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    It is a world transformed, where things are not what they seem.
    It is a world of heroic Autobots, and evil Decepticons.
    Through great tragedy, comes even greater inspiration.
    Dedicated to my son, Sean Nall.


    It is before what we thought was the beginning of time, long before the big bang. There was but one world in all the darkness of the universe, Cybertron. No rock or soil or sand contributed to its bizarre geography. Its content was entirely - - mechanical. Cybertron existed as a vast, self-contained, Dyson Sphere system. Its people lived on an inner surface of incomprehensible proportions. The planet shell was one hundred thousand miles thick. Deep inside this shell, was a void 8 hundred thousand miles across. A star sparkled at its center. Six moons revolved between the small star and the surface, beautiful as pearls. It was a world whose origins were lost in the dead past. Yet life had evolved here. It had grown and adapted and thrived in its environment remarkably well. Cities rose across a broad machine paradise, cities that were the products of Cybertron's dominant life forms... the Autobots.

    BIOLOGY 1.01

    Each Autobot went about their pursuits in peace and prosperity. Writers, teachers, musicians, scientists, athletes and the like were the foundation of their culture. Though it was one world, thousands of diverse and beautiful nations had adopted their own lifestyles and beliefs. To behold her was to lose yourself, and your heart. Your mind simply could not comprehend the impossible beauty that was Cybertron. There was a scientist who lived in a remote laboratory on the outer surface. The most brilliant in all of time, and her name... was Biology. Being that Cybertron is one hundred thousand miles deep, and that there is no direct path to the inner surface; meeting the general population sometimes never happens, even for an Autobot. She seldom traveled inside Cybertron, but every Autobot to come after her would never forget her name.

    It was a happy day, a day to be on the brink of new discoveries. Biology was on the verge of creating new matter.

    "I did it! I created an organic single cell organism!"

    The explosion from the energy released in that lab would never again be equaled. Cybertron survived, but was sent warping through space with reckless abandon. Shock wave after shock wave shut down system upon system. Only Vector Sigma, the environmental command care system, remained active. The Autobots were not so fortunate. Every inhabitant was sent into stasis lock, and remained in a coma like state. Cybertron had become a virtual necropolis.

    For billions of years Cybertron continued it's mad dash through the cosmos. Slowly, it was bringing itself back on line. Elsewhere in the universe, life was stirring, different life... organic life. During the last stages of Cybertron's rebooting sequence, Vector Sigma had taken note of these unimaginable new events. It took in transmissions and other data from every planet within reach of its sensors. Over time, it learned a concept unlike any other - - war. Practically every race now in existence lived with war, and Vector Sigma became aware. It was aware that it would still take thousands of years to revive every Autobot on Cybertron, but that was not the real problem. Autobots did not know of war, nor could it be streamed to them while still in stasis lock. Vector Sigma feared for them all. Even though compared to Cybertron, every other world was but a grain of sand. It had never needed any defensive measures. Vector Sigma did what it felt it had to do.


    Compatible spark codes were taken from Autobots all around the planet, and modified by Vector Sigma. A second entire population was forged within years. It encoded the ways of war into this new generation. Each one was also given the amazing ability to become its own flying weapon. An enemy would think them unarmed until it was to late. It designated these new Cybertronians as a different species than the Autobots because of the modifications to the spark codes. It called them Decepticons, because they could deceive you in battle. The Decepticons took to their new lives with great honor. They protected Cybertron and the sleeping Autobots for thousands of years. Many encounters with other worlds did ensue. When things did not go peacefully, the Decepticons were never defeated in combat. After awakening from their slumber, the Autobots and Decepticons coexisted in peace for millennia, both races admirable of the other. Vector Sigma was very proud of its endeavors, and taught all Cybertronians about the great scientist Biology. Her tragic loss would always be a lesson of utmost safety. It would also be the most joyous of secrets kept by all, because now Cybertron was not alone. The new wonders of the universe could forever be studied and explored. Vector Sigma now wanted to turn its attention toward slowing down and stopping the journey of Cybertron, and with the wise aid of the Convoy Council, all agreed to the creation of a Decepticon Commander. Headed by the eldest of Autobots, Alpha Trion, the council rules Cybertron; Vector Sigma physically keeps the planet running in harmony. Vector Sigma could free up enormous amounts of data storage if it did not have to run the day-to-day operations of the military. Along with two Decepticon spark codes, Vector Sigma gave part of itself to create this new life, in the form of - - the Matrix Of War. Along with Vector Sigma's accumulated data on tactics of war, it would allow the Decepticon Commander to chose the best cross mode needed at the time. The most intelligent and powerful Cybertronian ever arose... Megatron. With the power of Vector Sigma within, Megatron was able to reconfigure into the very first projectile weapon. This new mode could emit energy that would destroy objects at a great distance. Never before had a non hand-to-hand combat weapon existed in all the universe. All were in awe of her. SHE stood alone.


