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Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Silver Bullit, Sep 2, 2006.

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    What the current BSG is to the original, this film is to G1. I just hope that in the future, there may still be room ALSO for a G1 based film- even if I have to make it myself.

    Granted, I didn't like- well, I hated- the new BSG mini-series, I like the show in spite of it.

    Altho I haven't liked a lot of what I have seen/read, this film still might be good in spite of the garbage. Time will tell.

    However, I will try and drastically limit my TF content from here on. No further rumors or spoilers. I want a possibility for pleasant changes or surprises. Maybe I'll even forget some of what I know.

    As for the rather sucky fan base: like I tried to state in the now closed thread calling for peace and tolerance, just let people like what they like, and dislike what they dislike.
    Many here think that the "haters" don't have enough info to hate the movie. Well, the same goes for the "likers". You don't know any more than the "haters", so really, you don't have near enough information to love this film either.

    The point? I am open to the possibilities. I just recomment to the others that they might end up liking it as well. However, if you still don't, then you don't. Contrary to popular belief, you wouldn't have committed a crime.

    I know you guys haven't loved what you have seen, but take advantage of the project that is in production. You may either like it in spite of it all, or it can be a lesson learned. Just give it a chance.

    I am. Just remember- TF's 2007. In the future, G1 still has a chance.

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    So basically nothing is going to change...


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