Ton of stuff you want, and dont want! My wants too! Woohoo!

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    Lots of new good stuff! Look for *’s

    All items on my list are OR BEST OFFER. See the price, don’t like it, pm me and work a deal with me. Trades are welcome. All are loose complete unless noted. Pics available upon request. Shipping is additional unless noted. Paypal preferred as a gift payment, or you can pay the fees. Either way works for me. Table of contents…….

    -Transformers All eras
    -Star Wars Figures Vehicles etc
    -GI Joe modern and vintage
    -Marvel….Universe, WO, IM2 etc
    -DC Infinite Heroes and Superheroes/Universe Classics
    -Vintage Parts pic links
    -Feedback Links
    -Want section! Everything I want!

    --Transformers All Eras--

    Minicons…. minicons pictures by jeditaz27 - Photobucket $3 each or the lot for $30

    G1 Mcdonalds Cliffjumper/Bumblebee Red 1985 $20 OBO…really have no clue what its worth!

    *KO Henkei Thundercracker with packaging…not CHMS! $20

    ROTF Leader Optimus Prime $50
    ROTF Legends Optimus Prime $3

    Cybertron Legends Soundwave $3

    Energon Strongarm $4
    Energon Kicker $8
    Energon Divebomb no weapons or energon star $5
    Energon Insecticon no weapons and missing one insect leg. $2
    Energon Duststorm $6
    Energon Downshift no weapons….wheel that holds energon star replaced with regular one $6

    Fodder….see images Junk pit pictures by jeditaz27 - Photobucket

    --Transformers instructions and paperwork--

    TAKE ALL FOR $3.00
    Cybertron Blurr Instructions $.50
    Cybertron Ransack Instructions $.50
    Cybertron Sideways Instructions $.50
    Cybertron Crosswise Instructions $.50
    Universe Sideburn Instructions $.50
    G1 Megatron KO instructions $.50
    Universe Micromaster First Aid instructions $.50
    Mega SCF Victory Leo and Star Saber combo instructions $.50
    G1 Reissue Ricochet Instructions $.50
    G1 Reissue Rodimus Prime Instructions $.50

    --Star Wars Code 3--

    Revenge of the Sith Best Buy Sculpted poster $15

    --Star Wars figures--

    *Comic Pack Obi Wan Jabiim $5
    *Comic Pack Owen Lars (from C5 set) $10
    *Comic Pack Anakin Skywalker (he was in the vs Durge comic pack!) $5
    Comic Pack Purple RA 7 $4

    *Episode 1 Adi Gallia $3

    *POTJ Plo Koon (saber is green...cant find yellow one) $6
    *POTJ FX-7 $7
    POTJ Dagobah Vader $3
    POTJ K3PO $3
    POTJ Young Obi Wan no Robe $1

    *Saga1 Depa Billaba w/ light saber acquired from my parts box! $10
    *Saga1 Even Piell w/light saber acquired from my parts box! $10
    Saga1 R3PO $2
    Saga1 Hoth Luke no ice base $2

    *Clone Wars 2004 Anakin (NOT animated style) $7

    *VOTC C-3PO $5

    *ROTS 4 arm attack Grievous $5
    ROTS Holo Aayla Secura $3 PENDING
    ROTS Emperor Palpatine (black robes, #12) $2
    ROTS Clone Pilot (gray/white slight discoloration to helmet?) x2 $3 each
    ROTS Plo Koon $2

    *TAC SL TC-14 $5
    *TAC SL Sandtrooper MOC $7
    TAC Order 66 Master Sev (weequay Jedi) $8
    TAC Mustafar Panning Droid $4
    TAC Anakin Skywalker with tattoos $4
    TAC Animated Debut Boba Fett $4

    *TCW Aayla Secura $40
    TCW Commander Cody $2

    *Legacy BAD C3-PX $25
    *Legacy Target Geonosis set Roth Del Masona $10
    *Legacy Target Geonosis set Joclad Danva $10
    *Legacy Quarren Warrior $6
    *Legacy Kit Fisto (droid factory pack with cloak) $7
    *Legacy Ugnaught (first version) MOC, card not mint! $8
    *Legacy Commander Faie $7
    *Legacy Luke JedI $6
    *Legacy Bail Organa $8
    *Legacy Owen Lars (no gun) $6
    *Legacy Evo Rebel Pilots X wing Pilot Cesi Eiress $6
    *Legacy Evo Rebel Pilots X wing Pilot Shira Brie $6
    *Legacy Evo Rebel Pilots John Brannon X wing Pilot $7
    *Legacy Evo Rebel Pilots Jake Farrell A wing Pilot $7
    *Legacy Bespin Guard Alien version $8
    *Legacy Droid Factory BL-17 $15
    *Legacy Droid Factory Han Hoth $3
    *Legacy Droid Factory R3-P0 $8
    Legacy Kit Fisto Astromech R4-H5 $10 PENDING
    Legacy Watto Astromech R2-T0 $10 PENDING

    --Star Wars Vehicles --

    Torrent Starfighter $16
    V wing (first release) $16
    AT AP first version $16
    ROTS Obi Wan Starfighter Red $10
    POTF2 EU Airspeeder concept vehicle. No figure. Missing missile . $5

    --GI Joe 25th and ME--

    *ROC Rockslide (past) Polar Battle Bear from tgt p&p set $15
    25th Complete Mass Device with cart with elements, and tan Element tube from Tripwire as well as the blue one from the Cobra Diver. Weather dominator as well. $45
    ROC Rockslide from TGT pack vehicle only $2
    Mass Device Turret $.50

