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    The story takes place five year after the events in Eygpt. Megatron has found a new source of energon on the planet Pluto and has used it to create a new army. He has a new master, Unicron.
    Chapter 1

    Cindy: " Do you hear that?"

    Roberta: " It sounds like a semi truck."

    Cindy: " I'm going to check it out."

    Roberta: " Becareful."

    Door closes behind the young girl. Four vehicles drive up to the Canadian house. They begin to transform. The semi kneels down to the girl.

    Optimus: " Are you General Cynthia Stiles?"

    Cindy: " Yeah?"

    Optimus: " We need your military skills in New York."

    Cindy: " Why?"

    Optimus: " Megatron, leader of the Decepticons is back."

    Rachet: " And his second in command, Starscream."

    Cindy: " But how can I help?''

    Ironhide:"Are you not the one who can weapons of mass destruction in a few hours?"

    Cindy: " How do you know that?"

    Rachet: " We looked at your military records."

    Cindy: " Ok. What else do you know about me?''

    Ironhide: " You're the youngest pilot to live. You flew a F-22 at the age eleven and you were recruited into the military at nine."

    Rachet: '' You were a Marine at sixteen, in the Air Force at fourteen, in the Army at ten and you attended Riverside Middle School when you were twelve and thirteen."

    Cindy: "Wow that much. You, why don't you talk?''

    She pointed over to the yellow robot who had his head low.

    Optimus: " His vocal processers were damaged in battle."

    Cindy: "Oh."

    She looked down out of disrespect.

    Rachet: " We should hurry and get to New York to help Sam."

    Optimus: "You're right. Autobots tranform. Miss Stiles you are to go with me."

    He said as he looked away from the young human and Autobot to the medic.

    Cindy: "Ok."

    When they get New York, a convoy of military vehicles and the rest of the Autobots are there to meet them.

    Optimus: " Captain Lennox, this is..."

    Lennox: " General Cynthia Stiles. I'm impressed by someone so small and young could win a war with the world."

    Cindy: " All I did was lead my men into the heart of the battle."

    A humvee carrying troops pulls up. Two teenagers the age of Cindy step out.

    Sam: "Optimus, Megatron and Starscream have been spooted to the north of us."

    Optimus: " Very well then. Autobots prepare for battle."

    A Cybertrionian tank and a F-22 jet are seen in he horizon. They are heading towards the small band of soldiers and Autobots.

    Megatron: " Starcream! Get rid of these insects while I take Prime!"

    Starscream: " As you wish Lord Megatron."

    The F-22 starts shooting at the convoy, Ironhide starts shooting at the jet.

    Ironhide: " C'mon you punkass Decepticon!"

    Starscream: "You puny Autobot you think..."

    One of Ironhide's missles hits Starscream and causes him to crash into buildings.

    Optimus: " Sam get Bumblebee and take Mikayla and Cindy to safety!"

    Sam: " Right. You heard him! Get into Bumblebee, Mikayla!"

    Mikayla: " I'm not going to leave you, Sam!"

    Sam: " Bumblebee get her out of here!"

    Bumblebee grabs Mikayla and drives off. Sam is left standing there with Cindy.

    Cindy: " What are you doing? I was supposed to go with them!"

    Sam: " I know but I already lost Optimus once I'm not going to lose him again!"

    Cindy: " Then you're going to need my help! Take this gun and push this button right here!"

    Cindy pushes a button on the side of the gun and it transform into an ion cannon.

    Sam: " Whoah. How do make this?"

    Cindy: " I can't tell you or I'll have to kill you. Sorry!"

    Scene changes to Megrton coming fast toward Optimus.

    Megatron: " Your spark will be mine!"

    Optimus: " Not today, Megatron!"

    Megatron: " You are a fool to challenge me. I destroyed once I'll do it again!"

    The Decepticon lands onto Optimus causing both mechs to go flying into the Impire State Builiding.

    Optimus: " You are weak Megatron! Without the Fallen you are nothing!''

    Megatron: " You lie! I will soon be more powerful than any being thanks to my new master!"

    Optimus: " No master of yours is going to save you!"

    Megatron: " That is where you are wrong! Unicron will consume this planet in a few days!"

    Optimus is distracted by the name and is attacked from behind by Starscream. Sam and Cindy arrive to help the Autobot leader.
    Optimus is getting the slag beat out of him when Megatron hears a voice call his name.