    Megatron was the perfect commander, and worked very closely with the council. Her record was spotless, her heroism unmatched. All of Cybertron adored her. She even fell in love with one of the Autobot council members, Orion Pacs. Orion was head of Iacon Tactical Rescue, and had saved the lives of countless Decepticons. Megatron was awestruck by him because he was in no way combat oriented, but as ruff and tough as any of her soldiers. They became the best of friends and partners. Their teamwork and love became a beacon to all.

    It is said that every paradise has its serpent, and unbeknownst to all, Cybertron would come to fear the name Megatron. During an off planet mission, Megatron contracted a virus that no one would discover. It caused her to grow tired with protecting the Autobots and their non-military lifestyles. It led her to hate them and become very manipulative. She spread the virus throughout the entire Decepticon population. War was soon being planned on a global scale. Decepticons gathered in clandestine meetings to learn of their part in the coming struggle. Megatron secretly changed her designation to that of Decepticon Overlord.

    Megatron declared war during a council meeting to the utter horror of everyone in attendance. Orion, devastated, stood up in front of his beloved to try and understand her, to reason with her. Her cannon ripped both Orion and Iacon City Hall literally in half. Vector Sigma realized it had not taken into account one of wars greatest lessons - - betrayal.

    The Decepticons had planed the pattern of the war all to well. Each attack on an Autobot City State was carried out in a manner that only finely tuned machinery is capable. Autobot casualties swept over Cybertron like an endless sea. In the forefront of the most devastating attacks stood the malevolent Megatron. Her deadly fusion cannon laid waste to entire Autobot strongholds.


    Vector Sigma was dealing with the final computations of ending Cybertron's tiring journey through the cosmos, and could not be interrupted. It simply did not have the time to download all the information necessary for the Autobots to combat the Decepticons. The council immediately decided to counter Megatron with an Autobot Commander. The almost lifeless Orion Pacs was unanimously chosen for the task at hand. Alpha Trion was the closest compatible spark code, but the spark code of Orion could not be downloaded. Vector Sigma decided to re-format his body. Along with coding from Alpha Trion, and part of Vector Sigma, a mighty Autobot Commander did indeed arise. Optimus Prime was able to alter his configuration into a mining vehicle, and generate endless concussion streams virtually undetected from underneath the ground, into anything that lay in his path. Prime also possessed a matrix from Vector Sigma... a Matrix Of Leadership. It contained all Cybertronian history, but only references to war; there was no hands on tactical data after it was downloaded into Megatron.

    Optimus gathered the remaining Autobots and gave them the amazing ability to change into great unearthly vehicles, vehicles with great offensive potential. Only he, wise and powerful, was able to reunite the scattered Autobots into a fully, effective, fighting force, until they again functioned as sanctuaries. Though destroyed by the trillions in the initial assaults, the Autobots stood firm and fought back. Over time, as the powers at play grew, both sides became known as - - THE TRANSFORMERS.

    The day came when Cybertron was threatened from without as well as within. The Convoy Council ordered an emergency meeting. Their course was taking them directly into the path of a newly formed planet. Although it posed little threat to Cybertron, an entire world could not be sacrificed. Along with Iacon Tactical Rescue, Optimus devised a plan. An unimaginable craft would be constructed to alter the orbit of the third planet in this star system. It was dubbed... the Ark. Autobot crewmembers on this craft would plug in and actually become the operating systems. This would optimize the crafts abilities and power. The Ark would need to be 200 miles long, and 100 miles across for the necessary power requirements. Aside from its operating systems, a tractor beam would require all available power; there would be no room for weapons systems. Optimus only took volunteers without loved ones, as he knew this would be a one-way mission. A craft as large as the Ark could not be hidden from Megatron for long.


