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    Good morning, people (8AM in germany). Hope everybody had an enjoyable monday? So now, finally, I give you the grand finale of the main tour that is TransForm Mission's Havoc AKA IDW Comics G1 reimagined Masterpiece Menasor.

    DSC_0086-b Kopie.jpg
    He is a beast, once you combined him. Not without his flaws, which we will be covering later, but sure a sight to behold still.

    DSC_0088 Kopie.jpg
    Posing on this guys is pretty hard. Once you transformed him you will instantly recognize that the ratchets he has are SUPER tight. Overturn's side works well for me, Revolt's not so much. The small handle for the gun, inside the appendage keeps getting jammed inside. Bummer. Hands work perfect though and getting this pose here was also no problem for the legs.

    DSC_0089 Kopie.jpg
    DSC_0087 Kopie.jpg
    The head seems to be on a ballpeg and makes an extreme up and down motion possible. Also: The missile pods don't get in the way, especially if you want to turn on the switch for the eyes.

    DSC_0090 Kopie.jpg
    Additionally Motormaster comes with a second face for Menasor, that gives him a raging and screaming appearance. Either way, both work awesome and feature a beautiful sculpt.

    DSC_0091 Kopie.jpg
    Walking pose is no problem for him, you just have to watch those thigh locks. They stay locked most of the time, but once you fiddle with the thighs too much they unpeg. Bright side for the legs: The knees. Very strong ratchets and the feet aren't the big problem for me. Turn them where they need to go, done.
    If you wonder: Disorder´s front wheels DO come out. The pegs to hold them in his bot mode´s shoulders won´t stay very good. Bummer.

    DSC_0093 Kopie.jpg

    Combiner ratchets in Revolt as in Overturn are very strong and they have no problems to hold their weapons up.
    I don't like Combiner with guns, as they are normally shown to use their brute force. But as you see here: His blaster is held well with an almost completely outward posed arm...

    DSC_0095 Kopie.jpg
    ...and the sword too poses no problem whatsoever with the help of the masterpiece handpeg, although maxed out. Both weapons can then be posed very naturally with the awesome hands that are hidden inside Motormaster trailer compartments. Each finger is mounted on a ballpeg and is individually articulated, allowing natural all around poses.

    DSC_0094 Kopie.jpg

    DSC_0096 Kopie.jpg
    Detail shot of the chest, showing the great detail put on the chassis piece from Powertrain. I think it didn´t get enough credit. The red pops and the silver and gold really shines. I know a few people put an insignia on it, but I won´t. Little ones on the cars totally suffice for that, especially since they´re just a clusterf*** when put together by Swindle in the story.

    DSC_0097 Kopie.jpg
    A little better look on the hands. I believe it was this pose where I saw the gun handle jamming the elbow joint. Unclip, unpeg, open, check for free passage, assemble, clip. Still there a little and it returned on the second combination. It seems to be a recurring thing.
    Take this as a friendly reminder. Watch out...

    DSC_0092 Kopie.jpg
    Arm connections for Overturn are very sturdy. That's not where the problem lies. The problem lies on Revolt's 2 'plugs' that are coming together to pinch in the appendage for the lower arm and pretty much one wrong move brings it apart. TransForm Mission had a solution brought with Overturn: A clamp. Fitted around the connection, it fits perfect, closes the connection and in Powertrain's alternate mode it pegs on the wheel section of the trailer.

    DSC_0101 Kopie.jpg
    Back of Havoc is very clean and there is nothing to complain. Powertrain's backside trailer piece folds around his front and pinches in Revolt and Overturn, making it very stable. Besides that a peg folds out from said trailer shell, to attach the sword. Pegs for the blaster are also present and if you arrange them right they fit, although then, you need that front lean, which I honestly don't mind that much.
    I won't talk about it big time. That elephant has been adressed enough.

    DSC_0099 Kopie.jpg
    Of course, what is a good review, without a fitting comparison:
    Menasor and Devastator...side by side.
    And I is a good scale. Yes, the cars are somewhat bigger, but ignoring that fact and that construction vehicles are bigger than cars and/or trucks, I think it works well and makes sense that Devastator is bigger than Menasor.
    And don't they look amazing together?

    DSC_0100 Kopie.jpg
    The eyes have such an intense glow, but here you see the straight up difference in plastic quality. Devastator´s new head is by DNA Design and while I love the headsculpt on it too, the plastic is thinner, almost letting the powerful LED shine through the whole face. TransForm Mission on the other hand took way more sturdy and thick plastics overall and the LED, as you can see, only shines through the eye sockets.

    DSC_0102 Kopie.jpg
    Finale: Against Generation Toy´s OP.EX. Heightwise I think it´s a great fit, but tryng to emulate the pose from the comics splash page only works to a certain degree. Powertrain´s roof comes in the way of the waist flaps and the missing tilt on Havoc's feet doesn´t allow more.
    Nevertheless do I think that it is a powerful picture and set up.

    DSC_0098 Kopie.jpg

    Recommendation? Only if you are realistic enough to understand that this is an inanimate object and supposed to have any balance on it´s own, whatsoever. That doesn´t mean that I´m excusing the front lean. TransForm Mission/Generation Toy should´ve defeinitely done some about it, which they tried, but it didn´t work out. I won´t be covering that lengthy. Lookwise and OTHERWISE articulation-wise I absolutely DO recommend him and if you want a more complete IDW shelf...he should be your choice.

    Peace out and thx for watchin'.
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    Nice review, and great pics.

    Another thing to note would be the ability to move the missile pods for greater range of motion in the shoulders.
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