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    For sale/trade:

    1) Rumble (blue) knockoff - displayed only, adult-owned, NM/M condition, die-cast metal variant, with card back. I've picked up a few knockoffs, and this is pretty good quality. $10
    2) Steeljaw reissue (from Encore 17 - Big Mission #2): never transformed, comes with gold guns, clear cassette case, & collector's card. $12
    3) Reflector Microx knockoff - comes with box, some yellowing on window, some wear on box, but figures are NM/M shape. I got stickers from ReproLabels and applied them; I included what's left on the sticker sheet. The original labels are also still on the sticker sheet. Missiles are still on the sprue. All accessories included. $100
    4) GI Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Boxset #1 (Destro, Baroness, Cobra Commander [metal mask/helmet], Cobra trooper, Storm Shadow) - briefly displayed, then returned to the display box. All accessories & filecards included. Everything in NM/M shape. $25.
    5) Halo 3 faceplate for XBox 360 - comes with plastic sleeve, does NOT come with the code for a Halo theme on the XBox 360. $5
    6) Splinter Cell: Double Agent for the XBox 360 - complete with original case & instruction booklet. Works fine. $8.
    7) GI Joe Dreadnok Torch & Ripper Comic 2-pack - comes with figures, cardback, comic, stands, & all accessories/filecards. NM/M condition. $6
    9) Star Wars Legacy Collection Darth Vader - Loose complete with lightsaber and a box full of blaster rifles (pictured), NM/M condition. $4

    Pics are here:

    Want list:
    GI Joe 25th Anniversary MOSC/MISB:
    Buzzer, Shipwreck

    Loose/complete, NM/M:
    Dr. Mindbender w/all accessories, stand, & filecard from Escape from Cobra Island set.
    Baroness w/all accessories, stand, & filecard from Cobra 5-pack #3.
    25th anniversary white Trubble Bubble (from the vehicle 2-pack) complete w/accessories (I don't need the pilot or his accessories)

    Please PM with any offers. You pay for shipping - be sure to send me your zip code or country so I can figure out a shipping cost. I always package & ship items securely to ensure that it gets to you in the same condition in which it left me. I don't charge for handling. I take PayPal only. My user ID on ebay is drtony828, so you can check my feedback there. If you have any questions or want to see more pics, please let me know.

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