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    For a while I've wanted to make my own Transformers series, I haven't thought of a name for the series yet, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them, so anyhow, heres the first part of the first episode

    The Quest for the AllSpark: Part One

    {Episode begins with a driver’s eye view of a car driving down a road through some mountains, cut to a moving side sot of the road, the camera pans backwards to reveal the car to be an 1970 Plymouth Superbird painted red with hot rod flames on it’s hood and doors and has been customized with a large golden spoiler and some chrome tailpipes on the sides and an exposed engine block}

    Plymouth Superbird: So I was standing around minding my own business when I feel a hook on my rear

    {Cut to a Black 2010 Dodge Ram driving on another road}

    Dodge Ram: Sounds like you got towed

    {Cut back to the Superbird}

    Plymouth Superbird: Yeah, stupid isn’t it? Can’t a guy rest with out being disturbed?

    {Cut to the Dodge Ram}

    Dodge Ram: Unless you parked in a tow away zone, no

    {Cut to the Superbird}

    Plymouth Superbird: Anyhow, the truck towed me to an impound lot, and locked me up

    {Cut to the inside of the Superbird, there’s no one driving it, and it’s turning it’s steering wheel and moving it’s gears on it’s own}

    Plymouth Superbird: But when they had their backs turned, I did my special trick and got away with out being noticed

    {Cut to the Dodge Ram}

    Dodge Ram: Good thing you didn’t reveal yourself in front of the humans Hot Rod, the US Government is all ready aware about us on Earth, and we’re supposed to be detecting energy signals, and keep your speakers peeled

    {Cut back to the Superbird (Hot Rod)}

    Dodge Ram (Off screen on radio): The Decepticons could be near by

    Hot Rod: Relax Ironhide, we’ve been on this planet for three Earth months and we haven’t seen or heard of the ‘Cons, I don’t think they bothered to check this rock

    {Cut to another driver’s eye view of a moving car, the shadow of the vehicle appears on the road, camera pans out to reveal the mystery vehicle to be a 2010 International LoneStar painted black and purple, the LoneStar drives down the road and soon approaches the part of the road that Hot Rod is driving down, it drives slowly up t his rear, cut to a shot of Hot Rod’s drivers side wing mirror, he rotates around until the reflection of the truck appears on it}

    Hot Rod: Strange, that trucks driving rather close to my fenders

    {Just then the truck rams Hot Rod in the rear and causes him to spin out of control, but he manages to regain himself}

    Hot Rod: What the scrap! That’s no road rage, that driver’s trying to knock me off!

    {The truck rams Hot Rod several times as he drives down the road, so he speeds up, cut to the inside of the trucks cab, but instead of a driver at the wheel, there’s no one driving it}

    Truck: Oh no you don’t, Autobot!

    {The truck changes its gears, cut to the road, the truck is now driving faster and drives up along side Hot Rod and starts ramming him, camera cuts to the side of the trucks door, it has a purple logo on it and Hot Rod notices it}

    Hot Rod: Oh snap! (Turns of radio) Uh Ironhide, you know how I said….

    {Cut to the Dodge Ram (Ironhide)}

    Hot Rod (Off screen on radio): …..That the Decepticons didn’t bother with this planet, well the big rig that is trying to knock me off the road has turned out to be our old pal Motormaster

    Ironhide: Decepticons! Hang on there kiddo! I’ll bring back up!

    {Cut back to Hot Rod being chased by the International Lonestar (Motormaster)}

    Hot Rod: I think I can manage one ‘Con, Ironhide

    Motormaster: (Drives up alongside Hot Rod) Wanna bet? (Rams him)

    {Cut back to Ironhide}

    Ironhide: (Turns on radio) Optimus Prime, come in, come in Optimus Prime

    {Cut to another road, a red and blue Peterbilt 389 with a trailer is driving down it, it has the Autobot insignia on its grill like Ironhide and Hot Rod}

    Peterbilt: Loud and clear Ironhide!

    Ironhide (Off screen on radio): Optimus, the Decepticons have landed on this planet, and one of them is after Hot Rod, he said he could handle him…..

