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    I have done some comparisons with my FM and KO brethren.

    It is all a matter of proportions to scale.

    If I use G1 FM, G1 Prime, and G1 Jazz as givens to measure the scale they represent against themselves

    Then to stay in that same ratio I get the following:

    Here is the standard. G1 FM, G1 Prime, & G1 Jazz

    Here is the next in the line. Metroplex sized FM KO is close to Legends size if I try to keep the same height ratio of FM:p rime:Jazz In this case im using THS Convoy as it is the closest that I have and could think of that would work for this situation. His proportions are a little off than G1 prime, but if you guys can come up with a better choice than THS Convoy let me know.


    Then here is the final set that I would consider WST. This is "Uranus 5 changes" that is the KO name on the card he came with. With my WST Prime and WST Jazz


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