    Cindy: " Hey you over sized piece of scrap heap! Come and pick on someone smaller than you!"

    Megatron: " Foolish human, I will crush you in my hands!"

    Cindy pushes the button on her gun and it turns into a proton cannon. She shoots at the Decepticon, who yells in pain when the blasts hits his shoulder.

    Cindy: " Sam take care of Starscream and I'll take Megageek!"

    Sam: " Right!"

    Both humans start shooting the Decepticons long enough for Optimus to get up.
    Starscrem see this and attacks Optimus. Cindy tells Sam to take Megatron while she helps Optimus.

    Cindy: '' Starscream!"

    Starscream turns around from the fallen Optimus to the girl.

    Starscream: " I will take care of you soon insect!"

    Scene changes to Bumblebee.

    Mikayla: " Bee turn around. We have to help the others.''

    The camaro does a 360 and heads for the battle.

    Sam: " What the?"

    Mikayla: " Sam, where's Optimus?"

    Sam: " What are you doing here it's too dangerous! You could be killed!"

    A blast from Megatron causes the humans and Autobot to go flying.
    Sam looks up to see Bumblebee lying in the road. Then he sees the lifeless body of Mikayla.

    Sam: " Mikayla! Mikayla no, no, no! Please wake up! Please!"

    But it was no use Mikayla was gone. Sam cradled her body in her arms not moving. He didn't even care about what was going around him. He didn't even notice the Autobots pull up to fend off Megatron.

    Megatron: " Starscream!"

    But his second in command was dead. The human had killed him. Megatron sees the human and Autobot leader and fires his cannon causing a huge explosion. The Decepticon transforms and flies off.
    Cindy looks up to see the dust settle and the blue sky. She is dazed and confused but remebers hearing what Sam said and begins to worry about what happen to Optimus. She sits upt o see the motionless body of Optimus.

    Cindy: " Optimus!"

    There was no answer. She yells again but he still remained silient. She could hear the Autobots calling out for them and Sam. She yells one more time but still no answer. She gets up and walks over to Optimus. She touches him and can feel the metal flinch under her fingertips. His optics are flickering and his spark is fading. She yells out for Ratchet but nobody hears her. Tears begin to flow down her cheeks. She rests her head on his arm and falls alseep.
    Scene changes to the Autobots and Sam.

    Ratchet: " Sam! Bumblebee!"

    Bumblebee is sitting with Sam who is still holding Mikayla.

    Skids: " Hey Mudflap look who I found!"

    Mudflap: " It's our fav b****es"

    Wheeljack: " Sam, are you alright?"

    Sam: " She's gone. Megatron killed her."

    Wheeljack radios Ultra Magnus.

    Wheeljack: " Magnus we've found Bumblebee and Sam but we lost Mikayla."

    Ultra: " Get both of them to Ratchet and take Mikayla to Lennox."

    Wheeljack: " Yes sir. Have you found Optimus or Cindy yet?"

    Ultra: " I'm afraid not."
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    Optimus Prime
    Ultra Magnus
    Omega Supreme

    Tidal Wave
    Nemisis Prime

    William Lennox
    Robert Epps
    Sam Witwicky
    Cindy Stiles
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    Chapter 2

    It's around two in the morning when Cindy wakes up. She is surronuded by sirens and lights but not Optimus. She begins to panic when she sees him by a building.

    Cindy: " Optimus? Are you ok?"

    Optimus: " I'm fine. Why did you join the military at a young age?"

    Cindy: " I ran away from home and someone from the base found me."

    Optimus: " Why did you run? Did you not have family who loved you?"

    Cindy: " I did but my brother died that morning. I didn't know what to do. Why do you ask?"

    Optimus: " I lost someone important to me when I was young."

    Cindy: " Who?"

    Optimus: " My father."

    Cindy: " Oh. I'm so-sorry."

    She looked at the being and started to cry. When Optimus noticed her she saw there was blood on his arm from where she was lying. She touched her head to find a gash on the side of it.

    Cindy: " Optimus?"

    Optimus: " Yes?"

    Cindy: " Why did you choose me out of all the military experts?"

    Optimus: " You may not know it but are important to the Autobots now. You have been choosen for a reason. Unicron is devourer of worlds and he coming to this planet in a few days."

    Cindy: " What back up. Unicron? That was name Megatron said. But that name seems so familiar like I've heard before.

