trade my classics Silverstreak arms for Prowl arms

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Lucs, Mar 9, 2011.

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    I have an extra set of classics Silverstreak (Bluestreak) arms from the part that can be pulled out of the shoulder area to the fist I would love to trade someone for the same parts on classics Prowl.

    To be perfectly clear the arms I need include everything from the fist up to the part that holds the wheels at the shoulder. This part can be pulled off the pivot piece that is attached under the hood of the car.

    I would even be willing to trade a full bot for this piece. I have a sort of frankensteined prowlstreak that I could show you a pic of. It's basically Silverstreak car parts with prowl parts (including the light bar) and all of the white has been dyed red but it turned out pink.

    I'm pretty much just hoping for someone that plans to paint a Prowl to just swap me parts because I need the white parts to be white

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