Theory: All these crashes are not coincidence. (Spoilers maybe)

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by RedWolf, May 11, 2011.

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    19,000 BC- 17,000 years ago the Fallen broke from his brothers establishing the first Decepticons. The Matrix hidden by the Primes. The Sun Harvester built on ancient Africa intact.

    10,000 BC -12,000 years ago the Allspark crashed on Earth. Later Megatron crashed on the arctic circle following the Allspark.

    ??? - The Ark crashes on the moon.

    Are these coincidences? Here's my theory. Cybertron has a barely operable Space Bridge system/network target locked on Sol. A leftover of the star harvesting program of the Primes.

    The Allspark was probably chucked off a Space Bridge and Megatron followed.

    Sentinel Prime used that Space Bridge system to find the Allspark. Only to crash on the moon with the Ark.
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    I think The Ark perished in battle, not in a fall, as you can see not only The Ark, but DECEPTICONS returning to life on the Moon.
    I say this:

    - The AllSpark was lost into space, eventually coming to Earth due the presence of the Matrix.

    - The Fallen, being the smartass he always is, predicted this and told Megatron to get the Cube on Earth.

    - Megatron, sucking in math like he always did, crashed on North Pole due miscalculation.

    - Sometime before/after this, Sentinel Prime, being Spock, also eventually came to Earth to whop ass, but he was followed by some smart 'Con [Shockwave, The Fallen, take your pick], and there was a massive badass battle that ended with everyone in stasis lock.

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