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    EMALING me is the best way to get a fast response! Ironchefsonny@yahoo.com

    If you feel something is priced too high let me know and we may be able to deal. Make only reasonable offers and don't try to lowball. I will definitely give discounts to people who buy large amounts of items!

    I'm currently not looking for any trades. I can accept paypal or money orders, but prefer paypal. I have feedback on multiple forums as well as paypal and ebay all 100% positive.

    All figures were used for display only and come with no packaging, but are complete unless noted otherwise.

    Prices DO NOT include shipping and shipping will be calculated after a buy list is PM'd. I make it a rule to make purchasing delivery confirmation mandatory.


    Extremely Rare Mcdonalds toys made in 1985 and only test marketed in St. Louis. These are very rare and I have only seen them once on Ebay. I have two and here's a picture of them


    I have the two on the outside the one in the middle has been sold. $25 each or both for $40

    Japanese beast wars VS-40 Transmetal Megatron and Primal. This version is show accurate and Primal is molded in translucent purple plastic which looks incredible! I had a hard time deciding to sell this set or not. Comes with box (torn in front) and bubble packaging/cards. $40

    Claw Jaw $8
    Claw Jaw UK transmetal version $30 or best offer
    Transmetal 2 Cheetor $10
    Transmetal Dinobot $10

    Video games and DVDs:

    Voltron DVD box set BLUE (open, but mint), GREEN (sealed), and YELLOW (sealed) metal sets. $22 each or all 3 for $55

    Super NES (these are old and I have no system to test them)
    Zombies ate my neighbors! $4
    Earthworm Jim $6
    Lemmings $5

    Zelda replica sword and shield from Master Replicas $25

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