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    Hey I decided to rewrite my fan-fic. So here it is.


    A house is seen in the middle of a Canadian forest. In the house a girl named Cindy is sitting with her aunt and drinking tea. They're discussing the end of WWIII.
    Suddenly Cindy hears something.

    Cindy: " Do you hear that?"

    Roberta: " It sounds like a semi truck."

    Cindy: " I'm going to check it out."

    Roberta: " Becareful."

    Door closes behind the young girl. Four vehicles drive up to the Canadian house. They begin to transform. The semi kneels down to the girl.

    Optimus: " Are you General Cynthia Stiles?"

    Cindy: " Yeah?"

    Optimus: " We need your military skills in New York."

    Cindy: " Why?"

    Optimus: " Megatron, leader of the Decepticons is back."

    Rachet: " And his second in command, Starscream."

    Cindy: " But how can I help?''

    Ironhide:"Are you not the one who can weapons of mass destruction in a few hours?"

    Cindy: " How do you know that?"

    Rachet: " We looked at your military records."

    Cindy: " Ok? What else do you know about me?''

    Ironhide: " You're the youngest pilot to live. You flew a F-22 at the age eleven and you were recruited into the military at nine."

    Rachet: '' You were a Marine at sixteen, in the Air Force at Fourteen, in the Army at ten and you attended Riverside Middle School when you were twelve and thirteen."

    Cindy: "Wow that much. You, why don't you talk?''

    She pointed over to the yellow robot who had his head low.

    Optimus: " His vocal processers were damaged in battle."

    Cindy: "Oh."

    She looked down out of disrespect.

    Rachet: " We should hurry and get to New York to help Sam."

    Optimus: "You're right. Autobots tranform. Miss Stiles you are to go with me."

    He said as he looked away from the young human and Autobot to the medic.

    Cindy: "Ok."

    Two guys come from the house.

    Drake: " Who are you?"

    Derek: " What are you doing with her?"

    Cindy: " Autobots, Derek and Drake. Derek and Drake, Autobots. Now that we know each other can we please go? "

    Drake: " Go? Go where? You're not going with them."

    Cindy: " Why?"

    Derek: " You just ended a war with the world. You're public enemy number one with Russia and Japan."

    Drake: " Don't forget Germany."

    Cindy: " Both of you have no say in what I do. I'm going to New York to help the Autobots. Understand?"

    Drake: " Fine but we're coming with. Understand?"

    Ironhide: " Look we don't care who's coming with. But we need to go now!"

    Optimus: " Right. Ironhide you let Drake and Derek go with you."

    Ironhide: " Yes sir."

    Ironhide transforms and both guys hop into the truck .
    When they get New York, a convoy of military vehicles and the rest of the Autobots are there to meet them.

    Optimus: " Captain Lennox, this is..."

    Lennox: " General Cynthia Stiles. I'm impressed by someone so small and young could win a war with the world."

    Cindy: " All I did was lead my men into the heart of the battle."

    A humvee carrying troops pulls up. Two figures five years older than Cindy step out.

    Sam: "Optimus, Megatron and Starscream have been spotted to the north of us."

    Optimus: " Very well then. Autobots prepare for battle."

    A Cybertrionian tank and a F-22 jet are seen on the horizon. They are heading towards the small band of soldiers and Autobots.

    Megatron: " Starscream! Get rid of these insects while I take Prime!"

    Starscream: " As you wish Lord Megatron."

    The F-22 starts shooting at the convoy, Ironhide starts shooting at the jet.

    Ironhide: " C'mon you punkass Decepticon!"

    Drake: " What the hell is that?"

    Starscream: "You puny Autobots you think..."

    One of Ironhide's missles hits Starscream and causes him to crash into buildings.

    Optimus: " Sam get Bumblebee and take Mikayla and Cindy to safety!"

    Sam: " Right. You heard him! Get into Bumblebee, Mikayla!"

    Mikayla: " I'm not going to leave you, Sam!"

    Sam: " Bumblebee get her out of here!"

    Bumblebee grabs Mikayla and drives off. Sam is left standing there with Cindy.

    Cindy: " What are you doing? I was supposed to go with them!"

    Sam: " I know but I already lost Optimus once I'm not going to lose him again!"

    Cindy: " Then you're going to need my help! Take this gun and push this button right here!"

    Cindy pushes a button on the side of the gun and it transform into an ion cannon.

    Sam: " Whoah. How do make this?"

    Cindy: " I can't tell you or I'll have to kill you. Sorry!"

    Derek: " She means it too!"

    Scene changes to Megatron coming fast toward Optimus.

    Megatron: " Your spark will be mine!"

    Optimus: " Not today, Megatron!"

    Megatron: " You are a fool to challenge me. I destroyed once I'll do it again!"

    The Decepticons lands onto Optimus causing both mechs to go fliying into the Impire State Builiding. Drake is running after them trying to distract Megatron.

    Optimus: " You are weak Megatron! Without the Fallen you are nothing!''

    Megatron: " You lie! I will soon be more powerful than any being thanks to my new master!"

    Optimus: " No master of yours is going to save you!"

    Megatron: " That is where you are wrong! Unicron will consume this planet in a few days!"

    Optimus is distracted by the name and is attacked from behind by Starscream. Sam and Cindy arrive to help the Autobot leader.
    Optimus is getting the slag beat out of him when Megatron hears a voice call his name.

    Cindy: " Hey you over sized piece of scrap heap! Come and pick on someone smaller than you!"

    Megatron: " Foolish human, I will crush you in my hands!"

    Cindy pushes the button on her gun and it turns into a proton cannon. She shoots at the Decepticon, who yells in pain when the blasts hits his shoulder.

    Cindy: " Sam take care of Starscream and I'll take Megageek!"

    Sam: " Right!"

    Both humans start shooting the Decepticons long enough for Optimus to get up.
    Starscrem see this and attacks Optimus. Cindy tells Sam to take Megatron while she helps Optimus.

    Cindy: '' Starscream!"

    Starscream turns around from the fallen Optimus to the girl. When Starscream's back is turned, Optimus scoops up the motionless Drake. He had been hit by Megatron trying to help Optimus.

    Starscream: " I will take care of you soon insect!"

    Scene changes to Bumblebee.

    Mikayla: " Bee turn around. We have to help the others.''

    The Camaro does a 360 and heads for the battle.
    Sam sees the yellow Camaro coming fast.

    Sam: " What the?"

    Mikayla: " Sam, where's Optimus?"

    Sam: " What are you doing here, it's too dangerous! You could be killed!"

    Megatron: " You spoke too soon fleshling!"

    A blast from Megatron causes the humans and Autobot to go flying.
    Sam looks up to see Bumblebee lying in the road. Then he sees the lifeless body of Mikayla.

