Trans-Fandom (A documentary)

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    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Transformers Fandom I bring to you Trans-Fandom

    Is a documentary on all of you, the Transformer fans. I made this for my 2ND Major Project for my foundation diploma in Art specializing in Lens Based Media. It was a difficult 3 month project but with the help of friends and a lot of Red Bull we were able to complete it.

    First off I would like to thank my mates Steve, Ben, Azz, Matt, John and Jerome who all helped me through the project, they were my crew through it all, so guys thanks a lot.

    Next I would like to thank the Transformer Fans who took part in the documentary, Matrix Prime, Demonslayer, Nemeno, Aaron and Tick, Thank you for letting me ask the questions.

    The documentary its self has three versions, a 5 minute version, a 12 minute version and a 22 minute version. Each one was created for either an instillation piece for the Interim gallery show and the final show. From people's feedback they enjoyed watching every bit and I hope you do to.

    All parts of the documentary are available on youtube. But if you would like a copy we can sort something out over a Pm message.

    Thank you and enjoy

    Part 1 Introduction and Public Response

    Part 2 Aaron and Tick Interviews

    Part 3 Demonslayer and Nemeno Interviews

    Part 4 Matrix Prime Interview and Credits
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    Pretty cool. Though, the intro with all the G1 series runs a bit long, and the music you've got playing over some of the interviews is a little overpowering.

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