Trade Paramount Movie Press Book for Hasbro tour?

Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by griffin-of-oz, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Even though it is clearly stated on the BotCon website that they don't allow transfers of people on the Hasbro tour, I thought I'd offer a juicy carrot to see if there was some *legitimate* way of getting on the tour.
    I'm a BotCon veteran (this will be my eighth), and I already saw the Movie on the 12th (at the Advance Sydney screening), so the biggest thing I was looking forward to (after spending $4000 for the trip), was the Hasbro tour. (Yeah, I should have faxed in my form earlier, but I faxed it in on the fourth day after registrations were open, because I wanted to make sure my money was in my credit card account in case they tried to charge me as soon as they got it).
    Point is, I missed out, and it wasn't really anyone else's fault.

    But if anyone here has connections, or can get me in one of the tours *legitimately*, the following item is yours:

    Paramount's 131 page Movie Press Book.

    Basically, it has everything you need to know about the movie and the people behind it. Paramount have been giving them out to the Press, and there might already be a few copies in the hands of fans, but it is indeed a collectors item for any fan of the movie.

    Some sample page scans to browse over:

    This book was obtained at the Sydney Press Conference June 12-13th:

    I will be at BotCon with this book, to give to anyone able to *legitimately* get me on the Hasbro Tour. Otherwise, I'll bring it back home with me, and late July, I might post up scans of the entire book (if I don't already get in trouble for these sample scans, or if no one else posts scans of their copy). I'm not keen on giving it away, but am prepared to sacrifice it for the one thing at this year's BotCon I was most looking forward to.

    (also, if this post is inapropriate, or in the wrong section, please remove or relocate it)
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    Wow. Yours is ringbound? The ones at the UK screening were stapled. 100 pages, although I think yours has larger text. it's a very cool read though.

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