    Sam: " Mikayla! Mikayla no, no, no! Please wake up! Please!"

    But it was no use Mikayla was gone. Sam cradled her body in her arms not moving. He didn't even care about what was going around him. He didn't even notice the Autobots pull up to fend off Megatron.

    Megatron: " Starscream!"

    But his second in command was dead. The humans had killed him. Megatron sees the human and Autobot leader and fires his cannon causing a huge explosion. The Decepticon transforms and flies off.
    Cindy looks up to see the dust settle and the blue sky. She is dazed and confused but remebers hearing what Sam said and begins to worry about what happen to Optimus. She sits up to see the motionless body of Optimus.
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    Chapter 2
    Cindy: " Optimus!"

    There was no answer. She yells again but he still remained silent. She could hear the Autobots calling out for them and Sam. She yells one more time but still no answer. She gets up and walks over to Optimus. She touches him and can feel the metal flinch under her fingertips. His optics are flickering and his spark is fading. In his hand she sees a body. She moves closer to see it's Drake. He was defending Optimus when Megatron attacked. She yells out for Ratchet but nobody hears her. Tears begin to flow down her cheeks. She rests her head on his arm and falls alseep.
    Scene changes to the Autobots and Sam.

    Ratchet: " Sam! Bumblebee!"

    Bumblebee is sitting with Sam who is still holding Mikayla.

    Skids: " Hey Mudflap look who I found!"

    Mudflap: " It's our fav bitches"

    Wheeljack: " Sam, are you alright?"

    Sam: " She's gone. Megatron killed her."

    Wheeljack radios Ultra Magnus.

    Wheeljack: " Magnus we've found Bumblebee and Sam but we lost Mikayla."

    Ultra: " Get both of them to Ratchet and take Mikayla to Lennox."

    Wheeljack: " Yes sir. Have you found Optimus or Cindy yet?"

    Ultra: " I'm afraid not."

    Around two in the morning Cindy wakes up. She is still dazed but comes to her senses fast. She loooks around for the Autobots and Optimus. She see Optimus standing by a building he is looking down at something. She walks up to him. He has Drake in his hand.

    Cindy: " Optimus?"

    Optimus: " He saved my life."

    Cindy: " Who?"

    Optimus kneels down to the girl and Drake gently slips from his hand. His body is battered and broken. His hair is blood soaked and he is barely breathing. Optimus looks the same. His windows are broken, his tires gone, his armor is dented and scratched, and his leg is broken. He collapses on his hands breathing heavy.

    Optimus: " I fear we may not very long for both of us."

    Cindy: " No, don't say that you both are going to be okay. I promise."

    Optimus: " How can you make a promise like that."

    He collapses and rolls onto his back. Cindy looks at the Autobot in horror. Here he his, weak adn defenseless while she's standing there as the worst enemy of Russia, Japan and Germany. They could be found at any moment. She starts crying and falls to her knees. She starts calling out. Over and over. Then Ratchet and Ironhide show up. Cindy looks up.

    Ironide: " Primus. What happened?"

    Ratchet: " Omega. We need you at my location. We need to transport Optimus to Deigo.

    Omega shows up and Ratchet, Ironhide, and Prowl get Prime onto Omega. Cindy is left there stroking Drake's hair. Sam comes up to her.

    Sam: " Come on. I'll get lennox and we'll get Drake onto Omega."

    Sam goes get Lennox. Both help get Drake to Omega. Omega heads off to Deigo Garcia.
    On Omega, Ratchet has a monitor hooked up to Optimus. Optimus is weak and can barely move. Ironhide and Cindy walk in discussing war.

    Ironhide: " How is he doing?"

    Ratchet: " It doesn't look good. He suffered major damage to his spark chamber."

    Cindy: " So does that mean he's going to die?"

    Ratchet: " Not necessarily. I can't do anything now. We'll have to let time tell what is going to happen to him."

    The door opens and Drake and Lennox come in. Both are limping from wounds they sustained. Drake stands by Cindy. Pain and fear in his eyes.

    Omega: " We will be landing soon."

    Ironhide: " I'll make contact to Nest to prepare for our arrival."

    Lennox: " I'll come with you."

    As they leave another joins the group. Sam.

    Sam: " Ratchet can I talk to Cindy and Drake alone?"

    Ratchet: " Yes."

    He leaves them. Sam turns to the girl and boy.

    Sam: " Why? Why would you sacrifce your lives to save Optimus?"

    Drake: " Because, that's what you do for friends."

    Sam: " Look we're not your friends. Ok. So you should just leave. Got it."

    Drake: " Who are you t..."

    Cindy: " Drake, no. Sam what is your problem? We were trying to help."

    Sam: " You call that 'help'."

    He points over to Optimus.

    Sam: " You could have gotten him killed!"

    Drake: " Ya, well I could have been killed!"

    Sam: " Nobody cares about you!"

    Drake: " Come here so I can plant my fist into your temple!"

    Cindy looks at the two wondering why there is such hostiliy with Sam.

    Cindy: " Would both of you shut your faces! Honestly! Sam whatever your problem is you need to tell someone!"

    Sam: " My problem? My problem is that my fiancee is dead! And you could have killed Optimus!"

    Sam's eyes begin to water. Drake is breathing hard out of anger. Cindy tells both of them to leave, now. When both are gone, she walked over to Optimus and laid her head on his arm. She began talking to him.

    Cindy: " When I was nine my brother died. Then while in the military my grandfather died. There's a reason why I joined the military and not medics. I wouldn't be able to handle all the death. But in the military there's death by not in sterile hospitals. When I saw you on the ground moitionless I thought I would have to deal with more death. Then I saw Drake and thought o my God this is not happening. Two deaths in hour. I couldn't believe it."

    She continued talking.

    Cindy: " I'm the only one to do all that stuff at an young age. Now I'm regreting it. Not having a normal life. But then WWIII started and I knew I had to lead these men and women into battle. An when the war ended I thought I'm going to be bored. I'm not ready to be a vetern yet. I need to fight someone. Then you guys come along and I think this was going to be easy. But it wasn't. I almost had Drake killed, you're in critical condition and Sam lost Mikayla."

    She looks at Optimus.

    Cindy: " You probably can't hear me. Awell. This is how I say my feelings to anybody who won't listen."

    Optimus: " But the thing is I'm listening."

    Cindy: " Optimus! I'm so sorry!"

    Optimus: " For what? This isn't your fault."

    Cindy: " Why does it feel like it though."

    Optimus: " Somethings can't be explained through talking or actions but emotions. You can't blame yourself for Sam's anger. And you can not blame yourself for what Megatron did."

    Cindy looks at him and smiles.

    Cindy: " I should go so you can rest."

