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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KnightSaberAmi, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Allright I know that quite a few of us on this board are Cat Owners and I need some advice for Buddy...

    I live next to a wildlife preserve and fortunately there are some compassionate a-holes who feel that's the spot to dump a domestic animal, at least thats what we think happened to him. Already on the heels of putting Sue down, I adopted another cat from the shelter and a day later a week or so later the second one showed up, for a total of 2: Chloe and Missie. So Bud is a stray that showed up one day and we started to feed and finally after some abcesses ended up taking in. Which of course was quite a strain on the finances when you're already robbing Peter to pay Paul. So after getting him fixed I still have a problem with the spraying...I have tried Feliway, Obedience Spray, Squirt bottles, and a Firm "No!" but I'm just not getting through...

    I'm wondering if anyone else on the boards had this problem and if there were any tips or tricks you might suggest to correct this...besides flushing him down the toilet and making him "read" the yellow pages.

    Thanks in Advance,
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    Get it some Buspiron, an anxiety-reducing agent, it's not addictive like valium.
    Google it so you know Im not just messing with you.
    Valium & prozac works, but too addictive.

    Or move the litter box to a quiter place & get some new litter that's does'nt have too much fragrance. That odor blocker can be strong on their senses, makes them not want to spray there becasue no other cat would be able to smell it
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