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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by (/'-')/Peanut, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Promo has ended

    I just found out the toys R us in my area is clearing out tf with a 3 day buy one, get one free deal. This offer is only good till June 13th. I'm looking for someone who wants to split a leader class figure with me.

    If anyone is interested in a Leader Prime or Megatron (i didnt see any jetfires), let me know. I will pick it up and we split the cost of 59.99CAD before tax. You will still have to pay for shipping, but those residing in Vancouver Canada are free to meet and pickup.

    Shipping will vary between your choice of methods but range from 14 (barebones) to 25 (express) within US and Canada.

    As for the process, there will be no money exchanged until i purchase both figures, snap a photo with my alias next to it and pm you. Because of the condition of the deal, though, i do require a firm level of commitment if you want in. I'd hate to be stuck with an extra prime or

    Because of this, i will also not ship outside of US and Canada, as finding the shipping cost and getting back to the buyer wouldn't leave much time for me to pick up the figures. Of course, if non Canada and US buyers still want it, you are pretty much committed to buy before i can get accurate shipping quotes.

    ps: For anybody reading, is 33-35 before shipping reasonable for a misb rotf leader prime? i may grab 2 primes on the last day anyway, and if there are any takers, let me know :p 

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