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    Ok, i have been a digimon fan since elementry school and led me into transformers(fox kids). I had been visiting the main page of the digiport for over a year now, But i was really shocked when i recently started posing on the boards at the digiport. The people there are extremly rude and are noting like the people here. ( i guess age and maturity plays a part there). Anyways, i posted on the greetings thread, and wow was i suprised. No positive posts. Something about i'm the authority on the "royal knights" so leave all the info to me (or somthing simaliar). And then i forgot to resize my sig on Photobucket, so everyone was chewing me out about my massive sig( yet it allows you to upload any size sig).
    And then today i looked back to see if anyone else posted, and lo-and-behold, the b****es deleted my welcome thread. I was shocked, i mean, how damn rude can you be to someone. I also posted in another thread(b4 all the comments), and got nothing but know-it-all comebacks, and no one tried to understand my point.

    Has anyone had a simmilar experience on a board like that? and does anybody know of a good digimon fourm, not affilated with the Digiport?

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