    Optimus: " You and Sam share something in common with each other. You have seen Unicron in your dreams before. Sam had a source of energon in his head. You are important because you know how to defeat Unicron."

    Cindy: " Wait I had a dream once. Unicron was over earth and then all of a sudden a bright flash of light appeared and I looked over to the source but the being was too blurry. But he was using something. What did it look like?

    Optimus: " Did it look like this?"

    He held out the Matrix. Cindy's eyes opened in awe.

    Cindy: " Yes he used that! Um... What is that?"

    Optimus: " It is the Matix of Leadership. If in the wrong hands it can destroy worlds. But it can also restore life."

    Cindy: " Oh. Optimus what is that stuff?"

    She pointed to substance leaking from his chest and arms. Optimus looked to where she was pointing and saw the energon flowing from his body. He collapsed onto his knees and Cindy ran over to him.

    Optimus: " It's called energon. It's like blood."

    He winced in pain when he touched his wounds. Cindy stared calling out for someone when Ratchet showed up with Sam.

    Ratchet: " Optimus! Look at you. Ironhide come help me!

    The GMC Topick pulls up and transforms.

    Ironhide: " What happened? Why were not calling out for help? You could've died!"

    Acree, Sideswipe, Skids, Ultra Magnus, and Bumblebee pull up.

    Ultra: " We need to get Optimus to Omega. Optimus, can you walk?

    Optimus: " Yes."

    But when he tries to he collaspes again. Ironhide and Ultra help him to Omega while the others follow. Only Sam and Cindy are left standing there.

    Cindy: " What going to happen now?"

    Sam: " We'll go back to base and honor those who died."

    Cindy: " Wh-who died?"

    Sam: " My girlfriend Mikayla and Chromia."

    Cindy: " Sam? Are you ok?"

    Sam begins to cry and shakes his head. Cindy comforts him and tells everything is ok and she knows how he feels.
    At Deigo Garcia, Optimus is being looked at by Ratchet while Cindy watches and asks question about the Transformers and Cybertron.

    Ratchet: " She just as bad as Blurr. We still need to find him an alt mode."

    Cindy: " What kind of alt mode?"

    Ratchet: " Something fast. And he wants it to be blue."

    Cindy: " I think I have somthing. Where is Blurr?"

    Ratchet: " He and Prowl are out racing around the base."

    She leaves the room to find Blurr. Optimus and Ratchet start talking.

    Ratchet: " I'm worried for you, her and Sam."

    Optimus: " Why?"

    Ratchet: " If Megatron finds out it could be lethal. He would probably stop at nothing to get to her. He would kill you and Sam."

    Optimus: " I know but we only have a few days unitl Unicron shows up and we need her. She is the only one who nows who defeated Unicron."

    Ratchet: " I know but Optimus it's Megatron worrying me. When we were fight him I scanned him and there something you should know."

    Optimus: " What?"

    Ratchet: " His being is changing. I afraid he may not be Megatron anymore. He might something more powerful."

    Optimus: " You're right. But there is nothing we can do."

    Cindy finds the two Autobots and Sam who is watching to see who wins.

    Sam: " It's another tie."

    Cindy: " Acautully, I think Prowl won."

    Wheelie: " Hey watch where your standing. You almost stepped on me!"

    Cindy: " Oh. I'm sorry..."

    Wheelie: " Wheelie. That's my name you crazy b**ch."

    Cindy snatches the small Autobot in her hands.

    Cindy: " Watch who you're calling names."

    Wheelie: " I'm sorry but please don't kill me! I beg of you Warrior of Death!"

    Prowl and Blurr who stop racing transformed. Cindy put down Wheelie who hid behind Prowl.

    Blurr: " HeyCindywhatareyoudoinghere? DidsomethinghappentoOptimus?"

    Cindy: " No,Blurr. I found you an alt mode."

    Blurr: "Reallywhatis? IsitfastcauseIwanttobeatProwlatracing."

    Prowl: " Where is his altmode?"

    Cindy: " On my laptop. It's a 73 Chevelle SS. It's blue and has flames."

    Blurr: " OgreatcanIscanitnow? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!"

    Cindy: "Yes."

    The three Autobts and Sam follow her to her room. She picks up the laptop and find the pic of the Chevelle. Blurr scans it and transforms into the car.

    Blurr: " Wowthisisgreat! Thankyousooomuch!"

