Customs: Titans Return Chromedome / Breakaway (Getaway) tire edit

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    I always hated the see-thru tires so finally did something about it. First tried a paint marker with little effect then turned to an almost taboo means Sharpie. I want not looking to paint the tires on the outside so the purple hue factor does not matter but the inside where it would not wear or chip paint.
    To remove the tires a jewelers screwdriver worked wonders, opened the legs and pushed the tires out by the round peg. The front tires slide the screwdriver between the tire and hood then angled the screwdriver till the tire popped out with super little effort.
    I then used a de-greasing agent on a paper towel afterward re-wiped with a dry one to remove all moisture thou it's not overly needed to do this step but for the time it helps to prep the area.
    Next use the sharpie on the inside of the tire the goal is not to paint the tire black but to prevent light from shining thru the tire. The first coat will not be the best so do not worry there will be gaps where light can still shine thru wait about 2 to 3 hours and give it a 2nd coat.
    Finally once you have reached the darkness and coverage you desire 2 to 3 coats should do it then let the tires air dry for at least 24 hours before attaching them back to the figures to allow the maker fluid to dry wipe a cotton swab on the inside to ensure no marker will transfer over to your figure and stay on the inside of the tire as intended.
    The picture below has 2 sets the one with toyhax stickers has some with 1 coat of marker some without. The set above it that has no stickers has 2 coats so you can see inside where the sharpie was applied.

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