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    I have a rather large collection, but these are the only ones on display. Mostly Alts, BTs, and Legends Class. The pictures aren't that good, but I had to rush, all of them are getting boxed away in case we have to evacuate for Tropical Storm Gustav. I took pictures because usually my TFs come out of storage very beaten and battered compared to going in.

    Top of the shelves: MP-05 Megatron
    He is for sale, if anyone's interestd click my sig.

    First shelf: Decepticons
    Roll call:
    Alt Ricochet with Divebomb Reprolabels and MP-05's beam saber
    Alt Battle Ravage with Razorclaw Reprolabels and a custom sword made from Vector Prime's
    Alt Nemesis Prime with Motormaster Reprolabels
    Alt Decepticharge with Takara-style gun; renamed Dragstrip
    Henkei Megatron
    Hasbro MP Starscream with hip-kibble mod of my own design; Megs pistol from MP-01 underneath base
    Alt Shockblast; renamed Shockwave

    Second shelf: Autobots, part 1
    Roll call:
    Alt Rodimus with Hot Rod Reprolabels
    Classics Bumblebee with Classics 2-pack Prime's gun, rubsign replaced with Autobot symbol
    BT Grimlock
    Alt Optimus Prime with G1-style Reprolabels
    Alt Prowl with leg mod for knee articulation
    Alt Meister with Jazz Reprolabels
    Alt Wheeljack with G1-style Reprolabels (he's camera shy, apparently)

    Third shelf: Autobots, part 2
    Roll call:
    BT Overdrive
    BT Hound
    BTA Broadblast with Blaster Reprolabels and custom gun from CD Scattorshot's rifle
    Alt Ricochet
    Alt Mirage with G1-style Reprolabels and Titanium Rodimus Prime's gun
    Alt Tracks with G1-style Reprolabels
    Alt Skids with paint removed and G1-styled Reprolabels; gun missing, using BTA Broadblast's gun; Lumina from BTA Broadblast paired with Skids because he's the MAN

    Fourth shelf: non-TF
    These are from the Pirates of the Cursed Seas trading card game, the Fire & Steel line specifically. It's a trading card game, it's a board game, it's a bunch of model kits, and it's got PIRATES! Only ships are pictured, other cards in storage.

    Fifth shelf: Miscellaneous
    TFTM Transforming DVD case
    Animated Blackarachnia
    Animated Lockdown with Reprolabels and modified wrists
    a few Cybertron line Legends class figures
    all of the Movie line Legends 2-packs, plus normal Ratchet, Barricade, and Optimus
    Classics Perceptor
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    very nice stuff!
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    The cosmic rust on MP megs is heartbreaking. I just took mine out of the IKEA case today and all the metal on mine is rusted. it's horrible. :-(

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