    Sam: " Where did you get that?"

    Cindy: " It's my dad's. He has a lot of cars back in Montana. I helped fix this one."

    Scene changes to the Nemesis. Megatron is siting on his throne while his troops work to get things ready for the arrival of Unicron.

    Soundwave: " Megatron the hatchlings are ready."

    Megatron: " Good. Shockwave get the others ready. Unicron is nearing."

    Shockwave: " Yes my lord."

    When Megatron steps out of the Nemesis to meet his master he sees the being the sized of Neptune. Unicron transforms to meet his apprentice.

    Unicron: " Meagtron you have done well."

    Megatron: " But I did not kill Optimus."

    Unicron: " No but you brought the one who can defeat me and who can help him."

    Megatron: " Who?"

    Unicron: " The Prime and the girl.''

    Megatron: '' What? That insect! How could she know how to destroy you?"

    Unicron: " She and Optimus share a bond if you will. But kill one you'll kill the other one. Now I will award you for you duties."

    Megatron's body is covered in spikes, his body purple, his cannon is mounted on his arm. Four spikes grow from his head in a crown look. When his transformation is complete he admires himself and thanks Unicron.

    Galvatron: " Decepticons, we head for earth now!

    Shockwave: " Sir what has happened to you?"

    Galvatron looks from his master to Shockwave.

    Galvatron: " I am Galvatron!"
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    Chapter 3

    As the Decepticons reach Juptier, Unicron absorbs the planet. A satellite sends pictures to NASA. NASA alerts the Autobots to prepare. Skywarp destroys the satellite. Galvatron orders Astrotrain, Shockwave, Soundwave, Ramjet, and Thundercraker to kill the girl and Optimus.

    At Deigo Garcia the Autobots are preapre for the arrival of the Decpeticons.
    Elita-1 is the first to spot them. The Autobots ready their weapons. A goup of F-22s and F-15s attack the group.

    Ramjet: " Skywarp! Astrotrain! Get Prime and the girl!"

    Skyawrp and Astrotrain begin to advance toward the two. But Optimus counter-attacks and shoots Skywarp in the chest. Cindy takes on Astrotrain. The two Decepticons are losing life source fast but the rounds keep coming until their sparks are exstinguished. Shockwave and Ironhide are duking it out to the death until Shockwave is distracted by the Twins. Ironhide gives a killing blow to Shockwave sending him flying into Ramjet. Soundwave and Thundercraker retreat to Mars. The Autobots take this as victory. None of the Autobts were killed and Ramjet has been taken prisoner. Tidal Wave reports to Galvatron about the battle.

    Galvatron: " Can my troops do anything right? Fine. If I want it done, I'll do it myself."

    Blitzwing: " Vut sir if you go vnow then vill ve ready. You will not have the element of surprise."

    Galvatron: " You are right. Fine. I will go in two days."

    Back at the base.

    Optimus: " The Decepticons are moblizing and they are heade this way. Unicron is out by Jupiter."

    Skids: " What used to be Jupiter."

    Ironhide smacks Skids on the back of the head and tells him to be quiet.

    Optimus: " We must protect the Matrix."

    Cindy: '' I don't think they want the Matrix. I think they want you and me."

    Trailbreaker: " Why?"

    Hound: " Wouldn't they want Matrix instead?"

    Sunsteaker: " They have a point you know."

    Cindy: " Yes but they know something that we don't. They know who kills Unicron."

    Ultra Magnus: " I thought you knew."

    Cindy: " I know how to defeat him, not who kills him."

    Metroplex: " Well it must be Optimus. That's why they came after him."

    Blurr: " ButwhydidtheygoafterCindy?"

    Arcee: " Like Cindy said they know something we don't"

    Optimus: " We will talk about this later but, now we have to tell the military to prepare also."

    The Autobots dismiss from the meeting. Cindy goes off with Elita-1 to her room. Elita needs to tell her something.

    Elita: " Cindy, can you keep a secret?"

    Cindy: " Ya, of course."

    Elita: " Promise me you won't tell Optimus."

    Cindy: " I promise. What is it?"

    Elita leads Cindy to spot in her room where a bed looking thing is set up. Inside the bed is a small mechanical body.

    Cindy: " Elita...?

    Elita: " His name is Nova. He is um... Well how do I put this? He is Optimus's son."

    Cindy looks at the femme, confused.

    Elita: " I don't know what happened but he is Optimus's son."

