This movie might actually be warming up to me...

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Chaos Prime, May 7, 2007.

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    Hi everyone. I just wanted to say a few words.
    Just a bit of warning at first. I have a feeling this post might be a little long winded...we'll find out.
    I've beening thinking alot about the upcoming movie and what I seem to have against it and what not. Just to let you know, I'm not trying to start a fight or anything. I'm just thinking outloud here. So if some of you guys don't like my opinion that's fine. I just though I'd warn you.
    Obviously I haven't seen the movie yet, and my final decision won't be made until I see it. But why do I have such a chip on my shoulder about it already?
    The story: I'm ok with. No problem. You need a plot and this sounds like a decent one.
    The characters: I don't like them. For every single character I see I can point out several things wrong with each of them, and how they're not being true to the character in which they're being based on.
    Optimus Prime: Probebly the least screwed up of them all. He's got the right face (with mask) the right color scheme. The robot mode wierds me out a bit still. He just doesn't seem to command the majesty of the original Prime. But he's good enough for government work.
    Bumblebee: I understand every movie needs a star, and BB is it, but he's just way too cool of car. I know that must sound petty, but come on. BB's supposed to be the cute mascot of the Autobots, not a badass.
    Ratchet: Puke green? The face of a bulldog?.........Yep...
    Jazz: Why does he have the face a gremlin? And why is he a minicar? Isn't that supposed to be BB?
    Ironhide: He looks more like one of Unicrons heralds then Autobot security. He's more badass looking than Megs! Oh yea, and wrong color scheme. He's evil Trailbreaker.
    Megatron: I don't remember who said it but 'turd dipped in shrapnel' is a pretty good description. Plus has anyone else noticed how much he looks like Mandarin Spawn?
    StarScream: For a low level grunt that monkey looks pretty good. For second in command of the Decepticons? No.
    Barricade: If they got rid of the bug face he'd be fine.
    Bonecrusher: HAhAAA!!!!
    Brawl: Same thing as Barricade. Fix the head.
    Blackout: Eh, not bad. Though his face reminds me of Galvatron wearing a scuba mask., I mean Frenzy: It shows that drug abusers can get work in Hollywood.
    So my point for all that was...To me Bay's not being true to the characters. I'll be suprised if the man even cares about them. He just wants to make a movie with the best car chase scene in his career.
    However in spite of my shopping list of complaints this one thought occured to me last night, that changed my perception. No matter how bad this movie may, or may not be. No matter how much this movie might be butchered................It still ain't gonna be as bad as the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie starring Dolph Lundgren.
    Who remember's the little gem? Talk about a Bastardized movie! It was horrible! And strangely enough I still like it...
    So that's my point. On July 4th, I may be leaving the movie theatre reeking of bad movie, and will need a shower. But I know it won't be as bad a Masters of the Universe. And that has actually made me feel better about the movie.
    Ok, long winded, it was, but I'm done. Thanks for reading. Feel free to discuss or ignore. I just wanted to share.
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    aesthetics is down to personal taste, so noone can argue with you about what you think looks good or bad, even though i totally disagree.

    your points about the characters though.. as far as i can tell the characters are spot-on. the only one that has changed significantly is ironhide, and that's for the better - his character is now a merger of ironhide and kup, which sounds great to me.

    also you have to understand that this film is not based only on g1, it takes aspects from every generation of transformers. so saying that things are not like their g1 equivalents is not really relavant at all.

    let me use ironhide for an example again, he actaully looks more like his g1 version most of his other incarnations, his alt-mode isn't too far off, and in fact matches perfectly is g2 alt mode.... he still has his head-crest and big ciscs on the side of his head.. here are some examples of some other ironhide designs that there have been over the years:

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    Hahah, as a kid I loved Masters of the Universe. I still don't know why, but yeah. I don't agree with you on the designs, but yeah, if it's better than MOTU, then we're in for a treat!
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    I dunno. I don't typically feel like I need to shower after watching a movie unless there's gratuitous blood, guts, and gore. But then, I don't particularly like that kind of movie, so... :D 

    Anyhow, fair enough points. I do think, however, there are a lot of sensible reasons behind the design changes. I've been meaning to start a thread but I'm too busy to get into a long winded post yet. Not until I'm done with school. :wink: 
  5. Autobot HipHop

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    "It ain't gonna be as bad as the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie starring Dolph Lundgren"

    Now that's classic.

    C'mon Chaos Prime, we all know you hate all things Bayformer, but'd be DQ'd in the sport of boxing for that. That's lower then Mike biting Holyfield's ear off lol.

    20 years later and someone just had to dig up that sad excuse of a movie to prove a point. Yuck lol.

    Now, if TF is as good as Time Bandits was when I was a youngster then we needn't have anything to worry about! :) 

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