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    This is the script that i keep referencing to. And no it's not called ground zero after the landmark but the term as in target but still this is a Work In Progress Plot Wise ( i have my roster settled or not) i'm open to your ideas.
    now that that's settled here's the list (no bios(not yet at least.)(i'd also like it if you owned a deviant art or anything like that if you could design the robot modes YOU WILL GET CREDIT FOR YOUR WORK!)
    Sam Witwicky- Shi Labouef (or however his last name is spelt.)- Human that sleighed Megatron in the first film and became the vessel for the allspark in the second film.
    Mikaela Banes- Megan Fox- Sam's love interest has Wheelie as a "pet" and Arcee as her guardian.
    Leo Spitz- Ramon Rodriguez- Sam's room mate who merged his website with Simmons', he and his website have grown in popularity
    William Lennox- Josh Duhammel- A member of the United States Army Rangers and a member of the new N.E.S.T.
    Robert Epps- Tyrese Gibson- member of the United States Army Rangers and a member of the new N.E.S.T.
    Ron Witwicky- Kevin Dunn- Sam's Dad, has become much comfortable with Bumblebee living in the Witwicky
    Judy Witwicky- Julie White- Sam's Mom.

    Optimus Prime Peterbilt truck VA: Peter Cullen- leader of the Autobots, retreived the matrix of leadership from the ruins of the pyramids with the assitance of the others and N.E.S.T.
    Ironhide GMC Topkick VA: Jess Harnell- Autobot Weapon Specialist.
    Ratchet Hummer H2 search & rescue vehicle VA: Robert Foxworth- Autobot Medic.
    Bumblebee Chevy Camaro VA: Mark Ryan- Sam Witwicky's former gurdian, has been living at the Witwicky's house.
    Arcee & sisters Ducati superbike, Suzuki B-King, Augusta M-4 VA: Grey DeLisle- Arcee has become Mikaela guardian and has become good freinds with Bumblebee. Arcee's sisters are still members of N.E.S.T.
    Sideswipe Chevy Corvette Stingray VA: Andre Sogliuzzo- Sideswipe is the Autobot Combat Specialist and is a part of N.E.S.T. .
    Skids Chevy Spark VA: Tom Kenny- Autobot assistant medical officer, has become closer to his brother. a part of N.E.S.T. .
    Mudflap Chevy Trax VA: Reno Wilson- Autobot Demolitions expert, became closer to his brother. a part of N.E.S.T. .
    Jolt Chevy Volt VA: (anny suggestions?)- Autobot warrior, who is part of N.E.S.T. .
    Wheelie RC Truck VA: Tom Kenny- "Mikaela's pet".
    Prowl Dodge Charger Police Cruiser VA: (ideas or do you aprove of Michaell Bell?)- Autobot Tactician, brought reinforcements from Neptune to Earth.
    Blaster Scion xB (not really original is it?) VA: (Suggestions or do you approve of Buster Jones?)- Autobot communications officer.
    Wheeljack Chrysler 300C VA: John Dimaggio (or suggestions?)- Autobot engineer.
    Trailbreaker Chevy Blazer VA: Frank Welker- autobot defensive tactician
    Grimlock T-Rex VA: Greg Berger- Leader of the Dinobots.
    Swoop Pterasaur - A Dinobot
    Slag Triceratops - A Dinobot

    Megatron/Galvatron Cybertronian Tank & Cybertronian Spaceship/Unicronian War Machine (a tank jet combo) VA: Hugo Weaving- Decepticon leader trying to raise an army.
    Starscream F-22 VA: Charles Adler- Decepticon second in command.
    Soundwave Cybertronian jet later Humvee VA: Frank Welker- Decepticon Communications Officer.
    Schockwave B2 Spirit VA: Corey Burto- Decepticon Military Ops. Commander, plots to betray Megatron.
    Thudercracker F-16- Seeker.
    Skywarp F-16 - Seeker.
    Ramjet F-16 - Seeker.
    Thrust F-16 Seeker.
    Dirge F-16 Seeker.
    Shrapnel Beetle VA: - Isecticon
    Kickback Grasshopper VA:? -Isecticon
    Bombshell Beetle VA:? -Insecticon
    Blitzwing Eurofighter/ Panzer III VA: - Triple Changer

    Unicron VA:? - Been floating around in space unable to transform because of a battle for Primus millenia ago.
    Cyclonus Unicronian Jet VA: - a Megatron clone who was rewarded with an upgradr for being the healthiest of the clones by Unicron.
    Scourge Unicronian VA: Attack Boat- a Megatron clone who was upgraded as a reward by Unicron for being healthy.
    The Sweeps VA(S): - Megatron turned the protoforms into Megatron clones with bis DNA to prevent anymore from dying but that didn't work. Unicron turned the dying clones into the sweeps, Cyclouns, and Scourge.

    That's the list remember i'm open to ideas!
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    You must really want a crappy movie without any connection to the characters or significant screen time cause that list is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay effin' long.
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    I know the list is far to long and i've been debating who to cut from it i'm thinking the sharkticons, Huffer, Gears, Tracks ,Alpha Trion and several others

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