    Cindy: " Optimus has a son. And you didn't tell him. That's great."

    Elita: " Please don't tell him. But Cindy can you do something for me? I need you to be the godmother."

    Cindy: " You want me to be the godmother of your son? Ok."

    Elita: " Really? Thank you soo much."

    Cindy: " So is he a Prime like Optimus?"

    Elita: " Yes."

    Cindy: " Cool."

    Scene changes to Galvatron talking to Barricade.

    Barricade: " I have been spying on the Autobts for years. Their weapons are more advanced now."

    Galvatron: " Should this worry us?"

    Barricade: " No, but..."

    Galvatron: " Then go help the others."

    Barricade: " Yes sir."

    Galvatron: " Master. I will leave tomarrow to kill the Prime."

    Unicron: " Do not kill him or the girl. I want them alive. You are to capture them."

    Galvatron: " Yes master."

    Unicron: " And make sure he does not have the Matrix with him."

    Scene changes to Cindy sitting down and drawing. Prowl comes up behind with Sam and Wheelie.

    Prowl: " That is very good."

    Cindy jumps when she hears the voice behind and glares at Prowl but then smiles.

    Cindy: " Thank you."

    Sam: " Who is it?"

    Cindy: " Bumblebee, Skids, Mudflap, Wheelie, and Wheeljack."

    Wheelie: " You drew me? Why?"

    Cindy: " Because you have character. Prowl I have one of you, Ironhide Ratchet, Optimus and Sidswipe. It's in my room."

    Prowl: " Where is your room?"

    Cindy: " When you reach Optimus's room go left then right. It has my name above the door. Then on my nightstand you'll see a few sketchpads get the one on top."

    Prowl heads off to her room with Wheelie. When they reach her room Wheelie knocks down the nightstand.

    Prowl: " Way to go."

    Wheelie: " I'm blaming you."

    Wheelie picks up one of the books and finds a picture of Jazz.

    Wheelie: " Hey Prowl look at this one."

    Prowl: " That's Jazz. How could she know about him?"

    The two autobots head back with all the sketch books filled with drawings of the Autobots,

    Cindy: " Hey took you long enough."

    Prowl shows her picture of Jazz.

    Prowl: " How do yuo know about him? How do you know about Jazz? Answer me!"

    Cindy takes away the book and turns to page that has Starcream on it and F-22s exploding.

    Cindy: '' I learned how to fly a F-22 at eleven. My first fly was to Mission City to help with the Decpeticons. Satrscream ambushed us and I was the only survior. When I fell from my jet, I landed near Jazz. I was afraid at first but then I saw he wasn't moving. I got up to touch him, but I heard a noise. I didn't know who he was but I saw him.

    Tears began to roll down her face. She continued with her story.

    Cindy: " When Ironhide showed up, I hid. I ran to where Megatron and Oprimus were not knowing what was happening. I saw Sam and Optimus fall from the building. I was there when Sam killed Megatron."

    She then turned to a page that had Optimus and Megatron on it. The she turned to one that had Sam holding the All Spark on it.

    Cindy: " I didn't tell anyone so I drew what I saw that day. My colonel thought I was depressed. I wasn't. I was fansinated by Jazz and Optimus. So I drew them."

    She opened the other two books one that had Jazz in it and the other one had Optimus.

    Prowl: " Cindy, I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's just that Jazz was my brother and when I learned he died because of Meagtron I was devestated."

    Sam: " You were the one who ran into me. I remember you."

    Cindy: " Why do you think I was happy to see you and Optimus. I knew you two. You were in my drawings."

    Wheelie: " Well that's wonderful. We came a full cirlce. Girls sees Autobots. Sam meets girl. Girl draws Autobots. Autobots need girl's help. I'm glad I became and Autobot."

    Cindy wiped away the tears from her faced and smiled at Wheelie.

    Sam: " Should we tell Optimus? That we kinda already knew you."

    Cindy: " No."

    She smiled at the boy. All she could do was wonder what else was instore for them.
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    Chapter 4

    Galvatron is nearing earth. He destroys the satellites around and heads into the atmosphere. His body is heating up and now in the sky he looks like a fire ball. He lands somewhere near Nevada. Thousands of miles away from his destination.

    Galvatron: " Soundwave. I have landed on this planet. Where is Prime?"

    Out in space Soundwave has taken the form of a satellite.