    Unknown even to City Hall sensors, Ravage was mere feet from Optimus. Her abilities to soak up almost any wavelength, change her body temperature to avoid thermal scans, and bend light to blend in with her surroundings; make Ravage the perfect spy, almost undetectable. She reported her findings immediately. The Decepticons constructed the most powerful battleship ever to pursue the Autobots... the Nemesis. Megatron planned to attack and board the Ark after its completed task. Upon the death of their commander, Megatron thought the remaining Autobots would be devastated, unfocused. She would return to Cybertron and convert the very planet itself into the single most devastating weapon the universe had ever known... project UNICRON!

    While in orbit around this lifeless world, the Autobots displayed a celestial power seldom seen. The Ark under great strain gently shifted the orbit of this planet so that it would match the others in this system. The Ark and her crew were beyond exhaustion, and prepared when the nightmare that was the Nemesis screamed into sensor range. In mere moments, Decepticons in their armored shapes swooped down and began ripping through the hull. Megatron quickly locked on a tractor beam and joined in the slaughter! The Autobots valiantly tried to repel the boarding party, but were cut down where they stood. Prime ordered Teletraan-1 to engage emergency protocol. Decepticons were flung everywhere as both monolithic ships burned down through the atmosphere of the tiny planet.

    Wrestling in battle, moments before impact, in a brief moment of clarity; Megatron lost herself in Prime’s eyes.

    "I still love you."

    "I never stopped loving you either."

    Those were the last words of Optimus Prime. As in the beginning, all was black again. The force of the crashes shook the very planet itself, and gouged out a tremendous piece, sending it into high orbit... where it would forever remain.

    9 - 11 - 01

    New York City, loud, busy, crowded, congested. A day like any other New York City day, or maybe not. Today is a day that is more, much more than meets the eye.

    "Your intel had better be correct Star Scream."

    "It is as always, mighty Megatron."

    "If my time is wasted in this tiny, pathetic excuse for a city, I will destroy you!"

    No one pays much attention to the aerial rescue truck that slowly comes to a stop next to the World Trade Center. Minor fire calls are common here, but an unfamiliar whir does takes over all noise in the city. People are terrified as a passenger jetliner flies directly toward one of the towers. The fire engine ladder cannon aims and fires on the plane. The blast is so powerful that it gently pushes the aircraft away and down into the water. Minutes pass, but onlookers do not know how to react. Most have no idea where the water stream even came from. More horrifying is the second jet that is approaching the other tower. This time citizens watch as the truck tracks it's target and fires, again safely putting the craft down into water not far from the other.

    News and rescue crews respond from the hundreds of calls flooding in. Crowds gather around the engine as the applauds roar. One woman comments on the pretty purple insignia covering the truck's door. Others whisper as to how a fire truck could do such a thing. Dark windows hide the drivers, and local fire departments can't place the grey truck.

    The crowd freezes in disbelief as the ladder engine transforms into a very large robot.

    "Fleshlings! I am Decepticon Overlord Megatron, of the planet Cybertron! I have stopped this attack on your city."

    Cheers and praise interrupt Megatron.

    "From now on, only I decide what is to be destroyed. I am taking over planet Earth!"

    Silence sweeps over everyone. With that said, she aims her massive hydro cannon at one of the Twin Towers. Her blast completely freezes the first five floors... nothing happens. She then turns and fires on the second tower, her water laser slicing through it like butter. The tower slowly slides down and off of itself, making the most horrendous sounds imaginable. People and vehicles begin to scatter for their lives, but to no avail.

    "This is but a small fraction of the power and the evil that is Megatron fleshlings!"

    She changes to vehicle mode and drives through the iced over tower. It shatters and falls hard, imploding in on itself. Megatron disappears amidst the debris and death she has caused.

    - Washington D.C. -

    "We're sending you the live feed we got from Hubble yesterday sir. We zoomed in after seeing news reports of the planes being taken down. Whoever these Decepticons are, they are merciless power incarnate. The fact that their leader Megatron is female, and a fire engine, only makes 9-11 that much worse. That was psychological warfare as I have never seen."