    Optimus: " You don't have to go yet. When we get back to Deigo I want you to follow me and we can talk more."

    Cindy: " I would like that."
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    Chapter 3
    At Deigo, the Autobots go to their hangars while Optimus, Ratchet, and Cindy go to the medic bay. Lennox came along, when he saw Galloway.

    Galloway: " Who the hell is this? You brought more people to destroy the world. That's great."

    Lennox: " I would shut your mouth before I do something to it."

    Galloway: " Like I'm scared of you, Lennox."

    Galloway walks up to Ratchet. Lennox is cocking his gun when Cindy touches him and walks up to Galloway.

    Cindy: " Hi. Who are you?"

    Galloway turns to the girl and sizes her up.

    Galloway: " That's none of your business. I'm here under strict orders from the President. So why don't you go play with your dolls."

    Cindy: " You shouldn't be afraid of Lennox but you need to be afraid of me."

    Galloway: " Why? Your just a girl."

    Cindy grabs hold of Galloway, twists his arm back and threatens to break his neck. He begins to cry for mercy.

    Galloway: " Please stop! If you don't stop I will tell the President."

    Cindy: " The President can't help you Galloway. He owes me a few favors!"

    Galloway: " HOW!?"

    CIndy: " Let's just say saving him and his country is a good thing."

    Galloway: " Please stop!"

    Cindy: " Say uncle!"

    Galloway: " No!"

    Cindy: " Say uncle! Say uncle and I'll stop!"

    Gallloway: " Uncle! Uncle!"

    Cindy lets go and Galloway runs of.

    Cindy: " Geez, he's a wuss."

    Lennox stares at the girl.

    Cindy: " What? When you grow up in the Army and Air Force you learn to make grown men cry."

    She follows Lennox into the medical bay, where Optimus is laying on a table.

    Ratchet: " Optimus, you are going to stay here for awhile until we figure out who this Unicron is."

    Optimus: " He's Destroyer of Worlds. He will absorb the energy from planets, dissenigrating them. He can wipe out whole universes."

    Lennox: " How do we stop this guy?"

    Optimus: " I'm not sure yet."

    Cindy: " That name it seems familiar. Like I heard it before. But from where?"

    Ratchet: " You know Unicron?"

    Cindy: " I think so. When I was a Marine I would have these vicious dreams of the planet being destroyed but before the planet exploded a bright light came. I didn't know what it meant but I think I do now."

    Optimus: " What did the light come from?"

    Cindy: " I don't know for sure but I know it's not from earth but I need to know everything about you guys."

    Optimus: " Very well."

    When Optimus is done talking Cindy is amazed by the information she was given.

    Cindy: " So the Matrix. It can destroy but yet restore?"

    Optimus: " Yes. That's how I came back. Megatron killled me and Sam brought me back with the Matrix."

    Cindy looked at Optimus. Tears filling her eyes.
    On the Nemesis.

    Megatron: " Soundwave prepare the troops. We're going to earth."

    Soundwave: " But sir do you not think we should wait until you recover?"

    Meagtron: " Optimus is weak. I can sense him. We must strike now."

    Shockwave: " My leige, you are also weak. You surley don't expect to recover from a second fight."

    Megatron looks at his troops then walks off holding his chest. He has gone to his quaters of the Nemesis, where he has a comlink set up with Unicron

    Megatron: " What is my purpose here. To destroy lives."

    Unicron: " My servant, you aren't having second thoughts are you?"

    Megatron: " I am not your servant. And you are not my master.''

    Unicron: " I made sure you didn't die from your wounds."

    Megatron: " I think you should have."

    Galvatron enters the room.

    Galvatron: " Sir the troops are ready."

    Megatron looked out into space with remorse and regret.

    Megatron: " We're not going."

    Galvatron: " Sir?"

    Megatron: " I'm tired of fighting my brother. Enough is enough."

    Galvatron: " Sir I will follow your lead 'til death."

    Megatron looks at Galvatron. Both look familar in size and features. Galvatron is the clone of Megatron. Unicron decided to use Galvatron to take over the Decepticons but he could not betray Megatron.

    Unicron: " Megatron. If you leave the Decepticons, you abandon all your troops."

    Megatron: " They are no longer my troops."

    Unicron let's out a large bellow as Megatron and Galvatron take off.

    Unicron: " Decepticons! Attack the traitors!"

    The Decpticons begin to attack Megatron and Galvatron. Megatron is hit by a blast from Shockwave. Galvatron lets out a pulse rendering the sensors scrambled. He helps Megatron fly off.

    Unicron: " Shockwave. I apoint you new leader of the Decepticons."

    Shockwave: " Yes, my lord."

    Cindy is seen sitting on one of the hangars when she sees two comets fall from the sky.

    Cindy: " Ironhide!"

    Ironhide shows up.

    Ironhide: " Decepticons!"

    Megatron and Galvatron crash into the ocean. Galvatron helps Megatron from the water onto the bay.

    Galvatron: " Sir are you alright?"

    Megatron: " I'll be fine."

    The Autobots are at the ocean and draw their weapons. Neither Decepticon draws theirs.

    Ironhide: " Autobots prepare to fire!"

    Cindy: " Wait!"

    Cindy runs in front of Autobots between the Decepticons.

    Cindy: " Don't shot! They're not going to harm us!"

    Prowl: " How do you know?"

    Cindy: " Why would Megatron have wounds not from us. They don't have their weapons out either."

    Megatron: " I must speak to Optimus."

    Ratchet: " Why should we let you? You almost killed him."

    Megatron: " I know. But he's my brother."

    The Autobots take Megatron to Optimus. Ironhide and Ultra stand guard at the door while Cindy follows Megatron.

    Megatron: " What have I done?"

    Cindy: " You betrayed him. Your own brother."

    Otpimus looks at the two and tries to sit up.

    Cindy: " Optimus, don't you're still too weak."

    Optimus: " What is are you donig here?"

    Megatron: " I need to talk to you."

    Cindy gets up on a observation deck while Megatron stands next to his brother.

    Megatron: " Optimus... I do not wish to fight you anymore. When the Fallen corrupted me I lost sight of what was important. Cybertron and her people. I forgot why I was there. I forgot to protect them. Instead I destroyed our home. Optimus, I lost you. Brother, please forgive me."

    Optimus looked at his brother. He meant ever word he just said. He did not to fight. He wanted this war to end.

    Optimus: "What has become of your troops?"

    Megatron: " Only one stayed loyal, the others are now following Unicron. Shockwave is the new leader."

    Megatron removes his servo from a wound to reveal energon flowing from his body.

    Megatron: " I wanted to come back here for one more fight to end my life. I can longer lead those monsters."

    Optimus: " Why did you become a Decepticon in the first place?"

