Tomb Raider Legend for DS.

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by tikgnat, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Yes, I am Lara Crofts Bitch. I have bought a copy of every single TR game (barring the GBA TR game) and have stuck with this franchise from high and low.

    So I thoroughly enjoyed Tomb Raider Legend on Xbox, and said that I would grab it on DS when it comes out... well it has.

    And it feels like a spruced up GBA version. The Backgrounds are all 3D, but Lara herself is a scaled sprite. Lots of animation, but still a sprite. The game feels like TR Legend, but combat uses the touch screen, and blowing on the mike is really really poop (find a secret? blow on it becuase its dusty!), like they added it on last minute.

    Mini games I've only played a little, and they feel very floaty. Weird. I knew something might be up... they released this before any reviews hit the stands, and thats almost always a bad sign.

    To be fair, I'm enjoying it, but it really really should have been so much better.

    Funny thing was, I was in Bluewater yesterday (a big shopping centre) and every billboard had a TR Legend ad for GBA and DS.

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