Tom's Massive Clearout

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    I joined this board pretty much to see if I might have any more luck selling these guys - I considered trying to boost my postcount first but figured I might as well cut to the chase.

    I'm getting rid of the majority of my toys, since (a) I have a wedding and honeymoon to save for, and (b) I just don't have the space for all of them, especially with a baby on the way :) 
    I am open to offers, especially if you're wanting to buy several items.
    Since I check my emails more often than I log in here, it's probably better you contact me that way - allsortsofkibbles[at]googlemail[dot]com - it also makes it easier for me to send you pictures of the figures.
    All prices are excluding postage. I've been burned by a recent ebay buyer, so I will only send my items recorded delivery in the UK, and airsure airmail internationally.

    No instructions unless noted, extra info on what is included and condition in brackets.

    Powermaster Optimus Prime (twin guns x2, HiQ, Head) £15
    Stunticons: £40
    Motormaster (left menasor foot, box & instructions, bootleg combiner parts: right foot, both fists, head, chest&crotch plates)
    Drag Strip (both weapons)
    Breakdown (both weapons)
    Dead End (both weapons)
    Wildrider (junkers for parts only: missing right arm and bonnet, comes with broken handgun)
    Seacons: £40
    Snaptrap (Piranacon head, chestplate, both fists)
    Nautilator (claws, handgun)
    Seawing (both guns)
    Overbite (no beast arms)
    Tentakil (both guns)
    Clones: £15 Wingspan & Pounce (both loose joints, no weapons)
    Aerialbots: £10 Slingshot is in one piece, Air Raid, Skydive and Fireflight are broken. no Silverbolt. Includes guns for Air Raid and Fireflight
    Pretender Gunrunner (inner robot & car shell only) £6
    Pretender Bomb-Burst (inner robot only) £4
    Hardhead (Duros, one gun, broken tech spec cover) £20
    Slapdash (gun, Lube, spoiler, no engine cover) £20
    Override (some chrome wear, trigger mechanism works fine)
    Inferno (both fists, two missiles, one wing, substantial sticker wear) £20

    Smallest Transforming Transformers (WST) All boxed & complete with instructions except where noted
    Optimus Prime (blue windows) with unboxed Megatron (no instructions) £20
    Sideswipe £10
    Jazz £10
    Red Alert £10
    Starscream £15
    Thrust £10

    Beast Wars
    Buzzclaw (damaged left beast leg) £free with any order
    Inferno (mandibles only) £3

    Japanese clear Super Wars (boxed, complete with instructions) £10
    Grimlock (complete) £6
    Heavy Load (complete with card) £8
    Wedge (complete with card) £8

    Unicron (complete, with instructions & Dead End) £30
    Powerlinx Optimus Prime (complete, with instructions & Corona Sparkplug) £20
    Jetfire (complete, with sticker & Comettor) £10
    Hoist (complete, with instructions & Refute) £8

    Omega Supreme (complete, with instructions) £35
    Divebomb (complete) £5

    Primus (complete, with instructions) £35
    Galaxy Force Vector Prime (complete, with instructions & Safeguard) £15

    Galaxy Force
    GD-11 Chromia (complete, boxed with instructions) £25

    Movie Series
    Protoform Optimus Prime (complete, with instructions) £6
    Sector 7 Armorhide (complete, with instructions) £7
    Sector 7 Elita-One (complete, with instructions) £7
    ROTF Whirl (complete, with instructions) £10
    ROTF voyager Mixmaster (complete, with instructions) £10
    ROTF voyager Demolishor (complete, with instructions) £10
    ROTF deluxe Ravage (complete, with instructions) £6
    Real Gear Power Up VT6 £5

    Legends Brawn £6

    Power Core Combiners
    Double Clutch (with instructions only, no drones) £5

    Optimus Prime (complete, with instructions) £12

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