Minor/Repaint: this is old...but thought id show ya guys my custom classics Galvatron.

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    gave him more purple by mixing red and blue testors enamel paint.i wanted him to be more detailed and have a better Galvatron feel to him.

    i used red testors enamel for the backpack "legs" behind his head as well as on his arms,abs,feet,knees,crotch and right shoulder.

    i used testors enamel chrome on the face,knees,outerabs area.and the tank treads as well as detailing some vents on the outer part of tank mode befor putting some red on them.

    also used testors enamel flat black on the outer knees,lower part of legs (ankle) and the inside of the treads.

    i retained some of his original purple color and im very proud of how this came out.he was among my first custom repaint/redeco.

    thanks to all the radicons here for showing me how fun this hobby can really be!!!:thumbs2: 

    vehicle mode pics coming very soon! (im transforming him now lol)

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