Transfans.NET interviews UK Comic Artist Stewart 'Staz' Johnson

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    Jul 17, 2007
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    Just a little update from over at, we've just published a very nice interview with Marvel UK Transformers artist Stewart 'Staz' Johnson (who later went on to illustrate more work for both Marvel and DC).

    "Stewart "Staz" Johnson was a late addition to the legendary Transformers UK art team. Joining not longer after the controversial switch to black and white strips, his debut was in issue 236's Matrix Quest prequel 'Deathbringer Part 2'. Staz went on to be one of the comic's most prolific interior artists, his work extending to a string of memorable covers that did much to forge the visual identity of Transformers UK in its latter years. Afterwards he had much success with The Big Two, drawing some of the most recognised comic characters in the world, but he's still found time to reminisce with us about his days with the robots in disguise..."

    The full interview is up at if you want to take a peek :) 

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