    Soundwave: " Galvatron the autobots are at a base in the Inadian Ocean. They are on a small island called Deigo Garcia."

    Galvatron: " Very well. Make sure the Nemesis is ready for our guests."

    Soundwave: " Yes sir. I should let you know that if you bring the human with you, the lack of oxygen will kill her. I advise you do something about it. We have oxygen on the ship."

    Galvatron: '' Then I'll just bring Prime!"

    At the base Optimus is looking at the horizon. Elita joins him.

    Optimus: " This world is beuatiful."

    Elita: " Yes. Optimus do you ever think we could go back to Cybertron?"

    Optimus: " I don't know for sure. Only if we defeat the Decepticons so this world is safe."

    Elita: " But would you leave this planet?"

    Optimus thought about this question but before he could answer a blasts from nowhere hit Elita. Galvatron had found his target. Optimus caught Elita in his arms. Before her spark faded she whispered to Optimus.

    Elita: " I love you, Optimus Prime."

    Optimus held her thinking of her final words. Then he set her down and began to attack Galvatron.

    Optimus: " Who are you?"

    Galvatron: " O come now Optimus. You don't reconize your brother?"

    Optimus: " Megatron?"

    Galvatron laughs evily.

    Galvatron: " Prime, I am no longer Megatron. I am Galvatron!"

    Optimus attacks Galvatron but he grabs Optimus by the throat.

    Galvatron: " Your anger is a strength but you are no match for me."

    Galvatron flies of into the sky with Optimus. The Autobts are too late. Both are out of range. Soundwave joins his lord. Both Decepticons haul Optimus to the Nemesis.
    The Autobots are left there. Some are angry, others confused. Cindy sees Elita down on the ground and runs to her.

    Cindy: " Ratchet! Ratchet I need you!"

    Ratchet: " O no."

    Cindy: " Ratchet she's gone. She's gone."

    Cindy then relizes that Nova is in Elita's room alone.

    Cindy: " O no!"

    She runs back to Elita's room with Sam and Arcee following.

    Sam: " What the h**l are you doing?"

    Cindy turns around with the small mech in her arms. Sam and Arcee look at her.

    Cindy: " This is Nova. He is Optimus and Elita's son."

    Arcee: " Primus. We need to get Optimus back. Does he know about Nova?"

    Cindy: " No."

    Scene changes to a room on the Nemesis. Optimus is in chains on the wall. Soundwave and Barricade are standing guard as Galvatron and Blitzwing are interrogating him.

    Galvatron: How do you stop Unicron?''

    The Autobot remained silient. Galvatron shoots him and Optimus yells in pain.

    Optimus: " I would rather die then let you destroy earth."

    Galvatron: " I ask one more time. How do you destroy Unicron?"

    Still no answer. Galvatron hits him with his cannon.

    Blitzwing: " Maybe ve should try some other time?"

    Galvatron: " Maybe you're right. I will deal with you later."

    As the two Decepticons leave and the doors close. the only light is coming from Optimus's optics. He begins to think of Elita, Earth, Cindy ,his troops and what will happen to them. As he hangs there, his optics flutter and he falls asleep.

    Scene changes to the Autobots having a meeting. Ultra is suggesting ideas on how to get Optimus back.

    Ultra: " We need him. He is the only one who can defeat Unicron."

    Ironhide: " I agree but how do we get him back? They have Unicron."

    Cindy is sitting at the head of the meeting taking care of Nova.

    Cindy: " Before we do anything. You all need to learn something."

    Lennox: " And what would that be?"

    Prowl: " How to defeat Unicron."

    Cindy: " Only Optimus can open the Matrix."

    Ultra: " How do you know this? And why the Matrix? Why Prime?"

    Cindy: " The matrix has the essence of Primus. If Optimus opens it the light will destroy Unicron. and it has to be Optimus becaues he is a Prime."

    Galloway: " Why are you even hear? You're just a eighteen year old. You don't know anyhting."

    Cindy: " Ya well, you're just a dumba**. So shut your face up, go it."

    Morshower: " Ma'am if he isn't quiet, I'll shoot him."

    Galloway looks from the girl to the general. Fear is clear in his eyes.

    Epps: " That won't do anything except get rid of one problem."

    Epps looks over at Galloway and flips him off.

    Sidswipe: " Well how do we get Optimus back?"

    Cindy: " Did I say where the battle takes place? No. We're going the Nemesis."

