Fan Art: Transformer Animated Supervillains reimagined as Decepticons

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    This is an idea that's been bubbling in my head for a while now and I thought I'd share the idea and get some feed back before actually working on the art.

    Now I was originally going to do all the Animated Supervillains as Decepticons but Meltdown's Experiments (Bomb-Burst and Submarauder) and The Headmaster (The Unit is actually a robot with a head as it's alt mode) are essentially already Transformers. So it kinda defeats the purpose of me turning them into Decepticons if they kind of already are.

    Meltdown is the leader of this little group of Decepticons being the most dangerous of all the supervillains. I'm thinking that War Within The Fallen would work perfectly as a base Meltdown as a Transformer because he's a living furnace and I can't really picture anyone else having Meltdown's abilities. The only problem is I can't think of a recolor that wouldn't just look like he was still The Fallen.

    Colossus Rhodes being Meltdown's lacky in the cartoon would be the second in command of this little group. I think Armada Rollout and Overload would work perfectly for this character. Rollout would just be named "Rhodes" sounds like "Roads" so I like it as a Transformers name. He'd be colored mostly in black and grey camo paint with a few yellow or green highlights. The "stacks" on Overload's shoulder's would be painted to match the pumps that give Colossus Rhodes his super strength in the cartoon. I like this mold for him because of the Stacks and because Overload doesn't really have a head of his own. Basically Rollout would represent the tiny Rhodes and Overload would represent the super powered Colossus Rhodes.

    Master Disaster I had two different ideas for. The first idea was to repaint Cohrada because of the cobra symbol that seems to be painted over all of his stuff. It's on the side of his truck and on his helmet. But I couldn't think of an interesting story to go with it. I just came up with a different idea though. His truck and the race cars in that episode seemed to be based on the Stunticons at modes and Master Disaster was able to basically turn Blurr into his own personal drone. So I'm thinking Motormaster as Master Disaster with a little twist on his abilities. The other 4 Stunticons are drones that Master Disaster can control and combine with. I still want to incorporate the cobra design some how so head remold, they all have Cohrada's head sculpt. Maybe not the drones though as I'm thinking his drones could be mind controlled Autobots that he modified to be able to combine with him rather than just extensions of himself. Weakness, he has trouble concentrating on multiple targets traveling in different directions so the farther apart the drones are from Master Disaster the better you're chances of defeating him.

    Nanosec, while not my favorite he did seem to be a favorite of the fan base. I was originally thinking Armada Blurr because there are some paint ap similarities, mainly the chest decal on Nanosec being similar to the Autobot insignia on Blurr's chest and they both have "exhaust pipes" on the sides of their heads. Plus I thought it should be a Blurr mold because of the speed. However this was before ROTF Sideswipe. The back pack on Nanosec's costume kinda looks like Sideswipe's back kibble, mainly because it looks like exhaust pipes on Nanosec and Sideswipe actually does have his exhaust pipes on his back. Plus they both have wheel feet. I figure combining the most "Nanosec" looking aspects of these two characters would be better than choosing one over the other. So basically Sideswipe with Blurr's head and chest detail. (The chest detail is covered in vehicle mode anyway.) And he'd be given the same black and orange paint job as Nanosec. The orange stripes might look a little different because would be adding at least one extra stripe to work as a racing stripe for the vehicle mode.

    Slo-Mo who seems to be Nanosec's girlfriend. Opposites attract? I have this idea of combining aspects of G1 Elita-One and Heinrad who both basically have the same powers as Slo-Mo anyway. However we never really get a clear shot of Elita-One's alt mode so the alternative is Cybertron Thunderblast who has already been repainted into Elita-One. Now the weird thing is that Thunderblast has molding on her chest that looks like the Matrix so I'm basically thinking of getting rid of that and replacing it with Heinrad's clock then repainting the whole thing black and gold. And this just hit me while typing this. The Cyber Planet key could also be remolded into a clock.

    Angry Archer was a hard one because there aren't allot of archers to choose from. I'm pretty sure it's just a couple different versions of Arcee and Animated Hot Rod. I don't really like the style of Animated so I decided to just take his bow and give it to Classic's Hot Rod, but wait there's more. Hot Rod's spoiler is kinda shaped like a bow anyway so I thought why not remove his actual spoiler and make the bow attach to the vehicle mode as the spoiler. Then I thought, because the spoiler ends up on his back anyway it would also look good there in robot mode as a weapon storage except I'm thinking that in robot mode the bow would only be attached on one side and hanging at an angle on his back so it looks more like how he might actually store a bow instead of like there's a spoiler on his back. His left arm would be painted gold while the rest of his robot mode and right arm would be painted green and he wouldn't have the flames on his chest. The left gold painted arm is to represent the character's mechanical arm in the cartoon. I'm thinking the story behind the discoloration would be that Angry Archer lost his own arm in battle and removed the arm of a differently colored Autobot with the same mold as his own but never bothered to paint it to match. This defiantly makes the character sound allot cooler than his original counterpart.

    Professor Princess in the cartoon seemed to treat her fake horse Powdered Sugar as if it were a real horse. I came up with a twist on that in that she is actually a malfunctioning Predacon who believes her alt mode to be alive. So Professor Princess is the robot, Powdered Sugar is her alt mode. The problem is, oddly enough, that there don't seem to be any female horse transformers. My choices are Mach Kick, Strada, Battle Unicorn, and Dropshot (Who is actually more jet than horse). I actually think Battle Unicorn would be the best mold because it's actually a Unicorn but still male though Professor Princess is actually too young to show in that area anyway so maybe it could work? Anyway... the paint job would be pink and yellow, mixing the colors of Professor Princess and Powdered Sugar. But for that Mach Kick actually seems like a better design, just slap a horn on it and call it a unicorn. I basically want the robot parts to be Pink while the horse parts are yellow.

    And I know there are other human villains outside of the cartoon but I don't know enough about them to rework their characters as Transformers so I'm just sticking with these guys. So what do you think? Thoughts, opinions. The only thing I ask is that don't post simply saying "This sucks" if that's all you have to say please don't bother responding. If you think it sucks I want to head "WHY" it sucks. Basically if you can't give me a reason why you dislike an idea then I don't care to hear your opinion. I want criticism not insults. "This sucks because..." is a criticism, "This sucks." is an insult.

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