toy hunt stories.

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    in my collection, almost every single one of them has a story to tell. the hunts are not just about the brown man getting his rebates but its more like souvenirs down memory lane.

    toy: hasbro mp grimlock


    hunt story: met a fellow member 45 minutes away from church. i asked permission from my family to pick it up with them and they agreed. upon receiving it the seller told me he crossed the provincial border to get it since it was a toys r us exclusive with english packaging only. i live in quebec where everything has to be at least bilingual, french and english.

    my family and i were having such a blast that weekend that we decided to go to Ottawa as well since it was only 1 hour and half away anyway. not only did i get my 2nd copy of mp grimlock for my classics line display, i also got to visit the canadian natural history museum. i saw grimlock's bones and snarl's. it was a family first for all of us. i never saw dinosaur bones before. it really was a great time for me and family was there to share it with me as well.

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