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    So the film starts with 2 transformers entering earths atmosphere. The Autobots detect this & find the Duo. They reveal themselves as Prowl & Wheeljack. Prowl is like Tony Dinozzo from NCIS, jokey a lot of the time but takes the job seriously. Wheeljack is a little insane & never leaves any experiment unfinished. Prime takes in these autobots in refuge.

    Breakaway has joined the crew before the events of the film, but is known as a rookie to Ironhide. The team find laserbeak spying on them. He flies away but wheeljack manages to shoot a tracking chip on him, which intercepts receptions to laserbeak. The autobots find out that there are 2 decepticons in chicago. When they get there, one decpticon, Thrust(jet) is found holding the other, Hotwire(street car) hostage. Some sweet battle goes on & breakaway kills Thrust & proves himself to Ironhide. The team recruits Hotwire to the team as a betray'd decepticon, but prowl doesn't like the idea of it.

    I'll add more later, & might add human activity.

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