    Megatron: " I don't know anymore. But Optimus, Unicron is on his way to destroy you and this world. We must stop him."

    Cindy: " How?"

    Megatron: " Girl, you know how. You just need to know who."

    Optimus: " The Matrix?"

    Meagtron: " Yes. He told me who and what could defeat him."

    Cindy: " Then who?"

    Megatron: " Look in front of you."

    Cindy looks at Optimus. Optimus relizes who Megatron is talking about.

    Optimus: " But how do I defeat him with the Matrix?"

    Cindy: " The light. Optimus the light comes from the Matrix. You have to open it."

    Out in space Soundwave is seen. He has heard the entire conversation.

    Soundwave: " Shockwave. I have found the Autobots and the traitors."

    Shockwave: " Good. Tell the troops to moblize."

    Soundwave: " Decepticons go to the base and kill whoever."

    Soundwave and the other Decepticons are heading towards the base. Ironhide and Lennox are the first to spot them and they raise the alarm.

    Soundwave: " Ramjet! Take out those two."

    Ramjet: " Gladly!"

    Ramjet advances toward the two at a high rate when Prowl jumps on him and plunges into the ocean. Soundwave sends Skywarp and Thundercracker. Ironhide takes Thundercraker and Sidswipe takes Skywarp. The Decepticons clash with all the Autobots except Optimus, Megatron and Cindy.

    Megatron: " I'll rip off their heads!"

    Cindy: " Hey, you can do that later! Right now we have to protect Optimus and the Matrix!"

    Galvatron and Barricade come crashing through the hangar where they are. Galvatron has suffered sevre wounds from both Barricade and Soundwave. Megatron goes help Galvatron, when Shockwave lands on him.

    Shockwave: " You know Megatron, the Decepticons are doing much better under my rule than under yours!"

    Shockwave adds more presure to Megatron's chest when Optimus fires a shot.

    Optimus: " Leave him alone!"

    Megatron: " Optimus! Stay out of this!"

    Shockwave: " Be quiet you! Optimus, I'm so glad you're feeling better then I can have the joy of crushing you when you're at full strength!"

    Shockwave leaps off of Megatron toward Optimus. Optimus unleashes both swords and hits Shockwave sending him backwards. Shockwave is shocked by this but regains himself. He fires shots toward Optimus but they are deflected by his swords. Optimus takes out one of his cannons and shoots Shockwave repeatedly. Shockwave orders the Decepticons to fall back so they are not to lose numbers. Cindy is helping Galvatron with Barricade when Barricade unleashes a deafing sound. That sound allows the Decepticons to escape without being fired upon. The noise stops and the Autobots calabriate the damage.

    Wheeljack: " Cowards! All of them! Hiding behind weaponary and technology!"

    Ultra: " Is everyone ok?

    Optimus: " We're fine."

    Cindy: " Ah... Optimus not all of us."

    Cindy and Galvatron are kneeling down by Megatron. His spark exposed and nearly crushed. Optimus runs to his brother's aid.

    Megatron: " I- I'll be f-fine."

    Optimus: " Megatron."

    Megatron: " Optimus, do not w-worry a-about m-m-me. I will be fine. I-it is j-just a s-small wound."

    Optimus: " Wheeljack! Ratchet! Help, please!"

    Ratchet: " Megatron, we need to get you to the medical bay immediatly."

    Megatron looks at his brother as he is taken away. It's a week after the Decepticons attacked. Megatron is recovering and Optimus is doing everything he can for a way to destroy Unicron. Optimus is on the beach when a comet falls from the sky. The comet transforms into an Autobot. But this Autobot looks like Optimus. Elita and Cindy join the two. Elita grabs the new arrival and Cindy and leaves Optimus there. Confused. Elita has gone to remote part of the island.

    Elita: " What are you doing here? I told you not to come yet. Nova, what were you thinking? If the Decepticons knew who you were."

    Cindy: " By the way who are you?"

    Nova: " Nova Prime. Optimus's son."

    Cindy looks at the mech. She is shocked and confused.

    Cindy: " I thought Optimus was the last Prime."

    Nova: " He was. But he's not anymore."

    Elita: " This is very bad."

    Cindy: " You think. Elita you have to tell Optimus."

    Elita: " I can't."

    Cindy: " You tell him or I will."

    Nova: " Can't I tell him?"

    Cindy and Elita start arguing about what to do when Nova leaves to find Optimus. He finds an alt mode to scan real quick. He finds Optimus.

    Nova: " Sir? Can I talk to you in private?"

    Optimus: " Yes."

    The two Primes head to a hangar. Nova tells Optimus everything. Then another comet falls. It's Kup. Elita asked him to look after Nova while she was on earth.

    Kup: " Nova. You can't just take off like that!"

    Kup studies the scene then he sees Optimus.

    Kup: " Optimus! I haven't seen you since you were Nova's age!"

    Optimus: " You know Nova?"

    Kup: " Well of course! Elita asked me to look after him! By Primus look at you!"

    Megatron joins the group. Kup and Nova step back, readying their weapons.

    Kup: " No good, rotten Decepticon. If you lay a servo on me or Nova, I'll take off your head!"

    Optimus: " Put your weapons away. Megatron is no longer a Decepticon."

    Kup: " Humph! Last time I saw you, I was fighting for my life!"

    Megatron looks down. Kup realizes Megatron is no longer a Decepticon.
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    Love it so far. This would be a great idea for the third film. However i dont think Megs would clone himself otherwise he would be attacked by his clone. Which i think Galvatron may do in this rewrite.
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    Galvatron wasnt Megs idea it was Unicrons so if Unicron needed a new leader he had Galvatron.
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    Chapter 4
    The Nemesis.

    Shockwave: " That went well."

    Soundwave: " You think. They have Megatron and Galvatron."

    Thundercracker: " We lost four of our troops."

    Shockwave: " I noticed that, but the Autobots lost one of theirs."

    Laserbreak: " Who?"

    Shockwave: " Prowl. The thing is though they don't know yet."

    Rumble: " And this is important how."

    Lockdown: " Because Prowl knows how to wipe out half of the troops."

    Shockwave: " Well you spoke for once. Good for you."

    Lockdown: " Listen here you one-eyed coward! I know that Autobot unlike you! You don't know what he's cable of!"

    Soundwave: " Why are you in such a bad mood?"

    Lockdown looks a Soundwave and stalks off. Lockdown was on guard duty before the war with Prowl. The two were friends until Megatron sought the Alll Spark. They parted ways and never saw each other again.

    Lockdown: " Prowl, I know you ani't dead."

    Back on earth.

    Blurr: " HeyhasanyoneseenProwllately? Iwanttoracehim."

    Sideswipe: " I haven't seen him since the battle."

    Ironhide: " Didn't he go after Ramjet?"

