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    Here are a couple of things I don't really need more than I need money. :)  I also have some trades on the bottom of the page. Also note that I list pretty much all of my prices as "shipped". If you buy more than one item, I will only charge you for one shipping cost. Assume for most of these that shipping is $4 priority each. You can also come over and pick stuff up (near Cleveland, Ohio). And yes, everything is OR BEST OFFER...



    R.I.D. JRX train combiner. I have the box and I just opened him to display him. $60 shipped within the US OBO.


    Cybertronian Optimus Prime $10 shipped
    Bulkhead (the $20 one) $15 shipped


    Barrage (1st release, regular $10 size guy) with whoever that stupid thing that came out his grill was... Frenzy? $10 shipped


    Awesome Webdiver guy. He is Gallion, W-04 I think, some weird pirate dragon guy. $20 shipped anywhere in the US. Opened and displayed but has original box and instructions and such.

    I also have a couple of those WST-size knock-off Transformers... $7 for any of them shipped within the US via 1st class mail. If you want more than one, price is even lower...

    Fortress Maximus


    I have all of the original movie sets. $30 shipped for everything. They are built and I'm not sure if I have instructions... ? You get the temple with the rolling ball, the plane, the motorcycles, the arc in the pit, and a bunch of little guys. Lots of cool stuff. Everything should be complete.

    Soul of Vinyl Capsule Figure Guys
    I can provide pictures. These are all about 3 inch tall vinyl characters from Ultraman and Godzilla. I got a set to get Godzilla and Mechagodzilla but I don't know their names. $3 each and I can provide pictures...

    H-something... ? Looks like a tree with lipstick
    That gray Ultraman robot guy with things that look like breasts coming out of his waist
    A lobster
    Some frog-looking smiling Ultraman guy
    Some red spiked-lizard with spikes for hands
    Some kind of mutant Caterpillar with a frowny face

    Marvel Legends

    Classic Ironman (original suit) Gold Chase $12 shipped
    Bullseye Angry Chase $12 shipped

    Medicom RAH 220 Ultraman Villians
    Again, here are more cool things that I just don't know the English names of. I picked them up randomly. I can get pictures $20 each shipped, less for more than one thing. All were opened and displayed but I have the boxes for them.

    Red Gecko Guy
    Dinosaur guy with a bomb
    TV Fly Mutant guy
    Praying Mantis guy
    Bat guy with wings
    Blue brain head guy


    I have no clue what this guys name is, but I have the Korean version of the gray alien who comes with like a Snapple Bottle. I got it as a gift, pretty cool but I do not really collect them.

    I will get pictures of anything you are interested in. I am just throwing this up before I get in the shower. I will add more stuff as I go through my toys. Expect some more random things, Marvel Legends, maybe some Transformers...


    G1 Stuff:

    Most any figures
    Starscream missiles (1 of each)
    Ratbat's ears (will take KO's just to have them)
    Quake's gun
    Blitzwing decals
    Slag's box insert

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