This movie was a blast! *spoilers*

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    dark of the moon is literally the best live action Transformers movie I have seen! Great action sequences, good drama, and funny humor. So, Michael Bay really kept his promise in making a better Transformers. The film is darker than the first 2 and has moments where you will feel pity for most of the characters. The parts with Sam desparately finding Carly, Soundwave doing some sort of Autobot Genocide, and Sentinel killing Ironhide and ripping Optimus' arm out sort of struck me. Although, the scenes that really made me laugh was the asian guy (Jerry Wang, I believe) at Sam's job. Though, he felt out of place, he was really hilarious.

    Other than the drama and humor, the action was truely brutal. The best action, although, was at the final battle with Sentinel vs Optimus and then Megatron after. Seriously, Optimus has gone from "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" to "Shoot anything that moves!" The fight between the 2 bots was intense! Especially with Optimus' arm being torn out. That brought the tension way up. But, Optimus won using continuous blows. So, with Sentinel down, Megatron is next. However, Optimus didn't need to try. Just a couple blows and finishes with a beheading. Then, the movie ends and Optimus makes his end-of-movie speech.

    now, i just cant think of anything so negative about this film. My only dislikes are Wheeljack's and Mirage's stupid name changes. Another dislike is some 'bots and 'cons not having enough screentime. I barely saw Shockwave or Wheeljack do something. Also, this is just a nit pick that DID NOT ruin my experience, but I think Soundwave's voice should have had that robotic effect like in G1.

    So, all-in-all, Great action, good drama, and humor. Some characters not having much screentime and the damn name change.

    8.5/10 I highly recommend watching!

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