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    Okay guys,this is gonna be my first fan-fic.

    These are ideas I have:
    1. 2 years after ROTF
    2.Megatron,Starscream,and the Doctor hvae been in hiding on the nemesis and the hatchlings are ready..Shockwave comes out of an exile to try and overthrow Megatron..who is slowly changing due to an experiment by Scalpel
    3.Prowl arrives to Earth with his team Rodimus,Wheeljack,Blurr,Gears,Blaster,and Brawn
    4. Sam and Leo still in college..on summer break. Mikaela lives close to him in an apartment with Wheelie. Bumblebee joins Sam at College/
    5. Megatron sends 5 hatchlings down to Earth to start,they become the Combaticons, and Soundwave sends Laserbeak down to meet with Barricade.
    6.All the Autobots live at Diego Garcia
    7. Megatron is the main villian again and his goal is to release the Hatchlings onto Earth and defeat the Autobots one and for all with his army

    C + C Welcome!

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