    {Cut to the inside of the Peterbilt (Optimus Prime), like Ironhide and Hot Rod, he is driving himself}

    Ironhide (Off screen on radio): …..But they never travel to new planets alone, so I bet my own Spark that there’s more on the way, we should help

    Optimus Prime: Understood, I’ll send all Autobots in the area for assistance

    {Cut back to Motormaster chasing Hot Rod, Motormaster opens the side of his cab and extracts a gun and starts firing lasers at Hot Rod, but he keeps missing him}

    Hot Rod: Ha! Lousy shot Motormouth!

    Motormaster: (Growls) I’LL CRUSH YOU AUTOBOT!!!!!!

    Hot Rod: Seeing how we’re the only ones on the road, it’s time to Transform!!!!

    {Hot Rod speeds up and then parts of him start shifting about until he has transformed into a giant robot, he then jumps up into the air and lands on top of Motormaster, who then starts skidding about to try and shake him off}

    Motormaster: GET OFF OF ME!!!!!

    {Motormaster then drives off the road and past a sign saying “Greater Colorado Quarries: OUT OF BUISNESS”, Cut to Motormaster driving into the quarry, he then stops and transforms into a robot like Hot Rod and then picks him off of his back and throws him onto the ground, he then takes out a sword that glows purple, he is about to impale Hot Rod with it but he jumps out of the way, he takes out appears to be a double crossbow and fires lasers at Motormaster and shoots his sword out of his hands, his hands transform into guns and he starts shooting at Hot Rod, who manages to manoeuvre his way out to avoid getting hit, he jumps up onto a rock ledge and transforms into Plymouth Superbird mode and drives across the rock and then jumps of at the end, transforms and jumps onto Motormaster and covers his optics with his hands}

    Hot Rod: You can’t fight me if you can’t see me!

    {Motormaster aims his guns at his head in hopes to shoot Hot Rod off, but he jumps off of him just as he fires his lasers, his head starts smoking and he covers his face}

    Motormaster: AHHHHHH! MY FACE!!!!!!!!

    {Motormaster walks backwards up against a rock ledge and bumps into it, Hot Rod then takes out his laser crossbow and shoots the top of the rock ledge and rocks start falling on top of Motormaster, who then looks up at them}

    Motormaster: Oh scrap

    {The rocks land on Motormaster and cover him up completely, Hot Rod then walks up to the rock pile}

    Hot Rod: Hot Rod-1 Motormaster-0!

    {Hot Rod detracts his gun and walks away from the rock pile, suddenly the pile starts moving and Motormaster jumps out of it and Hot Rod turns around to see him only to get punched by him, Motormaster (With his left optic and part of his head blown off) walks up to Hot Rod and places his leg on him, he struggles to get him off of him, Motormaster than takes out his sword and aims it at Hot Rod}

    Motormaster: Any last words?

    {Hot Rod looks up at a rock ledge behind Motormaster, a yellow MINI Cooper with black racing stripes is driving at top speed on top of it, Hot Rod smirks when he see’s the MINI}

    Hot Rod: Yes, Meet my brother Bumblebee!

    Motormaster: What?

    {Motormaster turns around to see the MINI Cooper driving down the rock ledge, it jumps of the ledge and transforms into a robot (Bumblebee) and jumps on Motormaster and knocks him off Hot Rod, the two transformers get up and take out their guns and aim them at each other}

    Bumblebee: (Turns on car radio) YOU’RE GOING DOWN!..... (Changes channel) …..Motormaster!

    Motormaster: So, you found a replacement for your busted voice box

    Bumblebee: (Turns on car radio) Eeyup!!!!

    Motormaster: And it makes you sound like a glitchhead!

    Bumblebee: (Turns on car radio) Don’t make me angry….. (Changes channel) ….Motormaster…. (Changes channel) ……You won’t like me when I’m angry!

    Motormaster: I don’t like you when you’re not angry

    {Motormaster then tries to blast Bumblebee, but he jumps up into the air to avoid the lasers and then starts firing at Motormaster, and he shoots off one of his guns, and then kicks him in the chest and knocks him over, he gets up and tries to blast Bumblebee again, when he retracts his arm and some sort of gun appears in it’s place and he fires a charge of electricity at Motormaster’s face and he covers his eyes with his hand}

    Motormaster: AAAARRRRGGHHH!!!!! IT STINGS!!!!!!! WHY PRIMUS WHY?????!!!!!!!