    Sunstreaker: " Ya but Ramjet is at the bottom of the oce... Ah shit!"

    Ironhide: " What?"

    Sunsteaker: " I think Prowl might be... of-off-offline."

    The bottom of the Indian Ocean. Ramjet is seen dead. Prowl had gone down with him but survived. He suddenly shots out from nowhere. He is heading toward the surface. Prowl reached the bay and collasped on it.

    Prowl: " I really hate Decepticons."

    Drake: " You're not the only one."

    Prowl looks at the human.

    Prowl: " What do you even know about them?"

    Drake: " I know that if they had the chance they would wipe out the whole entire earth population."

    Prowl: " Who are you exaclty?"

    Drake: " Drake. Drake Haugh. I'm was supposd to be guarding Cindy. But now I and Derek are her friends and we follow her."

    Prowl: " Un-uh. So you think you could help me out?"

    Drake: " Oh right. Sorry."

    Cindy is pacing across the room when Prowl and Drake enter.

    Cindy: " O my God! Prowl! We thought we lost lost you!"

    Prowl: " Where are the others?"

    Cindy: " There's a meeting and we need to go."

    Prowl: " Where's Sam?"

    Drake: " I think he died."

    Cindy: " Hey, be nice. He went to the meeting.Come on they haven't started yet."

    U.N. building. The Autobots are there to announce the threat of Unicron. Cindy, Prowl, and Drake sneak in.

    Optimus: " Unicron is coming to destroy this world and the others."

    Council 1: " So your saying the because of you this monster is coming to kill us."

    Ironhide: " This is not our fault. We do not control this things."

    Council 2: " No but he is your god."

    Ironhide: " God? Unicron is a monster who will destroy everyhting in his path."

    Council 1: " Why earth then?"

    Optimus: " Yes, he is coming because of me not the others."

    Council 1: " Then why don't you back to your planet?"

    Megatron: " We can not go back to Cybertron."

    Council 2: " Why?"

    Megatron: " It was destroyed with many other planets."

    An uproar is heard through out the crowd. People are angry and afraid. The Autobots are horrorfied by the news. Optimus looks a Megatron who is looking back.

    Coucil 2: " Are you sure?"

    Megatron: " Yes. I saw it."

    Another uproar. Megatron looks away from his brother. Optimus is confused and furious about this. His brother is the reson for the destruction of Cybertron.

    Coucil 1: " Order! Order! We will talk about this later! Meeting dismissed!"

    The Autobots head back to back. Megatron immediatly goes back to his part of the hangars. Optimus follows.

    Optimus: " Megatron. You knew that Cybertron was destroyed and you didn't tell me. I'm not sure if I'm disapointed or furious."

    Megatron: " I was going to tell you, but I couldn't. I knew how much you loved Cybertron."

    Optimus: " Megatron if anything happens to earth it's on your head."

    Optimus walks off leaving Megatron to think.

    Wheeljack: " Cindy? I need for a second."

    Cindy: " Ya."

    Wheeljack: " I have project I'm working on and I need you to connect some cables."

    Cindy: " Okay."

    Wheeljack goes to a hangar that has three being in it. They look like dinosuars.

    Wheeljack: " Connected these wires."

    Cindy connects the wires and the dinosuars come to life.

    T-rex: " Me is awake. Me is? Is?Is? Grimlock!"

    Wheeljack: " Well at least he can talk. That's Swoop, Slag and Snarl. Then you already met Grimlock. They're Dinobots."

    Cindy: " Un-uh. Why?"

    Optimus: " We need more troops and I have not gotten a message from any Autobots since the past five years."

    Swoop: " Who they?"

    Snarl: " Me don't know."

    Grimlock: " Who you?"

    Optimus: " Grimlock, we are the Autobots. We need you for this war."

    Snarl: " What in for us?"

    Wheeljack: " Life. Freedom. Friends."

    Slag: " Oh. What a friend?"

    Cindy: " Well they're intellengent."

    Wheeljack: " Hey, I did my best."

    Cindy: " They're like puppies. Hey! Grimlock! Go get it!"

    Cindy throws a piece of metal and Grimlock goes after it.

    Cindy: " They're are like puppies! O my God!"

    Grimlock: " What's a puppies?"

    Cindy: " I'll explain later."

    Nova is seen looking a the Matrix.

    Elita: " Fansinating? That is the reason why you're not leader yet."

    Nova: " What do you mean?"

    Elita: " Awhile back your father was killed in battle and Sam used the Matrix to bring him back."

    Nova: " You were there?"

    Elita: " No, but he told me."

    Nova: " Am I going to be a great leader like Optimus?"

    Elita: " Maybe. But you need training if you're going to be anything."

    Nova: " Right."

    Optimus is standing by the ocean when Nova joins him.

    Nova: " Optimus? What is going to happen to our race?"

    Optimus: " I don't know, but protecting Cindy and the Matrix is important for right now."

    Nova: " What about you?"

    Optimus: " What do you mean?"

    Nova: " Mom told me about you and Megatron. How he betrayed you and how Sam brought you back."

    Optimus: " She did. Then you know about how important this planet is to me."

    Nova: " Ya I do."

    Shockwave and Decepticon drones are seen entering the atmosphere.
    Shockwave: " We will kill the Prime or Megatron and anyone else who gets in our way."

    Deigo Garcia. Nova and Optimus are seen training.

    Optimus: Nova, You need to be ready to have all your weapons out!"

    Nova: " How many weapons do I have?"

    Optimus: " You tell me!"

    Nova unleashes his swords, shoulder mounted turrets and two cannons. Ironhide sneaks up behind him and he jumps on Nova.
    Ironhide: " Also watch your back."

    Nova: " Thanks. I'll remember that next time. Now please help me up."

    Ironhide: " Kid, you need to independent in battle who can't always rely on someone to be there to pick you up."

    Optimus: " He's right."

    Nova: " Ya, I know."
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    Chapter 5

    Sam is seen looking out a window. Cindy comes up behind him.

    Cindy: " Sam? You haven't been around with the rest of us."

    Sam: " I know. I'm soory. It's just that I can't stop thinking about her."

    Cindy: " I know. Here, I amde this for you. Now you will always remember her."

    Sam takes a piece of paper from her. A drawing of Mikayla is on it.

    Sam: " Thanks."

    Shockwave is coming toward the island with the drones to destroy the Matrix and Optimus.

    Shockwave: " You find the Matrix, I'll take Prime."

    Ironhide: " Optimus! Decepticons have been spotted! It's Shockwave!"

    Optimus: " Autobots, make sure they don't get the Matrix or Cindy!"

    Shockwave: " There's a problem with that we already have her!"

    Optimus turns around and is hit in the face by a round from Shockwave's cannon.

