There are 75 band names in this ad, name them

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    EDIT: OK It seems as though the target is musicians, not just bands. Because I see Nicki Minaj also and we've spotted 50 cent.

    Below is a list of the bands that have been already

    1. Matchbox Twenty (Rek_Aviles)
    2. Eagles (Rek_Aviles)
    3. Rolling Stones (RDRCK)*
    4. Scissor Sisters (RDRCK)*
    5. U2 (RDRCK)*
    6. Alice in Chains (RDRCK)*
    7. Gorillaz (was my bonus giveaway :p  )
    8. The B-52's (RDRCK)*
    9. Led Zepplin (RDRCK) *or The Blimp (silentsounds)
    10. Smashing Pumpkins (RDRCK)*
    11. Guns and Roses (Lazerick)*
    12. Radiohead (Nicadraus) or could also be Boombox (Finnish_Fox)
    13. The Zombies (Nicadraus) or White Zombie (Andrew B)
    14. Spoon (Nicadraus)
    15. Black Flag (Nicadraus)
    16. Black Crowes (Rek_Aviles)
    17. Nicki Minaj (Sean) or Blondie
    18. White Snake (silentsounds)
    19. Red Hot Chilli Peppers (silentsounds)
    20. Cowboy Junkies (Andrew B)*
    21. Iron Maiden (Andrew B)*
    22. Blind Melon (Andrew B)*
    23. Beach Boys (Andrew B)*
    24. Garbage (Andrew B)*
    25. The Dead Kennedys (Andrew B)*
    26. Crowded House (Andrew B)
    27. Pixies (Subprime)*
    28. 50 Cent (silentsounds)
    29. Seal (Andrew B)*
    30. Madonna (Andrew B)*
    31. Nine Inch Nails (Rek Aviles) or Styx (Finnish_Fox)
    32. Sex Pistols (Sean)*
    33. Queen (Sean)*
    34. The Police (Sean)
    35. The Blues Brothers (Rek_Aviles)*
    36. The Lemonheads (Rek_Aviles)*
    37. Talking Heads (Andrew B)*
    38. The Postal Service (Andrew B)
    39. Yellowman (Andrew B)
    40. The Cult (Andrew B) or Manic Street Preachers (Sean)
    41. Blur (Andrew B)
    42. Korn (silentsounds)
    43. Ratt (Andrew B)
    44. Greenday (Andrew B)
    45. Eminem (silentsounds)
    46. The Cars (Andrew B)*
    47. Prince (Andrew B)*
    48. Eels (Andrew B)*
    49. Dinosaur Jr (Andrew B)
    50. The Vines (Andrew B) or the Roots (Sean)
    51. Great Whites (Andrew B)
    52. Phish (Andrew B)
    53. Men At Work (RDRCK) or *The Carpenters (silentsounds)
    54. KISS (silentsounds)
    55. Deep Purple (RDRCK)
    56. The Doors (Sean)
    57. Pavement (Andrew B)*
    58. White Stripes (Sean)
    59. Cornershop (Andrew B)
    60. Cypress Hill (Collab of Andrew B/silentsounds)
    61. Jewel (silentsounds)
    62. Jane's Addiction (Andrew B)
    63. Hole (Andrew B)*
    64. Infected Mushroom (silentsounds)
    65. The Cranberries (RDRCK)*
    66. Twisted Sister (Andrew B)
    67. Bee Gees (Andrew B and Rek_Aviles)
    68. The Streets (Sean)
    69. Bush (andrew1207)
    70. Pink (Sean) or Pink Floyd
    71. Go Gos (Andrew B)*
    72. Bloc Party
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    There are only 70 bands. That thing was made 6 years ago.

    That's not Nicki Minaj, it's Blondie.


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