    {Motormaster backs up against the rock ledge and Bumblebee extracts two missile launchers from his back and he fires missiles at the ledge and they explode and cause rocks to fall on Motormaster}

    Motormaster: (Looks up and sees the rocks) Not again!

    {The rocks fall on Motormaster and bury him completely, after the rocks stop falling Hot Rod gets up and looks at Bumblebee, who retracts his stingers and launchers and walks up to Hot Rod}

    Hot Rod: Not bad Bumblebee, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him for a while

    {All of a sudden a laser blast comes out of nowhere and destroys part of the rock ledge, the two Autobots turn around to see two transformers standing behind them, one of them is a brownish yellow colour with purple eyes while the other one is dark blue, both of them bear the Decepticon insignia}

    Yellow Decepticon: You two are gonna pay for beating up my friend

    Hot Rod: Huh, I’d like to see you try Swindle, we can beat both of you

    Swindle (Yellow Decepticon): Oh, we bought more, Vehicons! ASSAMBLE!!!!!

    {Suddenly hundreds of Decepticons that all share the same design come out of nowhere and aim their guns at Hot Rod and Bumblebee}

    Bumblebee: (Turns on car radio) OH ****!!!!!!!

    Hot Rod: Okay, two we can take on easily, but about a hundred, No

    Swindle: Vehicons, ATTACK!!!!!

    {The Vehicons start shooting at the two Autobots who then try to dodge the hits, they try to take them out but they only destroy a couple of them}

    Bumblebee: (Turns on car radio) LETS GET THE **** OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!

    Hot Rod: Good idea

    {Hot Rod and Bumblebee start running toward the exit of the quarry and then transform into their Plymouth Superbird and MINI Cooper modes and drive onto the road, cut to Swindle with the blue Decepticon}

    Swindle: (Turns to the Vehicons) Don’t just stand there, get them!

    {The Vehicons transform into their vehicle modes, some transform into Cadillac ATS’, some transform into Eurofighter Typhoons while others transform into Eurocopter Tigers, and they drive and fly after the two Autobots, after they leave three F-35 Lightning II fighter jets fly over the quarry and then hover down above Swindle and the blue Decepticon and then transform into robots bearing the Decepticon insignia and land next to the two transformers}

    Swindle: Commander Starscream, we weren’t expecting you to actually set foot on Earth

    Starscream (F-35 Decepticon): I came to see if you haven’t messed anything up, so what’s happened then?

    Swindle: Well the Autobots known as Bumblebee and Hot Rod gave Motormaster a burial but we can still detect his energy signature

    Starscream: I trust that the Autobots where offlined?

    Swindle: Uh no, they got away

    Starscream: You idiot! We can’t have even one single Autobot on this planet alive! They are threats to our plans

    Swindle: We sent the Vehicons after them, but those two can go faster than them, so they might loose track of them

    Starscream: Knowing the Autobots, they would hide in a populated area, Soundwave, what the nearest populated area?

    {Soundwave (The blue Decepticon), extracts some sort of satellite from his back and it lights up and spins around for a few seconds, and a 3D rendering of the mountain range appears on his visor}

    Soundwave: The nearest populated area is the colony known as Clayton Falls

    Starscream: And that’s where the Autobots will hide (Looks at Swindle and Soundwave) Why are you just standing there, join the Vehicons in their chase, NOW!!!!

    Swindle: (Salutes) YES SIR!!!!

    {Swindle and Soundwave jump off the rock ledge and transform, Swindle into an International Armoured Car and Soundwave into a GMC Yukon Police SUV and drive off, cut back to Starscream and the other two F-35 Decepticons}

    Starscream: Thundercracker, Skywarp, dig out Motormaster and take him back to the ship for repairs

    {Thundercracker and Skywarp (The two F-35 Decepticons) transform and fly down to the pile Motormaster is buried under, transform back into robot mode, and start taking the rocks off of him, cut back to Starscream on the rock ledge}

    Starscream: Once we wipe every single Autobot of off this planet, and when Megatron arrives, out plan will be put into action, and the AllSpark will be ours!

    To be continued.....

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