Tramsformers: Battles For Earth

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    This takes place on earth but is not based on the story just a little battle more are coming

    Optimus: Tho we have destroyed the decepticon leader Megatron, his minions remain. The Auto Bots and a classified strike team called Nest will hunt down them and cleanse the decepticons off Earth for good.

    Major Lennox: "We are dark on the tango, mission is a go quite quite move in slowly".

    *The grown starts to shake, a large snake like robot start to form from trucks and cars*

    Decepticon:*Transforming* "RAWR!" *He smashes the ground and shoots his fusion cannon*

    Major Lennox: O shit OPEN FIRE everyone fire!

    *Troops begin to fire and the creature begins to grab a truck and throws it at a helicopter*

    Major Lennox: Jesus! we need air support at sector 4 location 429 5 point 2 clicks west BRING THE RAIN!

    General Toms: Ok bombers location 3994 sector 4 5 point 2 clicks west!

    Eagle 1: Rogers bombing run inbound.

    *3 Bombers come from the sky one is shot down and crashes into a army F 66 tank, and the others manage to shoot some rockets to him but are shot down by missiles*

    Major Lennox: Fuckin- Bring in Optimus!

    *Optimus comes out of no were and transforms in the sky and starts firing his weapons, and lands on the creature and begins stabbing him in the face*

    Decepticon: "Ahhh!!!"

    *The decepticon falls to the ground Optimus takes his energy swords and slices his face in half*

    Optimus: "Good riddance"

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