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    It seems I'll be the one to pop his cherry. For what little my word is worth, he delivered. Purchased a few G1/G2 vintage figures off him. A few what I considered my grails. Liokaiser, Raiden, and MasterForce Browning. Provided me enough reassurance to jump on purchase regardless of the low post count. 2 posts at time of purchase. He has a eBay seller account which can be viewed via TFW2005 profile. When asked for pics he provided me link to his facebook account where pics were uploaded the day of post. FB account was to a little toy shop/booth he runs. Followed links to his website. Made payment via PayPal as goods. He provided me Tracking # and gave me option of paying extra for insurance, which I took.
    Fast shipping. Packaging could have been a little better but items arrived no worse for wear. Items came as described. Well one of the Liokaiser figures had a bit of a bend on one of the pieces but I never asked about condition and for the price I'm still morrreeeee than satisfied with purchase. Everything else looks good. Haven't really messed with toys but everything looks to be there and looks pretty well taken care of. Kudos. Got my recommendation. Would gladly do business with again.
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    I second the comments above. Got Metrotitan, Buster, and Hydra. Everything as described/pictures. Authentic and complete. Fast shipping and quick responses to pm's. Would deal with again!

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