    Cindy: " Nova! Where are you?"

    Nova: " I'm right here!"

    Cindy: " We need to help Optimus!"

    Nova: " Right!"

    Megatron: " you're going to need my help!"

    Cindy: " Come on then!"

    Cindy, Nova, and Megatron rush the Decepticons and plow them down. Megatron has advanced forward toward Optimus and Shockwave.

    Megatron: " Shockwave!"

    Shockwave: "Megatron? You're alive? I thought I killed you!"

    Megatron: " You failed!"

    Megatron shots Shockwave in the chest and Optimus slashes him with his swords. Shockwave is trying to take both on at the same time but is having troubles. Then Galvatron and Nova show up. Nova has gotten hold Shockwave and tries to pull off his head but is kicked away. Optimus and Galvatron are shoting Shockwave when several drones tackle Galvatron. Optimus takes on Shockwave when Nova jumps on his back. Nova stabs Shockwave repeatedly but is thrown off. Nova lands by Cindy who is defending the Matrix. Nova gets up and heads back towards Shockwave. Shockwave is holding his own when Megatron stabs his shoulder forcing him down. Nova then kicks Shockwave in the face shattering his visor. His optic is now exposed and he can his enemies around him now. Shockwave grabs Megatron and throws him into Optimus. Nova then rams into Shackwave before he can stab Optimus or Megatron. Cindy has taken the Matrix and is running for her life when the Dinobots show up. Grimlock takes out half of the drones chasing Cindy and Snarl and Slag are ramming everything they see that is not an Autobot. Swoop is knocking off the heads of many and is dumping some in the ocean. Nova gives Optimus a reassuring look that everything is okay when Elita is thrown into her son. Shockwave had killed her and now had his sights set on Optimus. Nova lunged in front of Optimus blocking the hit. Shockwave runs his sword through the young Autobot. Optimus looks in horror when Cindy jumps onto Shockwave blasting his eye. Shockwave is almost blind and tells the rest of the drones to fall back. Nova is lying on the ground coughing up oil.

    Optimus: " Nova."

    Nova: " Dad, I'm sorry. I should have stayed behind."

    Optimus: " Nova, you're going to be okay. I promise. I promise."

    Nova: " How can you make a promise like that?"

    Optimus: " I just can."

    Megatron: " Ratchet!"

    Ratchet: " Nova."

    Nova is taken away from Optimus. Cindy walks up to him still holding the Matrix.

    Cindy: " Optimus? Are you okay?"

    Optimus: " He should have stayed put like I told him."

    Cindy bit her lip. She told Nova to go help Optimus.

    Cindy: " Optimus, I'm sorry. This is my fault. I told him to go help you. I shouldn't have."

    Optimus: " Nova is severly wounded and you told him to help me. What were you thinking? You could've killed him or have been killed yourself."

    Cindy: " I know and I'm really sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

    Optimus: " You grabbed the Matrix?''

    Cindy: " Ya, here it should in your hands. "

    She gave him the Matrix and walked off. Optimus looked at it for a moment and then went to his hangar. He set the Matrix down and sat down. Optimus thought of what just happened. He thought of Megatron and Galvatron being by his side. He thought of Nova and how he defended hima dnteh he thought of Elita. Elita gave her life to save both Optimus and Nova. Nova almost lost his life for Optimus and the Matrix. Cindy risked her life to protect the Matrix. He had to defeat Unicron more than ever. He needed a plan. The next morning Sam is seen outside with Bumblebee.

    Sam: " Bee, do you think we'll stop Unicron in time?"

    Bumblebee shrugs and looks at his friend. Bumblebee thought of that question all the time. But he also thought is he going to lose Sam again. Or Optimus or anybody. Bumblebee always thought that.

    Sam: " What do think will happen to Nova?"

    Bumblebee: " * I don't know for sure.*"

    Nova is seen lying on table. Kup and Optimus won't leave his side.

    Optimus: " Kup, how did you train Nova for war."

    Kup: " The same way I tought you. Why?"

    Optimus: " The way Nova fought yesterday was amazing. He was dodging every shot and punch. And he defended his family like I would."

    Kup: " He's like you, Prime. You should be proud to have him as a son."

    Optimus: " You're right. Thank you and I am."
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    Chapter 6
    The Nemesis.

    Shockwave: " Master I could not kill the Prime. My actions have cost us another attack."

    Unicron: " No, they haven't. Now is the perfect time to strike. Prime is busy worring about his son, and the girl is guarding the Matrix. Now go. Retrieve it. Then we will destroy that planet and the Prime."

    Shockwave: " Yes my master. I will rally the troops."

    Unicron: " No go alone then they would suspect a thing."

    Shockwave: " Yes master."

    Unicron: " When you return, I will be here waiting for you."

    Shockwave ends the comlink and flies off into space. He reaches Deigo and hasn't been seen yet. He sneaks into the room where the Matrix and Cindy are.

    Cindy: " This is all my fault. I should've told Nova to stay."

    Shockwave watches the human put up trip lines and alarms around the Matrix. When she has her back turned he decides to make his move. He carefully approaches the cotainer. He trips one of the lines and Cindy turns around weapons ready. Shocckwave grabs the Matrix and blasts the girl away. Cindy is lying on the ground when Ironhide shows up. He sees Shockwave and attacks him. Ironhide is thrown into the wall. A spike is drove through his chest. Shockwave flies off and Cindy sets off the alarm. Ratchet and Ultra show up and take Ironhide away. Sam shows up. Cindy is looking out the hole in the wall where Shockwave escape.

    Sam: " What the hell happened? What did you do?"

    Cindy: " Shockwave happened and I didn't do this."

    Sam: " Where's the Matrix?"

    Cindy: " Shockwave took it, Sam."

    Sam: " I thought you guarding it?"

    Cindy: " I was!"

    Sam: " This is all your fault! It's your fault that Nova and Ironhide might die!"

    Cindy: " Sam, would you shut your face up! This not my fault!"

    Sam: " Ya it is!"

    Cindy: " Fine! Then why did I even come here! I serve no purpose except to almost kill the Autobots! I'm leaving!"

    Sam: " Fine! We'll probably be better off if you do!"

    Cindy runs out of the room to find something that can take her home. She finds Lennox and asks if they have a bi-plane. She finds the bi-plane and takes off leaving the Autobots to fend for themselves.
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    Chapter 8

    Drake: " Where's Cindy?"

    Derek: " Beats me. Hey Sam where's Cindy?"

    Sam: " She left."

    Drake: " She what?! Why would she do that?!"

    Sam: " She and I got in a fight and she left."

    Derek: " Are you telling me she left because of a fight?"

    Sam: " Well, it's more complicated than that. I sort of told this was all her fault."

    Drake, Derek: " YOU WHAT?!"