    "Sir... there's been a report of another robot sighting."

    "General, I want all U.S. military troops and equipment, permanent or deployed, Europe and even the middle east, back on American soil yesterday!"

    "Yes MR. President."


    - Repair Bay -

    "I don't like it Prime. Megatron does something so horrible, then 17 months of nothing. What is she waiting for?"

    "I don't know. I thought plastering Autobot insignias on Team Nascar for worldwide television would have drawn her out."

    "Everyone thought it was a great idea. I mean, the Decepticons do know where we will be for the entire season. They just aren't biting, something isn't right."

    "You ready to race Roller?"

    "It's what I was born for Optimus! Are you done tinkering around in me Sparkplug?"

    "Sorry, but Ratchet has taught me so much, I feel like a kid in a candy store. No showing off today okay? We need to keep a low profile."

    "Check. I just really miss hitting 1300mph on the Iacon Superway."

    "Just imagine how the rest of the Autobots feel then. Most of them never get to go a tenth as fast as you do."

    - Briefing Room -

    "All right drivers, that concludes the pre-race briefing. Good luck."

    "Hey Spike. When are you getting a REAL paint job on that car? Gray with your team logo on the hood and 001 is a bit drab isn't it?"

    "Come take a ride sometime, it'll change your life!"

    "Whatever rookie, see you in my rearview mirrors."

    "We'll see about that Jeff."

    - Trackside -

    "We are just into the 84th lap of the Daytona 500 race fans. Coming off of turn one, oh! Looks like our first pile up of the season folks. Seems to be six cars, but nothing serious."

    The #44 Hotwheels car does not make the turn! It catches the front end of a turned Jeff Gordon, and is sent spiraling up into the air right at the crowd! Right behind #44 is an Autobot that reacts... a robot in disguise!

    "Hold on Spike!"

    Roller transforms, and with Spike in one hand, he leaps! Gently catching car #44 mid-air in the other hand, both are carefully placed back down onto the racecourse. A deafening silence booms over the entire stadium. Everyone is paralyzed with fear.

    "You did great Roller, now get out of there! Our cover is severely blown! All Autobots, roll out!"

    With that said, several vehicles inconspicuously drive out of the racing complex.

    - The Pentagon -

    "What is the general consensus here Director?"

    "Sir, we're only guessing that this 'Nascar' robot is not with Megatron. We believe that Team Autobot is a blatant use of their faction name, the Autobots. It did save at least 50 lives. The race team hauler is probably another robot, same size as Megatron. We aren't getting our hopes up that they could be on our side. As far as the Witwickeys and Team Autobot are concerned, it's like they have been wiped out of existence. There is no legal trace of them MR. President."

    "We need to dig deeper everyone. You're dismissed."

    80'S REVIVAL

    - Area 51 -

    "General, how is project Robotech moving along?"

    "Wonderful sir. Taxpayers really got their monies worth out of Hubble, even if they don't know why. The thermal, x-ray, and electromagnetic scans we did on Megatron at ground zero will advance some of our technology thousands of years. Very soon we will have her solar, kinetic, and particle absorption power sources copied and fully operational. The transforming and anti-gravity capabilities will take slightly longer."

    "She can fly?"

    "Yes sir."

    "Good God."

    "What we can't match are her weapons, strength, or endurance MR. President, don't know if we ever will. On a good note though, their physiology is just too different to directly mesh with our computer systems. So if they want to hack anything, they'll have to do it just as we would."

    "Well, at least our major concern has been put to rest. I'm glad they will have to fight us to take us down. Have you found our volunteer?"

    "As you know, all F-14 Tomcats will be phased out. We are going to initiate emergency budget cuts to get them all off-line in months instead of years. Grounding these retired craft in one place will not draw attention, society is just too used to them. Test flights can go anytime, anywhere. The first Valkyries will be airborne in six months MR. President."

    "I am impressed beyond words General. Your men are going to earn so many medals they won't be able to stand straight."

    "I will let the men know that sir. Thank you."

    "And the other project?"

    "Screenings are taking place now. I still can't believe you're sanctioning a real G.I.Joe Team based on the 80's toy line. I mean, soldiers acknowledged as Duke, Lady J, Snake Eyes and Scarlet? Sir, with all do respect, are you not worried about being impeached for insanity?"


