TransForm Mission - M02 - Carnage (Havoc Combiner Team)

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    Good morning, fellow nerds. Today we'll be looking at TransForm Mission's Carnage, aka Masterpiece IDW Generation One Breakdown, chart entry #2 of the team for me. But don't get me wrong: He also his flaws.

    DSC_0153 Kopie.jpg

    The box is styled the same way as the ones in the whole set, with a nice cloth surface and chrome finish on the logo. To your doorstep Carnage comes in carmode, with his gun attached underneath, not pictured here (already assembled) parts of the mini-baf Optimus (I think. I don't remember how he was divided) which I'll be covering seperately and, of course, instructions.

    DSC_0154 Kopie.jpg
    The carmode is as beautiful as on all the others. We have some nice kinda white-perlascent-metallic material as the main parts, paired with some vibrant blue, little red accents and gunmetal grey on the air intakes and to top it all off...

    DSC_0157 Kopie.jpg
    ...yup, you're seeing right: His own small decepticon insignia on his hood. Courtesy again of Ocean Design.

    DSC_0156 Kopie.jpg
    Continuing on: Check out the rims on his beast. TransForm Mission sure went all out, even sculpting brakes into this thing and the color catches all kinds of lights. I really love the color on this. Just perfect...

    The back continues in the same vein. Awesome red detail on the tail lights let them appear as if they would really work.
    Downside is apparent on here: The rear wings keep popping off on mine and the side mirrors too. Frustrating when it comes to fiddling with him, but no real deal breaker.

    And just for giggles: Same with the frontview as with Overturn: Emerging from a portal into the real word and working lights.
    Looks damn good if you ask me.

    DSC_0160 Kopie.jpg

    I won't cover the transformation on this guy either, but let me tell you that it works way better than on Overturn. Still...rear view mirrors pop off, as do the rear wings, like I already said, but also is it also a bit difficult too to transform him back to car.
    Don't get me wrong: Everything pegs in perfect, leg transformation is pretty intuitive and all in all it really pays off, but once you collapsed the legs and try to fold them back up, they can get tangled with the arms and windows...


    Love his smirk...I really do. Great expression, beautiful sculpt and all the details add up. On the space on his chest again is an Ocean Design decal, absolutely fits the premium colors on this piece. I can do no more than to recommend these decals/stickers.

    DSC_0162 Kopie.jpg

    Articulation-wise he is pretty well covered. Elbows are on somewhat of a double hinge, although it can look wonky, but gets you around 100°. Thighs are friction, with builld in swivel, could be a balljoint though and too wide a stance isn´t possible due to the nature of his legs...

    DSC_0164 Kopie.jpg

    ...which still work, but are still more work to pull of a running pose than on the others. If you manage to do it, it pays off though...looking really natural.

    DSC_0165 Kopie.jpg

    Walking, I would say though, is his preferred form of transportation, other than driving and this works like a champ. Head is on a ballpeg, making many positions and directions possible...

    DSC_0163 Kopie.jpg Once you have the arms pegged in properly, the shoulders are super tight, but with a great range and the weapon, before you ask, pegs in too in normal masterpiece manner in the hands...

    ...and under the hood, with the underside looking very clean afterwards,...

    DSC_0166 Kopie.jpg
    ...same as the back. The IDW inspired look of the collapsed hood really works for all of them and the details of the car, still apparent on the back, with the collapsed roof also helps the stability of the figure.

    DSC_0167 Kopie.jpg
    The instructions call for the combined mode coming AFTER the robot mode and with Carnage it helps transforming him back to carmode, as the instructions aren´t intuitive enough to follow it back from the mind, as TFM tends to leave out steps, but it works the best on Carnage, Revolt, Powertrain and also Disorder, with only Overturn being the one remember the least.

    DSC_0168 Kopie.jpg
    And as you see in this final picture: Most of Carnage' alternate mode stays intact for combined mode.

    Hope you enjoyed, See you all tomorrow for REVOLT aka Dragstrip.
    Take care.
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