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    Not sure if this really counts as news or not, but I know I found it of interest, my apologies if it's already been mentioned before.

    Currently Toonami Jetstream is running their top ten lists for shows they stream for USA users. One of which being Transformers Animated. If anyone was curious how the top 10 list for them seems to play out.
    You can view at Toonami Jetstream | Online anim video featuring Naruto, Pokmon and more Cartoon Network shows! or Toonami Jetstream | Cartoon Network Anim Video if you want to go straight to the First in the top ten count.

    The results are as follows for those that can see the page.
    #1: Episode 1-3 Transform and Roll Out
    #2: Episode 4 Home is Where the Spark is
    #3: Episode 7 Thrill of the Hunt
    #4: Episode 29 A Bridge too Close Part 2
    #5: Episode 6 Blast From the Past
    #6: Episode 9 Along Came a Spider
    #7: Episode 8 Nanosec
    #8 Episode 25 Autoboot Camp
    #9 Episode 23 A Fistful of Energon
    #10: Episode 28 A Bridge too Close Part 1

    I'm guesing it's taken from only statistics of most watched episodes, or did they have a recent vote or something?

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