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    I just finished seeing the transformer movie. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was very pleased, on the other, a bit dissapointed.

    I shall start with listing the cool things:

    great action senarios. I love action. I love seeing them transform, firing their weapons, blowing up humans and buildings and other objects. I love it too when transformers beat each other up or blow each other up.

    Among my favorite lines where: Megatron: "give me the all spark flesh creature, and I may let you live to be my pet"

    Ratchet: "this human appears to want to mate". (speaking about sam and his girl)

    The overall appearance of the robots was very nice, I got used to it.

    What the movie lacked: The plot could have used a bit more work. I expected a more in depth history of the origin of the transformers and on their arrival on earth. (the movie very briefly provides this). I imagined Quintesson aliens creating sentient robot life, followed by a huge revolution of autobots vs decepticons. I imagined autobots in search of energon, decepticons like megatron coming up with some evil genius plan for the earth's conquest, the autobots destruction, and the slavery or destruction of mankind. What about starscream? Out of all the characters, he dissapointed me the most. No scheming treachery. In fact the only line he said in the entire movie was: "loyalty to megatron". No sarcasm, no plots of his own for world domination, or to take over as a new leader of the decepticons. In fact, the movie as a whole really did not develop the transformers personalities much. I expected bonecrusher and devastator to act kind of like a G1 brawl or bonecrusher. The movie portrayed them as cold insane war mongering machines determined to destroy everything. GOOD! But their cruelty could have used some added personality. Example: fighting among themselves, insulting each other, mocking the "earth germs", or the "autobot scrap heaps". I expected blackout to behave like G1 soundwave or shockwave. A megatron loyalist, with an extreme logical mind. I was also pretty surprised to see the direction bumblebee took. He peed on a human! (something I would have expected more from a dirty decepticon animal). He also had more class than the old bumblebee, who was a wimp, a sissy, and a bad looking volkswagon.
    If they ever make transformers part two, I hope they develop the plot more, develop the robot characters more, and that we can get to see more details on their origins. (quintessons? cybertrons past? more on the all spark's origins) If the sequel has anything involving a spacebridge, new transformers eg dinobots or constructicons, unicron, or upgrading, remember how thundercracker became scourge and skywarp cyclonus. that would be cool too. I hope megatron returns with a more detailed personality of a genius, a tyrant, and an evil soldier/general determined to destroy, conquer, and enslave. As in the classic G1, or beast wars megatron.

    Final comment: I have a feeling we have not seen the last of megatron.

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