    Scene changes to Optimus. Galvatron has been in there a few times. But never questioning the Autobot leader. Unicron has asked Galvatron to take scans of Optimus. When he has the things he needs he tells Galvatron his plan. Unicron is going to clone Optimus to make Nemesis Prime.

    Unicron: " Galvatron. Your new minoin is ready."

    Nemesis Prime: "I am your humble servant, Lord Galvatron."

    Galvatron: " Impressive."
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    wow mikela (or what ever) got owned
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    uhh.... no officnce but the F-22's come AFTER Jazz dies
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    uhh.... no officnce but the F-22's come AFTER Jazz dies
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    Chapter 5

    The Autobots are preparing to go to the Nemesis when the Decepticons army, lead Nemesis Prime, is seen in the sky. Everyone thinks it's Optimus until they see the black and purple clone.

    Nemesis: " Say good-bye to your lives, Autobots!"

    Ironhide: " Sideswipe! Prowl! Take the flanks! Skids! Mudflap! Distract him! Sam! Cindy! Ultra! Ratchet! Take everyone else and take the drones."

    The Autobots do as they are told. Omega has taken out half of the hatchlings and the rest of them are battling the Autobots. Ironhide has gone after Nemesis out of rage.

    Ironhide: " Hey! Give this to your leader!"

    Ironhide punches the clone in the chest sending him backwards running into some of the hatchlings. The clone gets back unleashing his swords. Ironhide is unphased and blasts him away. The Decepticon numbers are disminishing fast. Blurr relizes that they are a distraction. In the distance a huge sphere is seen in the sky.

    Sunsteaker: " It's Unicron!"

    Cindy: " Autobots, advance forward!"

    Ultra: " Are you insane?"

    Cindy: " This how I won my first war! Now advance!"

    The Autobots head towards the planet killing those who get in there way.

    Galvatron: " Master, they are coming."

    Unicron: " Let them. Go. Destroy them all."

    Galvatron heads toward the Autobots but is attack by Omega and Metroplex. The group continues when Ironhide and Prowl are attcked by Nemesis. Half his face is gone and his spark chamber exposed. But there was no spark.

    Nemesis: " You can't kill me! I'm connected to Unicron!"

    Ironhide: " Then we'll kill Unicron."

    Prowl: " Catch us if you can ugly!"

    Both Autobots drive off with Nemesis following. As they near the planet sized Decepticon, they see the Nemesis. The Decepticons are waiting for them.

    Cindy: " Show them no mercy."

    The Autobots charge the fleet ship at full force. Omega and Metroplex have joined the fight. The Decepticons are winning until Cindy and Sam find Optimus.

    Cindy: " Optimus! O my God! What did they do to you?"

    Optimus looked up from his spot at the two teenagers and then back down.

    Sam: " Optimus, what wrong with you?"

    Optimus: " It's my fault she's dead, it's my fault they're all dead."

    Cindy: " NO! Optimus listen to yourself. Your blaming yourself for what the Decepticons did."

    Optimus: " I have nothing to live for."

    Sam: " That's not true! You have your men, you have me and Cindy, and you have Nova."

    Cindy looked at him. She mouthed "Shut up, he wasn't supposed to know yet". Optimus looked at them.

    Optimus: " Who is Nova?"

    Cindy: " I can't tell, well not yet anyway."

    Optimus: " Who is Nova?"

    She looked him the optics and could see sadness and pain. She had to tell him.

    Cindy: " He's your son."

    She immediately put her hands over her mouth and started swearing.

    Optimus: " I have a son. Why didn't anyone tell me?"

    Cindy: " I was the only one who knew. Elita told not to tell anyone especially you. Optimus, I'm sorry."

    Optimus still looked at the human but new thoughts came to his mind. He had a son. He needed to be there for him. He felt new strength come to him.
    Optimus: " We'll talk about this later but for now get me out of here!"

    Sam & Cindy: " YES SIR!"

    As the Autobots fought the Decepticons,Unicron began to absorb the planet. Blurr and Ironhide were holding off the Decepticons trying to get inside. Just then Optimus burst out of the ship gun and sword ready. The teenagers were ready, too. Galvatron started to attack the three when a huge roar came from Unicron. The Autobts were attacking him! Galvatron went to help him master when Optimus grabbed his leg.