    *POC Beachhead $8
    POC Wave 2 Snake Eyes Tornado Kick MOC $5
    *25th Clutch $12
    *25th Beachhead no backpack/crossbow $4
    *25th Gray Commando Snake Eyes $7
    *25th Viper x3 $7 each
    *25th Eel $8
    *25th UBP Destro $8
    *25th Airborne MOC $7
    25th DVD Pack Roadblock with vines $2
    25th Arctic Snake Eyes $3
    25th Python Patrol Crimson Guard MOC $4
    25th Legions Storm Shadow $3
    25th Lady Jaye (single Card version with the hat!) $10
    25th Mutt and Junkyard $4
    25th Stalker green from UBP no jetpack $3
    *ROC Leatherneck (from tiger claw) $15
    *ROC Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow MOC x3 $3 each
    *ROC Storm Shadow (regular)MOC $3

    --GI Joe Vintage and vintage style--

    *Slaughters Marauders Sgt Slaughter no accs $12
    Wet Suit JVC v7 missing one flipper and gun $1
    Agent Jinx VvsV missing dagger and gun $2
    Mutt and Junkyard DTC has different gun, missing mask $2
    Scarlet VvsV missing arrow pack and arrow $2
    Snake Eyes JVC Gray and purple no sound attack gun $2
    Snake Eyes JVC black and silver single pk version. Has 1 silver, 1 black swords, dual backpack, silver submachine gun $2
    Ninja Battle Snake Eyes VvsV complete $2
    Snake Eyes V4 complete $3
    Star Brigade Sci Fi Pilot from Starfighter complete with helmet and gun $7
    Eco Warriors Clean Sweep Complete $10
    Lt. Falcon Super Sonic Fighters Includes backpack, arm gun, but missing long gun $7

    *Skystriker near complete, missing figure and parachutes. Cockpit window has small break at tab that holds it in to pivot. Still works without any issues. Also with Rubens Repro Stickers unapplied! $70
    *BF2000 Vector Jet complete $20
    *VvsV Ice Sabre missing radar, 1 missile and gun is the black one from the ROC version $20
    Vintage Conquest X-30 complete $25
    Vintage Cobra Invader missing some hoses and missiles $3
    Tiger Storm Copter from VvsV $1
    JVC Brawler (repaint/retool of Vintage Hammer) missing antenna $13

    Skystriker Missiles (medium) x2 $1 each
    Thruster cover for Phantom x 19 $2
    Retaliator 3 x top rotor blades $4 for all, or $2 each
    Retaliator Rear arm mechanism…whole thing including knobs and inserts to attach to body $4
    Retaliator landing skids $2
    Snow Cat Ski Missiles (yellow missiles only) x2 $.50 each
    Devilfish Torpedo $.50

    --Iron Man 2 3 ¾ inch--

    Target 3 pack Whiplash $5

    --Marvel Universe--

    *Daredevil MOC Dark Red TRADE only
    *Union Jack MOC $12
    Extremis Armor Iron Man $4

    --Wolverine Origins--

    Movie Wolverine with Jacket…REAL metal claws custom $3
    Movie Deadpool with REAL metal arm swords custom $3

    --DC Infinite Heroes --

    Superman black symbol $2

    jeditaz's Feedabck Thread - - G.I. Joe Official feedback thread for jeditaz


    Feedback can also be found on, TNI, Allspark and!

    Onto my wants!


    PRIORITY-----------------------Transformers Wants----------------------PRIORITY

    Transformers Classics and 2.0(or Henkei!) and newer type stuff thrown in loose if fine unless noted

    *KO Orange Henkei Sunstorm
    *KO Henkei Clone Seekers x3
    Energon Towline
    Generations Scourge
    *RTS Windcharger
    RTS Solar Storm Grapple
    RTS Lugnut
    Generations Skullgrin (very low priority…can get him local…trade only?)
    Best Toys Silver Prime (classic) Trailer
    Fansproject G3 Trailer
    Custom Fodder….lmk what ya got!
    G1 Encore Sky Lynx
    Knight Morpher (Hearts of Steel Optimus)
    DIA Commander armor/trailer KO
    Fans Project Crossfire Superion add on set
    Fans Project Shadow Commander or KO armor


    Let me know what else you have...I may need it

    ------VINTAGE and MODERN GI JOE VEHICLES and PARTS!--------

    POC Joe Mech
    POC Cobra Mech
    Sigma 6 Dragonhawk
    Vintage Night Raven

    2 grenade launchers

    --Crusader Space Shuttle
    Right side wing
    Unused sticker sheet, can be repro

    --------------------------ME/25th wants------------------

    Resolute Joe pack… Stalker, Flint
    Resolute Cobra pack…..Firefly, Destro, Alley Viper x 3, and Zartan
    POC Wave 3 Shock Viper
    25th and ROC Parts lots (let me know what ya have)

    -----------------------Hellboy 2 3 and ¾ inch------------------


    ------------------------Star Wars Wants---------------------

    *Target Geonosis Set Shaak Ti
    *VC Zam Wessel
    *VC Kit Fisto
    *VC Mace Windu
    *VC Luke Dagobah Landing
    *VC Lando General
    *VC Darth Sidious
    *VC Yoda
    Comic Pack Fel and Ysanne Isard
    Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter

    ---------------------Marvel Universe Wants------------------------

    Target 2 pack Black Panther
    Captain Marvel
    Iron Man 2020
    Thunderball (or comic pack)
    Piledriver (or comic pack)
    Bulldozer (or comic pack)
    Moon Knight
    Skrull Soldier x3
    Blonde Variant Black Widow
    Deadpool Deluxe set from Wolverine Origins
    fodder figures

    ---------------------Iron Man 2 and 3 ¾ inch Spidey wants-------------------------------

    Modern War Machine
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    Captain marvel or constrictor for daredevil variant?

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