"Transform Your Ride" poster and standee

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    These were used to promote the "Transform Your Ride" promotion at GM Dealers in the summer of 2007. These are my extras, and I really have no need for them (in fact, I never even displayed them. They've been put away since they came into my possession).

    The poster is standard poster size and spent most of its life rolled up.
    The standee is about a foot tall by 18" long (give or take, never measured it) and also spent most of its time hanging out in storage.

    No idea what they're worth, but I do know I'll have to ship them separately and I really have no clue what that will end up costing (I'd guess $5 on the standee, more for the poster because poster tubes cost more than envelopes and cardboard).

    Because I don't want to deal with too much crap, make me an offer. I'm not a charity, so don't expect these for free, but I don't want to make a boatload, either. These are my extras.

    Will trade for/towards G1 Nightbeat parts (seat, all guns) or RTS Windcharger.

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