    Optimus: " Where do you think you're going? You killed Jazz, Chromia and Elita! When I'm done, they won't be able make screws out of you!"

    Optimus fired point blank at Galvatron's chest. His spark was fully exposed. He dropped kick the Decepticons who landed on a spike going through his spark. Before Optimus could do anything an over-sized spider jumps on his and transformed.

    Blackaracnida: " Prime! Your spark will make an excellent gift to Unicron!"

    She drove her stingers into the chest of Optimus. Venom oozed from them. But Cindy saw the femme and shot her dead before she could harm Optimus. Optimus threw the dead off and collasped but regained himself.

    Optimus: Cindy! You and Sam take the Autobots back down to earth. I will take care of the Decepticons!"

    Sam: " Optimus, no! I already lost you once, I'm not losing you again!"

    Optimus stared at the boy then to the girl who gave a nod. Both ran off to evacuate the Autobots from Unicron and the Nemesis. Unicron order the Deceticons to attack Prime. He held his for awhile until Stockcade showed up. He punched Optimus and he fell back near the dead body of Galvatron. He tore off the cannon and took aim at the Decepticons the scattered except Soundwave. Optimus blasted the Decepticon into bits and pieces. The remainig Decepticons recollected by were distarcted by a noise.

    Cindy: " Hey! You over sized pieces of scrap metal! Come and pick on someone smaller than you!"

    Optimus: " I thought I told you to run!"

    Cindy: "You forgot something."

    She blasted away the Decepticons and ran toward Optimus.

    Cindy: " I don't listen."

    Optimus looked at the girl and thought of Elita. But just as she arrived she was gone Nemesis had snatched her from Optimus. All Optimus could do was watch. But then Cindy yelled something and the Matrix was thrown to Optimus. He caught the artifact. He turn and jumped onto Unicron. He opened the Matrix.

    Optimus: " I light our darkest hour! 'Til all are one!"

    When he opened the Matrix a bright light came from it. Unicron scream in pain as he began to disinegrate to dust. The girl watched from the ground when Nemesis dropped her. He too was disinegrating. Then the light was gone and Optimus fell down to earth. Omega was there to catch him.

    Cindy: " Optimus! You're ok! O my God! I thought I lost you!"

    She hugged the Autobots leg because she's only as tall as his ankle. Sam and the other came to meet them. Ratchet had Nova with him. Cindy took him over to Optimus.

    Cindy: " Optimus, this is Nova. Your son."

    The giant robot took the medium-dog sized mech and held him in his hands. He could not believe it. He had a son. The sparkling began to climb around Optimus. Everyone just watched.

    Cindy: '' Elita would be proud of you."

    Optimus: " Thank you. All of you. I have never meet braver soldiers than you."

    Sam: " Cindy?"

    He knelt on one knee in front of Cindy.

    Sam: " I know we haven't known each other very long but..."

    She put her fingers on his lips. He stood up. She kissed him and whispered "yes". Tears were coming from their eyes. Then Skids and Mudflap began crying too.

    Skids: " You know what Mudflap?"

    Mudflap: " What?"

    Skids: " We have a new person to harrass now."

    Both humans looked at the Twins and smiled. The Decepticons were dead. The universe was safe. And the Autobots voted to stay on earth. The Autobts are having a victory when Cindy asks Optimus something.

    Cindy: " Why didn't you go back to Cybertron?"

    Optimus: " This is our home now. I could never leave you or Sam."

    They looked at the moon. Optimus had been promoted to leader of the Autobots and Nest. Sam and Cindy got married that year. Both are ambassodors of UN. Cindy is co. leader of Nest and Autobots and Nova has grown to be the next leader of the Autobots. The Autobots now longer live at Deigo Garcia but in Montana. Sam and Cindy both have a house of thier own. They have built seperated hangars for each Autobot. Those who,live in the main hangar with Sam and Cindy, are Optimus, Nova, Bumblebee, and Wheelie. Along with Sam and Cindy's two children Sterling and Dylan.

    Optimus (voice-over): " With the Decepticons gone and peace restored to both Earth and the universe, I can't help but wonder will happen in the future. The humans and Autobots live together now. But we are here to stay and fend our home like we did Cybertron, but we will never abandon this world. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to anyone willing to listen. I will live here 'til the day all are one."

    That's the end.
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    Hey I need someone to to make a concept of Unicron. If anyone could do that I would appreciate it very much. Thanks. :thumbs2: 

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