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    Mar 9, 2010
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    hello,i am starting to collect transformers .i have alot of vintage and some 25th gi joes to trade.i am mainly on hisstank site with the same name.i am looking for g1 transformers.reissues that look exaclty like the origanals. here is a quick list off the top of my head

    tomahawk complete (helicopter)
    skyhawks complete x 3
    cobra stinger jeeps x 7 all missing front bumbers and sterring wheels
    ferrets complete x 4
    tatical battle platform (sealed)
    complete v1 vipers x 4
    complete v1 bats x 3
    lots of terrordrome parts
    lots of flagg parts
    keel haul complete
    v1 crimson attack tank x 2 complete
    sears dreadnok gound assault jeep

    priority wants

    complete omega supreme
    grimlocks weapons
    slags weapons

    ley me know what you have

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