Trading 3P for some vintage Takara/Optimus figs

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by dreadpyrat, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Hi all, I've got some fantastic 3P toys that I'd love to trade for either some vintage Takara or some Optimus Prime figs. Here's my stuff and my wants. PM me if you've got something in the lineup!

    I HAVE:
    • TransformMission PowerTrain (MOTORMASTER) (mint in box, half xformed, gave up)
    • TransformMission Revolt (mint in box, xformed once)
    • TransformMission Carnage (mint in box, xformed once)
    • TransformMission Disorder (mint in box, never xformed)
    • Mastermind Creation - Terraegis (TRAILBREAKER) (mint in box, xformed once)
    • Mastermind Creation - Artifex (HOIST) (mint in box, xformed once)
    • Fans Toys FT-08X Grinder (the shiny silver version of GRIMLOCK) (Mint in box, Xformed once.)
    I WANT:
    • G1 Optimus BAPE - GREEN
    • C-69 Shining Gold Ultra Magnus
    • Korean KO Oversized G1 Prime
    • Spanish Gold Box G1 Prime

    • Takara Microx (Reflector) in Japanese TF packaging OR oringial pre-TF packaging
    • Takara MC-07 Browning Gun Robo, MC-12 Walther Gun Robo, MC-11 Revolver Gun Robo

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