    When we go toe to toe with Megatron, the public will need fantastical heroes to get them over their initial fear. They will need unstoppable warriors to inspire them to join the fight. You know that we are specifically creating G.I.Joe to battle the Decepticons. When will the U.S.S. Flagg be commissioned?"

    "Same time as the Valkyries and Joe Team sir."

    "Will it have the Valkyries ability?

    "Yes, MR. President. You know the public is going to go nuts seeing the Joe insignia on an aircraft carrier, jets, tanks, and uniforms. You’re about to make Hasbro one of the top 5 companies on Earth."

    "What's good for the economy is good for the American War Machine General. Talk to you soon."

    "Good day sir."


    - Oregon State Line -

    "Welcome home Autobots."

    "I can't wait to get to base. I am so tired of being shoved up Prime's tailpipe… “


    "Just kidding Bumblebee."

    All Autobot sensors go off at once!

    "We have Decepticons at one mile! Mirage, get up there and tell me what we have."

    "On it Optimus!"

    A Golden Eagle soars from Bumblebee's window.

    "I have a Fire Engine, a helicopter, three Lear Jets inbound, and one overlapping signal on the Fire Truck. Be careful, we have a rider."

    "Star Scream, status."

    "2 semi-trucks, one helicopter, a Volkswagen Beetle, an armored truck, a Hummer H2, Dodge 3500, and a Golden Eagle eyeing me Lord Megatron."

    "That Eagle is mine!"

    "Stand down Laserbeak. We are not hear to fight."

    "You can't scan Roller on Prime?"

    "Negative Megatron."

    "Interesting. Star Scream, return!"

    As the Autobots reach the Decepticons…

    "Throttlebot Leader Bumblebee, transform and take charge of your troops!"

    "Autobots, paint your targets. Optimus, guard our six."


    "You have got to be kidding me Prime! Throttlebot Leader Bumblebee?"

    All the Decepticons join Megatron in laughter.

    Before anyone even notices, Bumblebee leaps high into the air, disappearing into the blinding sun. He slams down hard, driving a deep scar into Megatron's face.


    Mirage lands on Bumblebee's arm as he jumps back from Megatron.

    "Who will be the next to feel the sting of the Bumblebee!"

    The other Decepticons look on in sheer amazement. Each one wonders how the young Autobot moved so fast. Where did this new Bumblebee, this new speed, come from?

    "Oh this is just too rich. The mighty Megatron owned by Bumblebee. Spy Glass would have made this a Kodak moment."

    Megatron gets up. “Shut up Star Scream!”

    "Well Autobot, normally you would pay for such arrogance. I am seldom impressed, but we are not here too…" Megatron is cut off by Bumblebee.

    "Mirage, reach out and touch someone!"

    The Golden Eagle launches from his arm straight towards Buzzsaw, who is still in helicopter mode. The aircraft size Decepticon is unconcerned as the pest flies circles around him. As Mirage returns...

    "AHHHHH!!!" Buzzsaw transforms, crying out in horrible pain as micro tears magically appear out of nowhere on his skin.

    "Prime! This is not the time or..." As Optimus stands silent, Bumblebee again cuts off Megatron.

    "Prime's not in charge here, I am! Shut your face and retreat, or fight!"

    "Star Scream, do it!"

    "Yes mighty Megatron. Skywarp, Thundercracker, merge with me into, SEEKER!"

    The three jets suddenly twist into a towering nightmare.

    "Now what puny Autobots? You stand no chance against me! Prepare to fly the unfriendly skies!"

    "You're not the only ones who have learned new tricks. Brawn, Cliffjumper, Gears, Huffer, Windcharger, merge with me into, R.P.M.!"

    The five slightly smaller Autobots combine with Bumblebee into an equally menacing behemoth. R.P.M. looks over at Seeker, then down at Megatron. "Anything else?"

    "Very well Throttlebot Leader. We will finish this, another time, and you WILL pay for striking me. You've made a big mistake by not talking to me Prime. Things are being set in motion all around you, things that are more, much more than meets the eye. Decepticons, we take our leave. We will let the Autobots deal with the ramifications of the events they have just set in motion… all by themselves. Good luck Optimus, because you ARE going to need it!"

