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    I am looking for a number of common G1 Action Master figures. They must be complete and c8.5+.

    I need:

    Rad (figure only is fine)
    Prowl w/Turbocycle
    Wheeljack w/car
    Sprocket's car and LEFT wing

    I am also looking for non-U.S. Autobot Action Masters - Powerflash, Tracks, Sideswipe, Omega Spreem, Windmill, Circuit, and Rumbler.

    Here's what I have for trade (prices listed for sale purposes if interested):

    Botcon and exclusives:

    Nexus Prime/Maximus (all five figures sealed in packages) $220
    Springer/Huffer set sealed $95
    Scourge $95

    G1 figures complete unless otherwise noted):

    Barrage (c8) with tech spec and instructions $35
    Bombshell (c8) $8
    Bombshell (c8) $8
    Finback (c8) with tech spec and instructions $60
    Groundbreaker (c8) $80
    Jetfire (junker for various reasons including missing an arm) $10
    Scattershot (c8, body only) $5
    Shrapnel (c8) $8
    Sizzle (c8) $10
    Sky High (c8) $65
    Sparkstalker (c9+) $15
    Submarauder (c8) with tech spec, instructions, and cutout boxart $40
    Swoop (junker, no dino head or landing gear in chest) $5

    G1 parts/accessories:

    Blackout (Micromaster) – pair of wings
    Bluestreak – left missile launcher
    Bonecrusher – gun
    Defensor/Hotspot - right fist, left fist, right foot, left chestplate, waistpiece
    Flywheels - gun
    Ironhide/Ratchet – missile
    Jetfire – right booster
    Optimus Prime (original) – black missile
    Optimus Prime (Powermaster) - head, back panel(intact with good sticker)
    Overrun – helicopter tail, helicopter body, engine cover, handgun
    Skids – double laser
    Skystalker – large double-barrel gun, small gun, left wing (minor stress on hinge, not close to breaking or anything)
    Skywarp – missile launcher
    Trailbreaker/Hoist – double missile
    Ultra Magnus – chestpiece x2, rear trailer door half(the white piece that opens on the back and becomes a shin decoration)

    Beast Wars figures(complete unless otherwise noted):

    Blackarachnia (Japanese, boxed) $25
    Drillbit $5
    Injector (Fuzors) $5
    Ravage (McDonald’s) $1

    Beast Wars parts/accessories $2 each:

    Megatron hip missile x2
    TM2 Megatron kneecap
    Polar Claw bat/paw

    Beast Machines figures(complete unless otherwise noted):

    Jetstorm (McDonald’s x4) $3
    Obsidian $5
    Obsidian $5
    Optimus Primal (show-accurate new-mold knockoff) $5
    Scavenger $5
    Scavenger $5
    Stryka $6
    Tank Drone (no missile) $4
    Tankor (McDonald’s x2 $1
    Thrust (McDonald’s x3 with base, x2 no base) $3

    Robots in Disguise (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Storm Jet (carded) $15

    Armada (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Galvatron complete with sticker and instructions $20
    Powerlinx Thrust (carded) $15

    Energon (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Cruellock no accessories $1
    Cruellock $5
    Duststorm (CLAW ONLY, no figure) $2
    Insecticon $5
    Insecticon $5

    Cybertron (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Crumplezone complete with instructions and boxart $15
    Evac (Legends, carded) $10
    Galvatron (Legends, carded) $7
    Leobreaker (Legends, carded) $10
    Mudflap complete with instructions and boxart $15

    Universe 1 (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Snowcat (KB exclusive, carded) $15
    Micromaster Superion set (set only - all six individually carded) $35
    Spychanger Wheeljack (carded) $4

    Robot Masters (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Double Face (boxed) $15

    Movie 1 (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Dropkick $10
    Freeway Brawl w/Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher (Target exclusive, boxed) $35
    Starscream (1st version) $15

    Revenge of the Fallen (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Dead End (carded) $10
    Deep Desert Brawl (carded) $10
    Mudflap (with correct “Mudflap” license plate, carded) $10
    Ravage (carded) $10
    Skids (with correct paint apps, carded) $10
    Super Tuner Throwdown with Blowpipe and Sideways (Walmart exclusive, boxed) $20

    Heroes of Cybertron (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Megatron version 1 (carded) $8
    Skywarp (carded) $8
    Bumblebee keychain (reissue toy keychain, carded) $5
    Brawn keychain (reissue toy keychain, carded) $5
    Cliffjumper keychain (reissue toy keychain, carded) $5
    Windcharger keychain (reissue toy keychain, carded) $5

    Built to Rule (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Built to Rule Megatron and Cyclonus (hard to find, has been opened) $20

    Titaniums (complete unless otherwise noted):

    Megatron (tank, boxed) $15
    Optimus 3-pack – protoform, earth form, and truck (Target exclusive, boxed) $15
    War Within Megatron/Optimus 2-pack (Toys R Us exclusive, boxed)) $30

    Go-Go-Gobots & Playskool Transformers:

    Buzzer-Bot (wasp) $5
    Buzzer-Bot (motorcycle) $5
    Reptron (orange) $5
    Silverbot (electronics work) $5
    Strong-Bot (bulldozer) $5

    Transformers Other:

    Micromaster Japanese chase Sixbuilder green crane sealed in baggie $3
    Choro-Q Black Megatron $10
    Energon Transforming Optimus Prime pen sealed on card $5
    Transformers Movie Nintendo WII game $15
    ROTF Megatron keychain (carded) $3
    Metal Decepticon belt buckle (new, retails for $18) $9
    Metal Decepticon belt buckle (new, retails for $18) $9
    Metal Decepticon belt buckle (new, retails for $18) $9
    3D Battlecards series 1 box (30 sealed packs + display case!) $30
    3D Battlecards singles from series 1 (many!)
    3D Battlecards "Whirl" from series 2

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