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    Haves (MOC unless otherwise indicated)

    Marvel Legends:
    Series 9 Grey Hulk
    Series 12: Astonishing X-Men Wolverine (variant)
    (2) Series 13 X-23 (Purple & Black)
    Giant Man Series AOA Sabretooth

    Marvel Studios 12” Dr. Doom
    Spiderman Classics Carnage
    Batman Begins Scarecrow
    (2) Animated Batman & Robin: Joker and Harley Quinn

    TRU Transfomers G1 Grapple Reissue
    TMNT (New) Silver Sentry & Foot Soldier (from 2 different 2 packs)
    MOTU (new) Snake Crush Skeletor
    Gi Joe Ninja Battles Set (have 4 of these)
    GI Joe RAH 2006 Medi Viper & Crimson Guard
    Simpsons Sherri & Teri

    Silverhawks Hardware (damaged card, sealed bubble)
    Defenders of the Earth Flash Gordon & Ming
    Go Bots Cy-Kill (Black/Green)

    Star Trek (Playmates):
    9” Commander Benjamin Sisko
    Starfleet Officers Collectors Set
    7th Worf in rescue Gear w/spacecap

    Star Wars (Modern):
    Episode 1 Boss Nass, Rune Haako, Nute Gunray,
    Anakin (Tattoine), Padme Amidala
    Orange Card Solo w/carbonite
    Princess Leia (Slave) Green Card
    Saga AOTC Jar Jar Senator & Mace Windu Genosian
    POTF2 Tie Fighter Pilot (Loose complete)
    POTF2 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Loose Complete)
    Expanded U Speeder Bike
    Star Wars CCG (Decipher) 2 Player Game (cards unopened)

    Filmation’s Ghostbusters Two Face (Foreign Card)
    Centurions Ace McCloud Flashlight

    80’s, etc:
    GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, G1 Transformers, Centurions, Real Ghostbusters, M.A.S.K., Silverhawks, Defenders of the Earth, Go-Bots, Inhumanoids, Voltron, Super Powers, Secret Wars.

    90’s to Today
    Newer GI Joe, Select Transformers, DC Superheros (90’s), Marvel Legends, Modern DC, newer Star Wars, Star Trek (all), Lord of the Rings, Simpsons, Family Guy.

    Major Wants
    Voltron Masterpiece, Snake Armor He-Man, new MOTU exclusives (not statues), Kingdom Come Batman & Shazam, Hush Batman, Marvel Legends Juggernaut & Phoenix, Vintage OTC Chewbacca.

    *ID on ebay & other figure sites is jnorlund. Rated at, &
    My trade list here:

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