    The Autobots stay alert as the Decepticons fade off into the distance.

    "Bumblebee, you did well. You will make a fine Commander some day."

    "Thank you Optimus."

    "Autobots! Transform and roll out!"


    It has been years since the Autobots last encountered the Decepticons while returning to Oregon during that strange skirmish. Not a trace of them, and Optimus Prime is growing ever more vigil to put a stop to Decepticon tyranny before it rapes the Earth. Though he now understands the words Megatron spoke that day. The Autobots have secretly watched as the Terrans have honed the technology they acquired from Megatron. Optimus is amazed at their understanding of it, and hopes it will aid them in their defense. He wonders though, we they listen to him when the time comes, or use that technology on his own people? The Autobots will not have long to ponder those questions. A tragedy beyond the nightmare of any Autobot is about to send the Milky Way Galaxy into a cosmic upheaval!

    A timeless distance away in the Crab Nebula, a ship comes out of transwarp. This 1200ft Earth ocean going research ship would be undoubtedly out of place here... if it were not a robot in disguise! Omega Supreme transforms to robot mode to fully appreciate the wonders around him. His size and duty mask his love for the beauty of life. Amidst all this, he has only stopped here to get a closer view of what he hopes are inaccuracies picked up by his long-range sensors. He is paralyzed by what he sees. For the first time in his existence, the mightiest Autobot ever, Omega Supreme... is afraid.

    - Autobase, Earth -

    "Optimus, rockin' tunes comin' at ya from Omega Supreme."

    "Give me a direct feed Blaster."

    "How is deep space Omega?"

    "Location, optimal."

    "I know you like your solitude big guy."

    "Much to report, positive and negative."

    "Send it."

    "Engaged Shock Wave. Decepticons must be on same mission."

    "So they finally reveal themselves again? How is that good news?"

    "Shock Wave returns to Earth with extreme damage. Omega still reigns supreme."

    "Well done, and the bad news?"

    "Situation, catastrophic. Long range sensors have located remains of Cybertron."

    "Remains! Are you saying Cybertron is destroyed?"

    "Negative, worse."

    "How could it be worse?"

    "Transmitting audio-visual now."

    "Cybertron surface obliterated, one quarter of shell completely missing. Alpha Centari star not at center, moons gone. No trace of Autobots, only sparse Decepticon readings."

    "We have lost our home, and the Decepticons are victorious?"

    "Prime, there is more."

    "By Primus what else?"

    "Cybertron not destroyed, weapon built from it. Traced other Decepticon signals, sending now." "This is a planet that consumes other planets, same size as Earth star Sol. Remaining Decepticons here, conquering Crab Nebula."

    "A devourer of worlds, built out of our very home? Are they insane? I can't even begin to conceive that scale of damage to Cybertron, let alone how to start dealing with all of this."

    "Commander, Ark location compromised. Estimated time of engagement, 10 Earth years."

    "Omega Supreme, return to Earth at maximum velocity!"

    "Omega Supreme acknowledges."

    "Slag! There are too many questions. Blaster, get me Washington D.C., because whether we like it or not, the Terrans are in on this NOW! We'll need all the help we can get. What I want to know most of all is, who's in charge of that monster planet?"

    "Prime, I'm getting an unidentified AUTOBOT data stream being sent to Omega Supreme. Do you want to hear it?"

    "Let it through."

    "Autobot shuttle, I am New Iacon City Commander Ultra Magnus. Are you in need of assistance?"

    "Omega Supreme NOT shuttle."

    "Omega Supreme! You're alive? By the Matrix, then is Optimus Prime... ?"

    "Optimus still functions within normal parameters. City Commander, what is your location?"

    "Moon Base 1. We are mobile with the other five Moon Bases. We call our new home... The Hub. We have some friends here that are waiting to see you big guy."

    "Blaster, recall all Autobots back to base. Tell Omega to stay put, and keep the D.C. link accessible. Looks like we're going to get a few answers, and have a thousand new questions."

    Optimus dwells in his thoughts…

    "My troops are going to be devastated. Cybertron is lost. This is all too much. That's why they've been so quiet. She knows... Megatron knows. This is indeed our darkest hour."

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