    Sam: " I'm sorry. It just sort of came out."

    Drake: " We have to tell Optimus."

    Optimus: " Tell me what?"

    Sam: " Um... Cindy left because I told it was her fault that Ironhide and Nova might die and that the Matrix is gone."

    Optimus: " Sam, why?"

    Sam: " I was mad. I didn't think. I'm sorry."

    Nova is over hearing the conversation when Optimus finally says he'll be leaving to defeat Unicron, alone.

    Sam: " You can't do that! It's suicide!"

    Optimus: " It's the only way. I must defeat Unicron."

    Bumblebee walks up and tries to reason Prime, but he doesn't listen.

    Optimus: " I'm going and that's the end of it."

    Sam: " Optimus..."

    Optimus walks off leaving the group to think and talk.

    Drake: " We have to get Cindy back."

    Sam: " How? She hates my guts now."

    Derek: " But she doesn't hate Bumblebee's."
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    Chapter 9

    Bumblebee is dropped off at the airport in Billings with Drake and Derek. They are driving to a club where Cindy sings every now and then.

    Derek: " Are you sure she'll be here?"

    Drake: " Yes. Bee why are you slowing down?"

    Bumblebee: " * Someone's following us.*"

    Drake looks behind and sees a semi.

    Drake: " Bumblebee, pull over."

    Bumblebee does as he is told and the semi does the same.

    Derek: " That can't be Optimus."

    Drake: " It's not."

    Bumblebee lets the humans out and transforms. The semi does the same.

    Bumblebee: " What... you... here."

    Nova: I had to tell you. Optimus just left."

    Derek: " We know."

    Nova: " He forgot something. Us. He needs us by his side. We can't lose him."

    Bumbleebee: " We... But how catch up now."

    Nova: " We have to get Cindy first."

    Derek: " We were just doing that."

    They reach the club. Cindy is on stage, singing.

    Drake: " Ok here's what we have to do. When she gets off we'll grab and stuff her in the trunk."

    Derek: " No more spy movies for you."

    The two start fighting about what to do when Bumblebee sets off his car alarm.

    Announcer: " Whoever owns the 2010 yellow and black camaro please shut off your alarm."

    Cindy: " Bumblebee."

    Cindy runs off stage outside to the Autobot.

    Cindy: " What are you doing here?"

    Bumblebee: " We need... Please hel... destroy...alone."

    Cindy: " What?"

    Nova: " He went to destroy Unicron alone."

    Cindy: " HE WHAT!? AND YOU LET HIM!?"

    Nova: " Yeeaah?"

    Cindy: " He's going to be killed!"

    Megatron shows up behind the group with Lennox, Leo, Simmons, and Sam.

    Megatron: " Not unless we do something."

    Cindy: " Ya but how are we going to catch up to him?"

    Megatron: " There's a reason why Omega is a ship."

    Simmons: " And I have surprise for you miss Stiles."

    Cindy: " I don't need anyth... Oooo! I want that!"

    Simmons: " It's a bioenegered suit. You can fly, fight, shoot. Hey whatever you want to do with it."

    Cindy: " Where did you get this?"

    Leo: " Simmons and I made it. with the help of NASA."

    Cindy: " Sweet."
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    Chapter 10

    Optimus is seen heading towards the Nemesis. Ratchet had combined a F-22 with Optimus to let him fly. Shockwave has the Decepticons ready. He sends them after Optimus. Optimus is ready to die to protect earth. The Decepticons hit him at full force. They're unleashing attackes 360. optimus is holding his own until the image of Unicron is in view. Optimus blasts the Decepticons away and advances toward Unicron. Shockwave attacks Optimus from behind. Shockwave has the advantage. Unicron aids his servant by teleporting him around Optimus. Optimus is having the slg beat out of him when Unicron intervens.
    Unicron: " Enough. The Prime's spark is fading. We will not have to worry any longer."

    Shockwave: " Yesss!"

    Megatron is flying along side Omega and Cindy when he is attacked by some stray drones.

    Megatron: " You go on! I'll take care of these little shits!"

    Cindy: " Omega you go ahead!"

    Megatron: " I told you to go!"

    Cindy: " I'm not leaving you!"

    Cindy takes out her cannons and blasts several drones away. Megatron takes care of the rest.

    Cindy: " Come on we have to help Optimus!"

    The Autobots have reached Unicron and ready their weapons. Ironhide is ready for the onslaught. Nova is furious and wants to kill Shockwave. The others are ready for the end of a war.

    Nova: " We do this for Cybertron! And for Optimus!"

    Autobots: " For Optimus!"

    Megatron: " Let's go kick some Decepticon skidplate!"

    The Autobots charge the drones and Decepticons. Half are taken out by Omega and Grimlock. Cindy and Nova have gone to look for the Matrix, Optimus, and Shockwave. They find all three.

    Shockwave: " Looking for someone?"

    He kicks Optimus in front of Nova. Nova kneels down to his father. Optimus looks up at his son. Ironhide, Galvatron and Megatron barge in. Cindy is standing there looking at the Matrix then to Megatron. She nodds. Megatron attacks Shockwave. Galvatron follows close behind. Cindy has gone to retrieve the Matrix.

    Cindy: " Nova! Get Optimus out of here!"

    Nova: " Dad you're going to be okay. I promise."

    Optimus: " I know."

    Megatron and Galvatron are handing Shockwave his skidplate when Unicron nears a planet. Cindy looks to see Mars be engulfed.

    Cindy: " Megatron! Galvatron! Get the Autobots out of here now!"

    Megatron: " We aren't going to leave you!"

    Cindy: " That's an order! Now do it!"
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    Chapter 11

    Nova has taken on Shockwave. Shockwave still ahs the teleportation but Nova still dodegs his hits.

    Shockwave: " Only if your father was more agile he wouldn't be dying. Of course maybe if he was dead then Unicron wouldn't be killed and I would rule the universe. You know what I might as well kill him now."

    Nova:" You leave alone or I'll..."

    Shockwave: " You'll what cry to the human."

    Shockwave aims his cannon at Optimus when Nova slams into him.

    Nova: " You leave him alone!"

    Cindy is on the ship watching from a hole in the roof. Optimus is lying by her.

    Cindy: " Optimus please get up! We need you!"

    Optimus: " I can't my spark is fading. I have no more to live for. I would rather die then see Unicron destroy earth."

    Cindy: " Optimus don't say that. You have Nova to live for. You have Megatron and Galvatron. ironhide. Bumblebee. Ratchet. Sam. And you have me, and I need you know than ever. Please get up!"

    Optimus's head sinks down to the floor and his optics flicker.

    Cindy: " Optimus! Please! Please don't leave me! Not you! It can't be you! Please! Nova needs you! OPTIMUS!"

