticon that NEST has been tracking. Dino knows that as well. Dino sneaks up behind The decepticon has no idea that Dino is there. Dino readies his blades. The sound of his blades quickly make Hyperdrive realize something isnt quite right. Hyperdrive transforms, turns around and tackles Dino.

    Hyperdrive: You think can sneak up on me autobot? How pathetic

    He too has an Italian accent.
    Dinos cloak turns off, and he tackles Hyperdrive right back. Hyperdrive transforms and drives off. Dino transforms too and him and the decepticon quickly engage in a car chase.
    The two reach a highway. Considering its at night, not too many people are on the roads.

    Dino activates his stealth force mode and shoots hooks from his sides to latch on to Hyperdrive. Dino then transforms, still holding on to the hook lines, and jumps over the Lambo

    Dino: hahahahahahah

    Hyperdrive transforms and is tangled in the hook wires. Dino then tackles Hyperdrive, and jabs him a few times. He then pulls out his blades, all in slow motion, and delivers a final jab to the face. Hyperdrive is dead.

    Dino: my job is too fun

    The location changes to the autobot hanger, which has moved from DC to Chicago.

    Optimus Prime (narrating): It was 3 years ago when Sentinel betrayed us and the decepticons attacked the human city of chicago with massive force. In exchange for helping rebuild the city, we have been granted rights to call a section in the city our home.

    (shows city being rebuilt)
    Roadbuster: Ehh pass me the pillar. (in a scottish accent)

    TopSpin: Say please more often you jackass (in a southern stereotypical NASCAR fan accent)

    The scene goes back to the hanger

    Ratchet: Prime, I got some good news. I think Ive gotten bumblebees vocal processor back up and running. Lets give it a try, shall we?

    Ratchet then points his laser at bumblebees throat.

    Ratchet: Well, Bumblebee did it work?

    Bumblebee: Its nice to speak again, comrades. Thank you Ratchet.
    Prime: Its good to see you talking again old friend.

    Ratchet: It appears to have worked! Well this is awesome!

    Sideswipe: Bumblebee can speak now ?

    Prime: Aye Bumblebee, whatever happened to Sam?

    Bumblebee: Sam is doing just fine. Just with him getting married and having a full time job and such, we both agreed it would be best for me to come to Chicago to live with the autobots. It was a difficult decision for both of us, but I go to visit him every now and then. We still are best friends.

    Then a massive screen in the room begins to light up. Its a video call from Lennox. Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Dino, Bluestreak, and Hound go watch the screen.
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    Nice start I'm interested
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    Lennox: Autobots, its Lennox. Decepticon activity has been reported in the Northwest Territories. If our tracking systems are correct, there is only one target but it seems to be a massive reading. We believe to have pinpointed the exact location. Its pretty rough terrain out there. Autobots, lets get this one.
    (shows exterior shot of big forest)


    Hound,Optimus Prime, and Wreckers are patrolling forests.

    Hound: Earth is one breathtaking place. It makes Cybertron look like a dump.

    Roadbuster: Ehh its not shabby

    Prime: According to my sources, the decepticons are within a 5 mile radius. They must be around here somewhere.

    Leadfoot: Lets get these bastards

    Hound: Prime, I don't see anything sir.

    Roadbuster: All I see is acres of these damn trees

    Prime: We must keep searching. Autobots, move forward.

    The autobots all transform. Prime transforms into his truck. Hound into Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, Wreckers into Nascar vehicles.
    They come to an abandoned warehouse.
    They all transform into robot mode.

    Hound: huh well this doesnt look right.

    TopSpin: It seems quiet, almost too quiet.

    Prime: Wait a minute....

    A massive tank drives out and destroy the exterior of the warehouse. Out of the destroyed building comes BLITZWING. He quickly transforms into a massive robot. He is about the same size Blackout was.

    Blitzwing goes on a rampage. He knocks over Hound and TopSpin with his arms. He has two cannons on his shoulder which he is using. Prime then pulls out chainsaw blade things on both hands and jumps on Blitzwing and digs into his armor.

    Blitzwing garbles some Cybertronian language in the middle of this.
    He grabs prime with his hands and throws him into the warehouse. Prime is knocked down.

    Leadfoot: Wreckers, lets finish this.

    The wreckers transform into there battle Nascar modes and surround the decepticon and drift around him in countinous circles and just shoot at him. Hound shoots at him too.

    Blitzwing eventually falls down on the ground due to the Wreckers shooting.
    Prime gets up from the throw. Puts on his battle mask. Runs and jumps on top of the body of Blitzwing. He pulls out his chainsaws again and attempts to deliver a final stab in the face. IN THE FACE. shockingly just moments before, Blitzwing's armor seems to transform itself. Propellers spawn from the tank pieces. Blitzwing transforms into a badass helicopter and attempts to escape.

    Prime is still holding onto Blitzwing as he flies into the sky. Prime stabs at the helicopter with his chainsaws. Blitzwing activates a stealth force mode in attempt to get Optimus off. Blitzwing is flying all crazily due to Optimus holding him down from escaping. The propellers knock down some trees, and eventually Blitzwing gets Optimus off of him and flies away. It was obvious Blitzwing was overmatched and was gonna die unless he escaped.

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