    It was no use he had not heard her. She began to cry when Nova landed next to her.

    Cindy: " He's gone. He's gone."

    Nova: " No. No! NO! NO, NO, NO! This can't be happening! Dad please, not you! I still need you!"

    Cindy looks down at the Matrix. She picks it up. She looks at Nova. She relizes it wasn't Optimus who was supposed to open the Matrix it was Nova.

    Cindy: " Nova! Take the Matrix!"

    Nova: " What!? No I can't..."

    Cindy: " Nova listen to me! Take the Matrix! You need to open it! If you don't, Optimus would have done this in vain! Go! Open the Matrix!"

    Nova leaves Cindy and Optimus.
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    Chapter 12

    Megatron: " Optimus."

    Galvatron: " What happened?"

    Cindy: " Shockwave."

    Megatron: " Where's Nova?"

    Cindy points toward Unicron. Nova can be seen fighting off Shockwave. Megatron goes to help him.

    Galvatron: " Cindy."

    Cindy looks up.

    Galvatron: " You need to take out my spark."

    Cindy: " What? Why? I can't!"

    Galvatron: " I am just a clone. Optimus is more important than me. Now please!"

    Cindy: " How?"

    Ratchet and Ironhide followed Megatron and Galvatron back to the Nemesis. They overheard Galvatron.

    Ratchet: " Galvatron are you sure you want to do that?"

    Galvatron: " Yes."

    Galvatron rips out his spark and lands in front of Cindy.

    Ratchet: " Ironhide help me."

    Ironhide: " Right."

    They open Optimus's spark chamber and take out his spark. Ratchet places Galvatron's spark and connects the cables. Nothing happened. Cindy looks one more time at Nova. He amde to Unicron and is about ready to open the Matrix when Shockwave blasts a hole in the Nemesis. Cindy is knocked to the ground. She falls unconscious. Cindy has a vision of Nova opening the Matrix then sees the Seven Prime's. They tell Cindy, that when Nova opens the Matrix, Optimus's life will be restored and Shockwave will be dead. Cindy wakes up and sees Nova. She opens a comlink to tell Nova. Nova gets the news and faces Unicron. Before Nova opens the Matrix, Unicron shots something out that hits Megatron.

    Unicron: " You are rewarded for your trechery."

    Nova: " Megatron!"

    Megatron: " Open the Matrix!"

    Nova looks at Megatron then at Unicron. Cindy, Ratchet, and Ironhide are watching.

    Cindy: " Please let this work."

    Nova: " I light our darkest hour! 'Til the day all are one!"

    Nova opens the Matrix. A surge of light engulfs everything. The light stops. Unicron is gone. The light dissentegrated him. Nova looks at a black orb in front of him it is the saprk on Unicron. Nova reaches out and crushes it. The remaining dust is sucked into the Matrix. Nova looks at it for a moment and turns to Megatron. He helps Megatron out of a black sticky substance.

    Megatron: " Thanks, kid. Optimus would be proud of you."

    Nova: " Dad!'

    Nova and Megatron rush over to the now destroyed Nemesis. Shockwave is lying on the ground his spark gone. Nova looks around and sees Galvatron.

    Nova: " He gave his life up for Optimus."

    Megatron: " Oh, Galvatron. You were my best. I will not forget you."

    Nova looks at Megatron and then to Cindy.

    Cindy: " You did it!"

    Nova: " Yeah."

    Optimus steps out from the shadows and embraces his son.

    Nova: " I thought I lost you, like mom."

    Optimus: " Nova, I'm so proud."

    Nova: " Thank you"

    Optimus looks at his son then to Megatron.

    Optimus: " Thank you."

    Meagtron: " For what?"

    Optimus: " For coming back."

    Megatron: " I had to..."

    Optimus: " Not to the Nemesis. To the cause. The war is over and you are no longer a Decepticon."

    Megatron: " I'm sorry. For everything I have done to earth, Cybertron, your troops, and you."

    Ironhide: " The war is finally over we can be in peace now."

    Optimus: " Unicron is defeated and earth is safe."

    Cindy: " Let's go home."

    Omega followed Ironhide and waited for them.

    Omega: " Sir? What happens now?"

    Optimus: " We go back to earth. We are there to stay."
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    Chapter 13
    They arrive at New York where Megatron and Galvatron lead them and the Autobots just go crazy. The Twins are harassing Leo. Blurr and Prowl are racing in circles out of excitment. The Dinobots are bugging Wheeljack about puppies. Lennox is trying to get Simmons from Swoop. Sam is looking around for Cindy and Optimus. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are trying to find Ironhide. And Drake and Derek are looking for Cindy. A news crew shows up and starts to ask a bunch of questions. Cindy finds Lennox and runs up to him. She jumps to hug him.

    Cindy: " Thank you for letting me be apart of N.E.S.T."

    Lennox: " Your welcome."

    Cindy spots Sam and just tackles him. She lets him up.

    Cindy: " Hi."

    Sam: " I thought I lost both of you. I can't believe it."

    Cindy: " Niether can I."

    Sam: " So are you going back to Billings."

    Cindy: " I don't know. I might stick around so that you guys don't get into anymore trouble."

    Sam: " Trouble? Who said there was trouble?"

    Cindy: " I'm definitley staying."

    Sam: " Really? Then maybe you want to be my friend?"

    Cindy: " Sam Witwicky. Are you saying you want me to be your girlfriend?"

    Sam kneels down.

    Sam: " I want you to be more than my friend or girlfriend. I know I'll have to wait but...

    Cindy: " You have to wait two years but yes."

    Sam: " Yes!"

    The Autobots head back to base. Later that night. Optimus is standing on the bay when Cindy, Sam, and Nova join him.

    Cindy: " So Optimus? If Nova were to just, I don't know, push you into the bay what would you do?"

    Optimus: " Why?"

    Nova pushes Optimus into the water. Optimus gets back up and looks at his son.

    Cindy: " O my God. Nova run!"

    Optimus tackles Nova and both mechs nearly crush the two humans.

    Sam: " Hey watch where you're going."

    Nova: " Sorry, Sam."

    They look up to the sky.

    Optimus(closing naration): " With Unicron gone and peace restored to the Universe, I can't help but wonder. What will happen in our futures on this planet. The humans have sacrifced their lives to help us. Many have sacrificed themselves to end the war. But we still need each other. I have seen courage in the youngest Autobots and humans. Our freedom has been granted. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to anyone willing to listen. We are home and we are not leaving."

    *Linkin Park song*

    *End credits*
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    I like what I've read, but I think it would benefit from more descriptions. Right away you begin with dialogue and its a bit unclear what is actually happening. I like the characterization of Megatron, as well as the four TF1 Autobots. Good job overall.
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    Thank you?

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